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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Разработка по английскому языку на тему "Water pollution"
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  • Иностранные языки

Разработка по английскому языку на тему "Water pollution"


Козиева Гаухар Буенбавна

преподаватель английского языка №39 гимназии, Алматинской области, Илийского района

11th form

Theme of the lesson

Water pollution



Handbook, А.Alimov «Using interactive methods for higher educational institution», materials from the internet


New approaches to teaching and learning, critical thinking

The aims of the lesson


To give some information about water pollution, talk about it, develop pupils’ abilities in speaking, and develop their attention, logical thinking, and the ability of concentrate.

To educate them use their knowledge and skills to practice and teach them help the nature


- six thinking hats

- cinquain

- working with poster

- the game “The lost letters”

Organisation moment


To organize a psychological situation in the class. Gather the pupils in a circle, they wish a good luck each other and ask them to talk about weather and season.

Then divide pupils into two groups by card “LITTERBUG” and “CLEANER”. Usually people share into two groups: a person who drops the litter in a public place and a person or thing that cleans something. Therefore, I divided you according to the theme.



We know people don’t live without water. Water is the source of life. That’s why fish, birds and wildlife depend on clean water, just as people do. And we use it for everything. Especially for industry and agreeculture we use more.

Let’s answer the questions:

  • Do we need water? How much water do you drink a day?

  • Do plants need water? Do animals need water?

  • Can sea animals live without water? Can we live without water?

  • Is water pollute in our country?

  • What do you know about other countries?

  • Should or shouldn't we protect the environment?

  • How should we protect seawater?



Let us do next task. Reading this text you should work by criteria of Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats.

Water pollution

Water pollution is any chemical, physical or biological change in the quality of water that has a harmful effect on any living thing that drinks or uses or lives in it. When humans drink polluted water it often has serious effects on their health. Water pollution can also make water unsuited for the desired use.

There are several classes of water pollutants.

The first are disease-causing agents. These are bacteria, viruses, protozoa and parasitic worms that enter sewage systems and untreated waste.

A second category of water pollutants is oxygen-demanding wastes; wastes that can be decomposed by oxygen-requiring bacteria. When large populations of decomposing bacteria are converting these wastes it can deplete oxygen levels in the water. This causes other organisms in the water, such as fish, to die.

A third class of water pollutants is water-soluble inorganic pollutants, such as acids, salts and toxic metals. Large quantities of these compounds will make water unfit to drink and will cause the death of aquatic life.

W.H. Auden is a often quoted on water saying “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water”. Water pollution is one of the famous and one of the largest problems in our world. People in Africa cannot drink clean water; their children die because a big part of our water has been polluted. Children in Kenya often have to go many kilometers to collect drinking water. At all over 2 million people don't have clean water. And we do not know how it will be in future. But the pollute water killed animals and plants too. There is no ocean or sea, which is not used as a dump. Many seas are used for dumping industrial and nuclear waste. This poisons and kills fish and sea animals. "Nuclear-poisoned" fish can be eaten by people. Many rivers and lakes are poisoned too. Fish and reptiles cannot live in them. There is not enough oxygen in the water. In such places all the birds leave their habitats and many plants die. If people drink this water they can die too. It happens so because factories produce a lot of waste and pour it into rivers. So they poison water.

Another class of water pollutants are nutrients; they are water-soluble nitrates and phosphates that cause excessive growth of algae and other water plants, which deplete the water's oxygen supply. This kills fish and, when found in drinking water, can kill young children.

Water can also be polluted by a number of organic compounds such as oil, plastics and pesticides, which are harmful to humans and all plants and animals in the water.

A very dangerous category is suspended sediment, because it causes depletion in the water's light absorption and the particles spread dangerous compounds such as pesticides through the water.

Water is the source of all life, it is more than just a simple mixture of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Human beings can go on for days, even weeks, without food but can die in a matter of days without water. We must keep our planet and water of our planet clean. If we want to live, we should guard our clean water and do not pollute them because we could live without food about a month but without water we could die in 4-5 days. Let's keep our water clean! By opening our eyes we see that Water means solidarity, empathy, daily work, intimacy, self-responsibility, discipline, reciprocity, love and care. Although water is crucial to survival, it is potentially destructive. There have been countless stories of people drowning and entire towns being engulfed in water



Cinquain: 5 line poetry



To talk about North Sea Conference

Relaxing hello_html_4ffda3d4.jpg

Ok, we work hard, let’s have relax and play the game “The lost letters” using fish bone




Working with poster



Evaluate each other by criteria


six thinking hats”


working with poster

the lost letters”









Did you work active during lesson?

What kind of tasks did you like best? Why?

Was the evaluation fair?

If it wasn’t fair, what is the reason?




Next task

Ex 5, 6, 8 p110-111

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