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Разработка по теме: Having friends

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Theme: Having friends

Aim: - to introduce the words of man’s character and activate them

- to develop speaking reading writing skills.

I. The educational tasks of the lesson:

to improve speaking abilities of pupils through checking presentation

to revise Past Simple and Present Perfect

II. Developing tasks:

to develop outlook of pupils

to train their memory

to increase their interest to the language by means of expressing the opinion based on the vocabulary learned

III. Bringing up tasks

to bring up skills of communication

to educate respect the other’s opinion

to bring up the tolerant and kindness

Greeting the students:

Good morning! How are you? What day is it today?

What date is it today? Who is absent today? Why?

Warm-up: Have you had dinner? No I haven’t dinner since 2 o’clock, How long have you studied English? I have studied English for 2 years. Have seen your teacher? How long have you seen your teacher?

Lexical skills: Revise word introduce the last lesson Translate the sentences into English.

1.Менін досым өте тәрбиелі

2.Шыдамды бол

3. Мен дөрекі адамдарды ұнатпаймын

4.Мейірімді бол

Introduce the new words

Charming –көрікті

Reliable – сенімді

Active –белсенді

Helpful –пайдалы

Lazy –жалөау

Activization of new words after practicing their pronunciation

1. My friend doesn’t like to work. He is ……………………….

2. Jane doesn’t talk to much. She is …………………

3. I can rely on Tom. He is …………….

4. Polly is beautiful. She is ………………………………….

5. Pete gets good marks. He is ……………………………

6. Sam helps his friends. He is…………………….


Speaking skills: the students describe their friends using the words of active lexics. If it is difficult for them to talk themselves ask questions this theme. They can help the students to talk about their friends.

T- My friend’s name is Jack. He is 12. he lives in London. His hobby is listening to music. He likes rock music. His favourite subject is Maths.

The students can also use the semantic map about their friend. They characterize their friends using the new words.

St 1- My friend is hardworking

St 2- My friend is reliable

St 3- My friend is polite

The students in pairs ask each other questions.

St 1- What is your friends name?

St 2- His name is Jake

St 1- How old is he?

St 2- He is 15

St 1- Where does he live?

St 2- He lives in Leeds

They ask each other as many as possible questions. The students play interview questions.

Reading skills: Read exercise 3p18 the students read the sentences and translate them. After that they tick the words which can describe their friends and they read the ticked words.

Exercise 13p21 introduce the new words before reading the text

to belong

to search



a squatter

a bundle

Ask the questions on the text The students read the answers from the text.

1. Where was Stuart’s house?

2. Who did the houses belong to?

3. Who was the owner of the houses?

4. Who did Stuart see?

5. What did Stuart do?

6. What did he find?

Writing skills: revise the Past Simple and Present Perfect and write a short quiz.

1. Yesterday we ( play) tennis.

2. We just ( see) your friend

3. Jake ( not do) his work yet.

4. Last week Sam ( send) his aunt a telegram

5. Sue ( fly) to Delhi hours ago

The students work in pairs asking each other questions then they write their interview. They can use some questions from exercise 9 .

Homework: Ex 15,16 p22

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