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Разработка по английскому языку "ABC party"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Date: 20.09.2014

Form: 2

Theme: “ABC Party”

Aims of the lesson: 1.To teach pupils to speak about the holiday of “ABC” and to

introduce with the letters.

2.To develop their reading, working, speaking and listening the letters.

3.To bring up pupils to be attentive, to write neatly and correctly,

to foster their love for nature, for country and for people.

Type: mixed lesson, using the games.

Methods of the lesson: explanation, answer the questions, listening and working with the letters, work in group.

Equipment of the lesson: books, blackboard, letters, pictures, cards and an active board.

Procedure of the party

I. Organization moment.


Teacher: Good afternoon, my dear children and our guests! I’m very glad to see you at our lesson because we have an out of class lesson. The theme of our lesson is ABC.Now I want to see if all letters of the alphabet are here.They are 26 letters in its alphabet. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.You are welcome letters.

Pupils from 5th classes will celebrate the party of ABC today.

1. Letter A

is for Apples and


You can see apples

on apple-trees.


2. Letter В

В is for Books

and for Bookcase.

I have many books

in my bookcase.


3. Letter С

С is for Cat.

My cat is grey,

And with me

it likes to play.


4. Letter D

is for Dog

and for Doggy.

I have a dog,

not a doggy.


5. Letter E

is for Eight

and for Eleven.

How much is

eight and eleven?


6. Letter F

is for Flowers:

red and blue,

White and yellow

and rosy, too.


7. Letter G

is for Girl,

and also for Garden.

I see a girl going

to the garden.


8. Letter H

is for Hand.

I have two hands.

This is the way

I clap my hands.


9. Letter I

is for I.

I'm a boy,

and I'm ten.

I like to play

with my brother Ben.

10. Letter J

is for Jam.

This is apple jam.

Jimmy likes it,

and so does Sam.


11. Letter К

К is for Kite.

Kate has a kite.

It is little,

and it is white.


12. Letter L

is for Letter.

This letter is for me.

It is from my sister,

as you can see.


13. Letter M

is for May

and for May Day,

For March and for

Mother's Day.


14. Letter N

is for Nine,

Ninety and Ninety-nine.

Children, how much is

ninety and nine?


15. Letter О

О is for One.

One and two is three.

Three little cats

are in a tree.


16. Letter P

is for Pencils.

With them I can draw:

A red pen, a green tree

or a blue door.


17. Letter Q

is for Questions:

How are you?

How old are you?

and How do you do?


18. Letter R

is for Red.

Many things are red.

What can be red?

Do you know, Fred?

19. Letter S

is for Street.

This is my street.

There are a lot of trees

in my street.


20. Letter T

is for Tick

and for Tock


says the clock.


21. Letter U

is for Under,

but not for At.

"I'm under the tree,"

says Pat.


22. Letter V

is in Five

and also in Seven,

It is in Twelve

and in Eleven.


23. Letter W

is for Winter

when it is cold.

But I like winter

and I like cold.


24. Letter X

is in Six.

Let's count up to six!

One, two, three,

four, five, six!


25. Letter Y

is for a Yard

where children play.

They play in the yard

every day.


26. Letter Z

is for the Zoo.

Let's go to the Zoo.

I like to go to the Zoo.

And you?

Teacher: Now let’s sing the song “ABC”.


Now we know the alphabet.

Teacher: Now sit down all of you and let me see if you know the ABC.

  1. Look at this ABC, and say what letters are missing.

  2. I’ll give you some letters and put them down in alphabetical order.

X,  H,  F,  V,  U,  N,  D,  S,  L,  K,  I,  E,  R,  A.

Desk,    eraser,   bag.

2.Letter riddles.

1. The first is b, the second is o, the fourth is k.What is the third? (O-book)

2. The first is p, the second is e, what is the third? (N-pen)

3. The first is d, the second is o, what is the third? (G-dog)

4. The second is e, the third is d, what is the first? (b-bed)

5. The first is f, the second is I, the fourth is m, what is the third? (I-film)

-Thank you!You are right!

Teacher: I see you know some rhymes. Now, can you sing any songs? I think you can. So, let’s hear you.

Pupils:  Clap, clap!

  1. Clap, dap, clapyourhands

     Clap your hands together  (x 2)

  1. Stamp, stamp, stampyourfeet

Stamp your feet together  (x 2)

  1. Sing, sing, sing a song

Sing a song together (x 2)

  1. Dance, dance, dance a dance

Dance a dance together  (x 2)

  1. Wash, wash, washyourface

Wash your face together (x 2)

Teacher: I see you know the ABC, can count, know the colors and songs. Now let’s see your scenes.«The turnip»,


The Turnip                                                            Grandpa                                                              Grandma                                                         Granddaughter                                                                        Sharik                                                                                  Pussy                                                                           Jerry

    Grandpa:  Oh !What  a big  turnip  we  have.

The  Turnip:  Here I  am.

Grandpa: 1,2,3. Oh !It’s  too  big. 

                    Granny ! Come here !Help  me, please.

Grandma: Here I am.

All :  1,2,3. Oh !It’s  too  big.

Grandma: Granddaugter !Come  here ! Help us, please.

Granddaugter:  Here I am.

All:  1,2,3. Oh ! It’s   too  big.

Granddaughter : Sharik ! Come here ! Help us, please.

Sharik:  Here I am.

All : 1,2,3.Oh ! It’s  too  big.

Sharik :  Pussy ! Come  here ! Help us, please.

Pussy :  Here I am.

All : 1,2,3. Oh !It’s  too  big.

Pussy : Jerry ! Come here ! Help us, please.

Jerry : Here I  am.

All : 1,2,3.

The Turnip : Here  I  am.   

              The   End

So, pupils I’ll tell you some letters in words, you will staying in order.

A-T. 2. B-O-Y. 3. P-L-A-Y.

1. C- Now we sing the song “my bonnie”

All together:

We can read, we can write

We can speak English too.

We love learning English

And what about you?


Dear guests our party is ABC are conclusion.Thank you very very much.thank you for attention!

ABC Party”

Teacher: Supygalieva A.ZH.

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