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Разработка по теме: What is this?

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Grade: 5 A, B
The theme of the lesson:
What is this?
The aims of the lesson:
to introduce the words and demonstrative pronounce this, that and activate them.
- to develop speaking reading writing skills.
The educational tasks of the lesson: to present letters and expressions concerning on the theme and practice them, to introduce new words
Developing: to develop pupils’ oral and written communication skills and habits, to improve pronunciation skills and abilities, to motivate self – study and group work.
Bringing – up: to teach children to be attentive, kind and polite, to bring up feelings of friendship and respect to each other.
The equipments: cards, illustrated pictures,
Literature: a textbook and workbook by T.Ayapova
The type of the lesson: getting new information
The methods of teaching: interaction, presentation, explanation, question – answer, individual work, pair and group work

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment
a) greetings
b) talk with pupil on duty
c) marking absentees

II. Warm – up:Where is China? Where is Poland? Where is Japan? Revise the names of the continents and countries.

Phonetic skills: Practise the sound [ʠ ] this is my book, That is your book, they
buy this book, they buy that house.
Lexical skills: Introduce the new words show the assesories and introduce their names in English
a ruler, a rubber, a table, a chair, a book, a copybook, a notebook, a bag, a pencil.
T- This is a pen. What is this? It’s a pencil.
- What’s this? It is a ruler
- What is that? It is a table
- What is that? It is a computer
- What’s this? It is a book
Speaking skills: T- What is this
St 1 – It is a pen
What is that?
St 2- It is a table
Pronounce the questions What’s this? What is that? Several times all together after that the students ask this questions to each other in pairs.
St 1- What’s this? St 2 -It is a ruler
St 3- What is that? St 4 - It is a table

Let’s play the game
St 1 – It is a ruler ( rubber)
St 2 – No, it is a rubber
St 3 – This is a book ( a notebook)
St 4 – No, it is a notebook
Reading skills: Read Ex3 on page 40 in pairs. The students work in pair with Ex 3. One student read the question the other answers it.
St 1 - What is picture 10?
St 2 – It is a notebook.
Writing skills: The teacher shows the things and says
T – It is a-----( ruler) The students write the ruler
T – It is a -----( book)
The students complete the sentences using the new words. They can check the words looking at the blackboard.
H.w Ex 11,12,13 p 42

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