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Разработка открытого урока на тему Hobby



(4 класс)

Practical aims:

(практические цели)

- to develop the language skill of using vocabulary items on the theme “Hobby”;

- to develop the functional skill of speaking with friends on the subject;

Educational aims:

(образовательные цели)

- To develop patience, the ability to be helpful;

Developing aims:

(развивающие цели)

- To develop memory, logical thinking, attention

- To develop the ability to select;

Preparation of the distributing material for tasks:

  1. Cards for tasks

  2. Tables and pictures of pupils on the theme.

  3. Tables with statistics.


- Good afternoon, children!

- How are you?

- The theme of our lesson is “Hobby”.

Today you will learn to tell your classmates about your interests, about your free time and hobbies that are popular in other countries. And we are going to have a competition now. Well, let’s begin. But at first please give names to your teams according to our theme.

1. Let’s think a little together What is hobby?

Your task is to make up the whole sentence. The team which will make it faster wins. Is it clear? Here on the blackboard you have the translation. (Hobby is something you like to do in your spare time)

2. Find the words connected with our theme and translate them. The team which will make it faster wins.

There are three tables with disordered letters for each team. You should find 5 words. The words are placed vertically and horizontally. Is it clear?

3. So, you have already mentioned some types of hobby. Let’s remember some more kinds of hobby. And we offer you to do a puzzle. We are going to read some words, that are connected with this or that kind of hobby. For example, we read you: “basketball, football, tennis, running, and so on” and you should guess the word: _ _ _ _ _ _ (sports) Is it clear?

- a novel, a hero, a detective story, a book, a fairy-tale; (Reading)

- a guitar, a piano, to listen, to play instruments, jazz; (music)

- films, news, shows, cartoons; (watching TV)

-kitchen, cakes, salad, food, fruits; (cooking)

- stamps, cards, coins, toys; (collecting)

- a computer, to play, tennis, football, basketball; (games)

4. Now let’ s play a game. We need the captain from each team. You will be editors. What is the Russian for “editor” Get a sheet of paper and a pen and sit down here. The rest of the teams stand here. You are journalists. What is the Russian for “journalist” Okay! Each person should read a sentence, try to remember it and tell the editor from your team to write it down. There are 7 sentences that compose a text. Then the editors read the text to the audience. At the end the team that makes it in a proper and in a faster way wins.

Hobby is something you like to do in your spare time. In Great Britain people like active kinds of hobby. They usually play football. They also like to listen to music. In the USA people like to cook and to collect stamps. So they like passive kinds of hobby. As for Russia we like to ski, to skate and to play hockey.

5. So, you have discussed some questions about hobby. Let’s discuss now the most popular hobbies in Russia, in the USA and in Great Britain. Here there are a table with statistics of the most common kinds of hobby.

Great Britain USA Russia

Sport (football)- 30%

Sport (tennis)- 20%

Music – 15%

Collecting - 10%

TV and video – 5%

Reading – 5%

Gardening – 9%

Playing computer games – 5%

Fishing – 1%

Sport (football)- 10%

Sport (tennis)- 5%

Music – 15%

Collecting - 8%

TV and video – 23%

Reading – 10%

Gardening – 5%

Playing computer games – 19%

Fishing – 5%

Sport (football)- 18%

Sport (tennis)- 8%

Music –15%

Collecting - 6%

TV and video – 7%

Reading – 9%

Gardening – 7%

Playing computer games – 16%

Fishing – 14%

Your task is to compare popularity of each kind of hobby in these countries.

For example: Football is more popular in Great Britain than in the USA. Or: The most popular kind of hobby in Russia is tennis.

You should make up 6 sentences. Then each team will read their results.

6. Well, we’ve talked about hobbies peculiar to different countries and now you should speak about your own interests.

For example: I like to read books.

I to play football.

Each member of the team should express his/her opinion.

Okay! Well! You have worked very hard and very good today. And we have learnt a lot about different hobbies. Did you like the competition?

And now our jury is going to announce the results.

Thank you for your work! Good-bye! Good luck!!!

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