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Разработка урока английского языка на тему "Whose T-shirt is this?"(5 класс)

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5th grade
Theme: Whose T-shirt is this? (презентациясымен)
Aim: to introduce new words, to develop pupils’ speaking abilities, to teach written and oral forms of speech, to enlarge pupils’ vocabulary, to introduce clothes’ names
Visual aids: pictures of clothes, cards, CD, interactive board, slides,pictures
Literature: English by Ayapova
Type of the lesson: mixed lesson
Procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment:
Greeting: duty’s report. Who is on duty today?
Who is absent?
II. Speech drill.
Good afternoon, children! Sit down, please!
Dear children, we have many guests today. I think that you can show them your knowledge and your ability to work .

III. «Warm impulse» :Children stand in a circle ,hold each other’s hands and say compliments before their work.
IV.The aims of the lesson:today we should get aquainted with new lexic, revise grammar material, practice topical vocabulary in our speech.

v. Checking-up the home-task:
Before checking-up the hometask I’d like to remind you that you will be divided into 2 groups ,in each group there will be the leader who will be responsible for your work and will evaluate you.This is an evaluation card .you should fill it up to the end of the lesson.So,your hometask was to learn names of colors.First of all let ‘s see a short video and repeat the words. Work in pairs:students take one of the color pencils and asks the student of the other group what color it is.And now we will play a game: every member of the group will go to the board and draw a line with the pencil of the proper color. Lets start

V. Let’s we begin our new lesson. Pupils. Look at the interactive board. Let’s read the title of our lesson and then repeat the words after the speaker and write each word in your vocabulary copybooks.
The theme is “Whose T-shirt is this?” Today we will make a presentation with new words.
6. New words
Sock- [sCk] - носок ----------------------------T-shirt-['ti: ∫ә:t]- футболка
Trainers-['trinәz]-кроссовки----- jeans-[di:nz]-джинсы
Skirt-[skә:t] юбка ------------------------ sweater-[' swetә]свитер
Roller skates-[ rәulB 'skeits]- роликовые коньки
anorak- ['ænBræk] күртка-------- trousers-['trauzәz]брюки
shirt-[∫ә:t] рубашка-----------------tie-[tai]-галстук
cap-[kæp]- спортивная кепка
pullover-['pul¸әuvә] пуловер
blouse-[blaus]-блузка, кофта
jacket-['dækit] жакет
shoe-[∫u:] туфли, бәтеңке --------hat-[hæt] шляпа ------------- dress-[dres] платье
Repeat the words after the speaker and now we will practice them by doing exercises on the interactive board.
VII.Making a short dialogue: -Have you got a cap?-Yes,I have. –What color is your cap/?-It is blue.(to show a model with the English teacher ) VIII.The next stage of the lesson is grammar. We will remember personal pronouns first by watching these slides.And now we will have another presentation .We will get aquainted with possessive pronouns. Lets see a short video . Listen to it attentively and try to understand.Read the sentences and put whose clothes are they
To practice the usage of the pronouns we will play a game: here you see flowers with personal pronouns and butterflies with possessive pronouns, you should match them.
IX. Relaxation moment.Listen to the song and like those children! X.Work with a book :read the dialogue and such dialogues in pairs :
Example: Whose ruler is this?
(Asel) It’s Asel’s.
Whose trainers are these?
(Colin) They are Colin’s
1. Whose T-Shirt is this?
2. Whose jeans are these?
3. Whose dress is this?
(Carol) _______________

XI .To practice our grammar and lexical material we will write a test.Open your copybooks and write down the date and do the test:test I –for the first group,test II-for the second group.After finishing check up your answers yourselves!
XII. Conclusion, Lets summarize the lesson; leaders of the groups we”ll put you marks and I will give you the total mark .But before that take stickers and write your opinion about our lesson.

. Assessment of the pupils and giving the home task
. Home work: Exercise 13 on the page 169: Write. Fill in the blanks and mark the things you have got. So, our lesson is over.You worked hard and got good marks.Thank you! Good bye!

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