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Разработка урока английского языка на тему "My Motherland is Kazakhstan"(10 класс)

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Demonstrative lesson Form 10th B

Theme: Kazakhstan is my Motherland

Aims: 1. To develop pupils’ abilities in monological and dialogical speech about their Motherland and English-speaking countries.

2. To check the use of the vocabulary (through the knowledge of the country’s history, geography, culture and sightseeing).

3. To bring up the respect attitude to the culture of English-speaking countries and to the Kazakh traditions.

Equipment: maps of Kazakhstan and America, postcards, CD, interactive board.


  1. Organization moment

  • Good morning, dear boys and girls! Good morning, dear guests! Today we shall have an unusual lesson, we’ll have a travelling lesson to Kazakhstan and America. I hope that our lesson will be interesting for everybody and you will show your knowledge.

  1. Aims of the lesson.

  • The aims of our lesson are to develop pupils’ abilities in monological and dialogical speech, to check up the use of the topical vocabulary, to bring up the respect attitude to the culture of English-speaking countries and Kazakh traditions.

Introducing to our guest

  1. T.: Today at the lesson we shall have a trip around our country. We’ll talk about the population, landscape, big cities of Kazakhstan, customs and traditions. And we have got a guest from America. She came to our country to see our sightseeing, to meet with our people. Come in, A.. Welcome to Kazakhstan!

A.: Thank you very much! I’m A. I came from America. I’ve heard very much about your country and I’d like to learn more about KZ and see your land with my own eyes. My friend J. K. was in KZ last year and he told me a lot about you, about your school. So, I’m here now.

T.: Ok. I hope your trip will be very interesting and useful and we shall show you our country.

IV. Telling about Kazakhstan

  1. Student 1 – Showing the map this student will give the general information about KZ: area, capital, population, largest cities.

  2. Student 2 – Population of KZ.

  3. Student 3 – Astana is the capital of KZ. Using the slides student will tell about the sightseeing of Astana.

  4. Student 4 – will describe the biggest city of KZ Almaty.

  5. Student 5 – Landscape of KZ.

  6. Student 6 – Climate of KZ.

  7. Student 7 – Language with a rich history.

  8. Student 8 – Silk Road.

All persons present at the lesson, listen to the tellers and also “the guest” from America. She asks questions to each student:

  1. Well, Your information is very interesting and useful. May I ask you a question? What is the anthem of your country?

  2. I see your country is very multinational and I hope the people of different nationalities live friendly, don’t they? Are your friends of different nationalities?

  3. Have you ever been to Astana? What sightseeing do you advise to visit?

  4. I’ve heard much about Medeu. Are there any international competitions there?

  5. Where do you prefer to rest?

  6. What is the climate of your native town?

  7. Do you speak Kazakh fluently?

  8. Silk Road has a long history and I’ve learned much today. Thanks. And my last question is about your achievements during summer Olympics games in London. Are you proud of your sportsmen?

  1. Telling about the USA.

  • And now it’s my turn to tell.

And A. tells about the USA.

  1. Questions to the guest.

Which state are you from?

What are the most typical features of Americans.

  • I am from the state California. I live not far from Los Angeles, in a small town.

The most typical features of Americans are patriotism, the nation of risk-takers.

Americans are very patriotic. You can see American flags not only on the 4th of July, but everywhere anytime: in all classes in any school. We love our country, nature. My country is a nation of risk-takers and Americans like changes. We have the spirit of adventure, to move away, to change homes, jobs.

  1. Thank, A.! I think our conversation was mutually productive. Bye! Have a good holiday!

And we will do the next task. Put your earphones and listen to the text about American band U2. After listening to the text students do the comprehension task: to answer the questions using the computers.

  1. Conclusion.

  • All of you’ve worked hard today and are worth good and excellent marks. Your h/t will be ex. 5, 6, p. 87 in written form.

Thank for all of you

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