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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Разработка на тему "ROLLS ROYCE МOTOR CARS LIMITED" для студентов специальностей 23.02.01, 23.02.03
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  • Иностранные языки

Разработка на тему "ROLLS ROYCE МOTOR CARS LIMITED" для студентов специальностей 23.02.01, 23.02.03



Методическое пособие предназначено для студентов четвертого курса специальностей 23.02.03 «Техническое обслуживание и ремонт автомобильного транспорта» и 23.02.01 «Организация перевозок и управление на транспорте».

Данное учебно-методическое пособие рассчитано на 1 занятие по теме «Компания Роллс Ройс».

Задачи пособия – подготовить студентов к самостоятельной работе над оригинальной литературой по специальности.

Текст знакомит студентов с историей возникновения всемирно известной компании, ее модельным рядом, что обеспечивает изучение достаточного количества терминов и лексики, необходимых для последующего чтения неадаптированных тексов и оригинальных статей.

Тест на смысловое восприятие письменного текста направлен на совершенствование и проверку таких необходимых умений, как извлечение и понимание выраженной в тексте информации, извлечение и понимание детальной информации.

Говорение представлено через задания, которые имеют коммуникативный характер и контролируют умения обобщать информацию.



  1. What is Rolls Royce

  2. History of Rolls Royce Firm

  3. Main Rolls Royce models

  4. At the Crewe Plant

  5. Rolls Royce Firm in Russia

1.Phonetic drills

2.Lexical exercises

3. Antonyms

[oi]-oil, noise, Rolls Royce

[a:]-car, plant, army

[e]-expensive, leather, wealth

[^]-bust, comfortable, power

[u:]-tool, saloon




famous- well-known

assembly-line – conveyer

instrument panel - dashboard

high – low

enormous – small

fast – slow

expensive – cheap

rich – poor

to buy – to sell

noisy - silent

GRAMMER CORNER: Adjective Comparison




Rule 1







the fastest

the noisiest

the slowest

Rule 2



more/less interesting

more/less wonderful

the most/least interesting

the most/least wonderful

Rule 3





the best

the worst

  • Read the text. Will you find all the adjectives in the following text.

When Henry Royce was designing the first Rolls Royce, a friend advised him to “turn out a reliable car at a low price”. But Royce had other ideas. He sought to turn out “the best motor car in the world regardless of cost”. More than 100 years later, that same desire for perfection is the driving force behind Rolls Royce Motor Cars.

Since 1904, the company have created instantly recognizable motor cars that have made the marque an icon all over the world.



ROLLS ROYCE is a big car, a very beautiful vehicle. It is being produced by the famous Motor Cars firm in Great Britain. At present it is the symbol of British wealth and prosperity, traditions, quality. It is used by Queen Elizabeth II and by important people all over the world. It is hand-tooled and never second hand. It is one of the most expensive cars in the world. It is a style of lifе.

The famous company producing the prestige cars was founded by two persons in 1906. Charles Rolls was born in 1881 in Great Britain. He died in 1910. He was an aristocrat and a businessman. He was especially interested in cars. Once he met another enthusiast of cars Henry Royce. Henry Royce (1836-1933) was an outstanding vehicle engineer in Britain. They decided to design the most comfortable and reliable vehicle. At the beginning of the 20th century it seemed to be a fantasy. They worked hard and at last they managed to create the well-known Rolls Royce car in 1907. The car was called «SILVER GHOST», because it was painted silver and moved silently (without noise, like a ghost). It was so comfortable and so reliable that the car hadn't changed greatly for 20 years since 1907. The model was used British army during World War I and it got the first prize at the Alp Motor race in 1913.

During the period of about 100 years the firm has designed 9 base models.

ROLLS ROYCE SILVER GHOST-the first model of the firm.







ROLLS ROYCE SILVER SERAPH.-the last model of the firm.

  • Will you read the text and say, what provides the firm high quality?

At present the largest automotive firm in the world is situated not far from Manchester, in Crewe, in the North of England. The full name of the firm is ROLLS ROYCE MOTOR CARS LIMITED. Let’s have a look at the plant. At the entrance there are two monuments to the founders of the firm: there is a bronze bust to Charles Rolls to the right and there is a bronze bust to Henry Royce to the left. Coming into one workshop of the plant you can see a table on the wall «The quality remains long after the price is forgotten. » Every year the firm produces 2000cars 1918 cars were made in 1998.

The first assembly line was opened at the years ago. The line is 160 meters long. The movement speed of the line is very slow only 27 centimeters per minute. The distance from the beginning to the end of the line is covered by the car for 20 hours. All the details are assembled by the hands of the workers. It means that the car is hand-tooled.


The completed car has a hermetic test in a special shop. It is tested by water carefully. The car is painted in special workshop by hands. The workshop of the interior is the most interesting. Lots of fine leather and materials exotic wood and walnut can be seen here. You can see the dashboard of the car. It is made of walnut well-polished and attractive. The seats and the walls of the car are made of leather.


After painting it is polished for some hours by workers. Being polished the car is ready and goes to the store.

This is a store of new made vehicles. On the tables you can see the next notes: «No smoking », «Please. Do Not Touch The Car».

Картинка 12 из 25846

And now let's have a dream. You are in the saloon of the ROLLS ROYCE. The computer system guarantees the safe driving. The speed is regulated automatically the top speed is 225 km/h. The V-engine is powerful max power is 326 hp. 12 cylinders provide 5.6 lit displacement. You are in the soft seat of the car! You turn on the radio and listen to the music.

The 1990s marked a new chapter in the marque’s history when the BMW Group bought the rights to produce RollsRoyce motor cars. With the change came a brand new manufacturing facility: the Home of RollsRoyce at Goodwood.

  • Answer the following questions:

  1. What is Rolls Royce?

  2. When and where was the firm founded?

  3. What are the main Rolls Royce models?

  4. Where is the largest automotive firm in the world situated?

  5. How long is the assembly line?

  6. What provides the firm high quality?


  1. ROLLS ROYCE MOTORS CAR firm is situated in Crewe in …

a) Scotland b) England c) Wales

  1. Charles Rolls was…

a) an engineer b) a scientist c) an aristocrat

  1. The ROLLS ROYCE firm was founded in …

a) 1906 b) 1917 c) 1907

  1. The first model of the car was called …


  1. The first model hadn`t been changed for …

a)10 years b) 25 years c)20 years

  1. The … remains long, after the price is forgotten.

a) quantity b) quality c) view

The busts to the founders of the firm are made of …

a) bronze b) metal c) silver

  1. ROLLS ROYCE is the car for …

a) a worker b) a farmer c) a Queen

  1. The assembly line is … meters long.

a) 160 b) 250 c) 190

9. The safe driving in the car is provided by…

a) the driver b) the video system c) by the on board computer

10. The max. speed of the SILVER SERAPH is…

a) 200 km/h. b) 225 km/h. c) 250 km/h.

11. ROLLS ROYCE is a symbol of British…

a) weakness b) wealth c) unreality

12. ROLLS ROYCE guarantees … quality.

a) high b) low c) weak

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