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Разработка по теме: What did you do during the holidays?

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6th grade
Theme: What did you do during the holidays?

Aims: - to introduce irregular verbs in Past Simple and activate them

- to develop speaking, reading writing skills.

I. The educational tasks of the lesson:

to improve speaking abilities of pupils through checking presentation

to revise can and introduce could activate could in practice

to revise the verb in the Past Simple

II. Developing tasks:

to develop outlook of pupils

to train their memory

to increase their interest to the language by means of expressing the opinion based on the vocabulary learned

III. Bringing up tasks

to bring up skills of communication

to educate respect the other’s opinion

to bring up the tolerant and kindness

Greeting the students:

Good afternoon! How are you today?

Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?

What date is it today? What day is it today?

What is the weather like today?

Warm-up: Where were you yesterday? Were you at the cinema? Who did you go there with? Were you in Russia? Let’s play the game

I want you to name the countries A,B,C,

Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Delhi, England ,France

Grammar skills: before introduce irregular verbs revise regular verbs.

T- Did you watch TV yesterday?

St 1- Yes, I did

T – When did you watch TV?

St 2- I watched TV at 5p.m.

T – Did you tidy your room?

St 3 – Yes, I did

Introduce irregular verbs paying attention to the difference between regular and irregular verbs.

come-came fly- flew have- had

be- was, were get- got take – took

The teacher the examples Yesterday I came home at 7 p.m

I took the rubbish out

I got up at 7 a.m

I had supper at 7 p.m

Introduce interrogative and negative forms

I came home late- I didn’t come home early. Did I come late?

Activization the irregular verbs The students answer teacher’s questions

T- When did you come home?

St 1- I came home at 7p.m

T – When did you go to bed?

St 1- I went to bed at 10p.m

Phonetic skills: Practice the sounds [ ei ] and [ æ] pay attention to the difference of reading a

State stand

blame black

game bad

Reading skills: Read Ex 2p 21 pay attention to the sentences with irregular verbs Pay attention to the questions and answers to them. The students read in pairs Ex 8 p23 the students read and translate

Speaking skills: The students in pairs ask each other questions using irregular verbs

St1- Where did you go after school?

St 2- I went home

St 3- When did you go to bed?

St 4- I went to bed at 10p.m

The teacher correct the mistakes

Writing skills: The students make the sentences and write them in the copybooks. The students pay attention to the irregular verbs. The students pick up the verbs in the Past form.

Homework: Ex 12 p 23

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