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Разработка по английскому языку на тему 'Who is the champion?'

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Who is champion?

Көптлеу А.С.

Who is the champion?

Күні: 03.02.2015

Мақсаты: Оқушылардың ағылшын тіліне деген қызығушылықтарын арттыру, ағылшын тілін оқуға қызығушылықтарын арттыру, сөз қорын байыту, дамыту.

- Good afternoon, dear guests, teachers and pupils. Welcome to our competition “Who is champion?” Aims of our competition is to encourage the development of students’ interest to the English language, to widen their vocabulary through doing different tasks.

We are glad to see you and hope you’ll enjoy our competition.

- Well, we begin our game and I am glad to introduce the participants of our competition. And this is our jury who will help us to choose the champion.

Today we have 2 groups, which are competing with each other!! First group is the 7th class and second 8th class.

The play consists of 7 levels

1st level: «Who is quicker?»

2nd level: «Association»

3rd level: «What is Nouns?»

4th level: «As many as you can»

5th level: «Find antonyms»

6th level: «Stupid words»

7th level: «What time is it?»

8th level : «The world around us»

For ever right answer I give you 10 points.

Let’s begin our game.

1st level: «Who is quicker? »

Choose one card and answer the questions.





















1. Translate into Kazakh «May I go out?» (Шығуға рұқсат па?)

2. What month is it now? (It is February)

3. Negative form in English. (Not)

4. How many consonants in English?(20)

5. Translate into Kazakh «school subject» (мектеп пәні)

6. What day of the week today? (Today is Tuesday)

7. The 17th letter an English alphabet? (Q)

8. Translate into English осы шақ? (Present simple)

9. How do you say in English « сағат 4.40»?( It is twenty to five)

10 What means article "The"? (Бұл, осы деген мағынаны береді)

11. How many sounds in English? (33)

12. Translate into English "Шығып келуге бола ма"? (May I go out?)

13. How many letters in English? (26)

14. Who invented the first telephone? (Alexander Bell)

15. Translate into Kazakh "Happy"(Бақыт)

16.How do you say in English «Сағат 5.5» ( It is 5 past 5)

17. Who is the president of Kazakhstan? ( N. A. Nazarbaev)

18. When is the New Year celebrated? (On 31 st of December)

19.Translate into English ‘Ішке кіруге рұқсат па’? ( May I come in?)

20. Who was in the main part in the film "Terminator?' (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

This level is over!!!!

2nd level is called «Аssociation»

Everybody look at the blackboard. You can see posters and write all words that you associate with the theme.

Fruits Drinks Vegetables

3rd level is called «What is Nouns?»

There are the words and we should divide this words into 2 column.

Countable and uncountable nouns.

Cars, water, air, bottles, apples, bread, tea, dollars, sugar, salt, egg, toys, milk, book, pen, butter, food, coffee, potatoes, carrots

4th level is called «As many as you can»

Schoolchildren you should make words to them. ( he, she, side, shoe, son, nose, ill, red, doll, line, child, school)

5th level is called «Find antonyms»

Give the antonyms

long - short

good - bad

new - old

big - small

tall- short

clean - dirty

fast – slow

interesting – boring

hot – cold

old – young

difficult – easy

strong - weak

Our 6 level is called «stupid words» Адасып кеткен әріптер. Put the letters to correct place and make the words.

Plpea, raep, ernago, sgepar, , tpairсo, mloen, nanba, motaotes, noion, rctaorts

The 7th level is called What time is it? Write and say in English.

9.00 It is nine o’clock

9.15 It is a quarter past nine

9.25 It is twenty five past nine

9.30 It is a half past nine

9.35 It is twenty five to ten

9.40 It is twenty to ten

9.50 It is ten to ten

9.55 It is five to ten

Our 8th Level is called «The world around us»

Choose from the words on the right the name of a country, the sea and match the correct name to the group and place on the left.

Match the words.

  1. Africa is a city

  2. Canada is a river

  3. Manchester is a mountain

  4. London is a continent

  5. Sicily is a capital city

  6. The Amazon is a canal

  7. Everest is an ocean

  8. The Himalayas is a country

  9. The Atlantic is an island

  10. The Medieterrean is a desert

  11. The waterway across Panama between oceans is range

  12. The Sahara is a sea

Dear children, we have come to the end of our lesson.

Let's see our results .The juries give the results of the competition and names the winner group.

I think you have enjoyed the lesson!!Good bye… I wish you success and luck!

See you later!!!!

Our competition is over!!!!Good bye!!!!

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