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Разработка урока английского языка на тему "Школьная жизнь"

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Тема урока “ My school life”

10 класс.


Обучающие – способствовать формированию и совершенствованию лексических и грамматических навыков говорения, чтения и письма.

Развивающие – развитие умения владеть данными видами речевой деятельности ; развитие способности к догадке, сравнению, сопоставлению; способности осуществлять продуктивные речевые действия ( в устной и письменной форме); выбирать средства выражения, адекватные речевой ситуации; логично излагать содержание, давать оценку чужого мнения и выражать свое мнение, критически мыслить.

Воспитательные – формирование положительного отношения к фактам иностранной культуры, осознание своей культуры через контекст культуры англоязычных стран.

Ход урока

  1. Организационный момент

  2. Фонетическая зарядка

  3. Активизация лексики в устной речи

  4. Выполнение грамматического упражнения

  5. Работа по тексту

  6. Релаксация

  7. Монологическая речь

  8. Итоги, домашнее задание, оценки

№ п-п

Этапы урока

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся




Орг. момент

Фонетическая зарядка

Активизация лексики в

устной речи

Good morning, my dear children! Today we’re here to talk about our

school life. School year is coming to an end and you are going to take

exams . It’s time to sum up what you have learnt at school. What is

school for you?

School plays so important role in our life that people have composed

many song and poems. Here is one of them. Read to yourself. Read

aloud line by line. Do you follow this advice.

There are some proverbs and sayings which help you study well.

Match the parts of these proverbs. Think of Russian equivalents.

  1. First think a. better than one

  2. Two heads are b. than never

  3. Business c. then speak

  4. Better late d. what you can do today

  5. Never put off till tomorrow e. before pleasure

School also forms your personality. Here you can see some traits of

people’s character. Match them.

1. -help in difficult situations, helpful a. Polite

2. -work hard b. Attentive

3. - listen to the teacher carefully c. Punctual

4. -always come on time d. Industrious

5. -have good manners e. Sociable

6. -try to be fun f. Lazy

7. -never lie, honest g. Frank

8. -do little work, inactive h. Supportive

9. -everybody can rely on you, trust you i. Cheerful

10. -like company, friendly j. Loyal

How can you characterize yourself (your classmates )

Высказывают свое мнение

(Teachers, classmates, tests…)

Читают стих “Good Advice

Выполняют задание

Соотносят прилагательные

с их значениями (индивид), проверяют

Дают характеристику (Hard

working, reliable, curious )

№ п-п

Этапы урока

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся



Выполнение грамматического упражнения

Работа по тексту

We are not always attentive at school, in our life and sometimes make mistakes. The other day I received a letter. There are so many

mistakes. Be so kind to correct them.

A lot of people think school years was the happiest in their life. I can’t say my school life easy. School takes so many time that I can’t do something. My parents wake me up early as the first lesson start at 8. We usually have 6 lessons and after them I’m tired reading, writing and answering teachers questions.

But I’m sure knowledges I get at school is the key to my successful future. We learn not only a lot of interesting subject but also to be honest and responsible. I respect my teachers and I won’t never forget them.

Are you happy at school?

What should you do to avoid mistakes.

A school in Bath will help you.

Look, read, and be ready to answer the following questions.

  1. Is there a summer course for adults?

  2. Do all students live with a family?

  3. Was Bath founded by the Romans?

  4. Do students have to pay extra for their meals?

  5. Where is the school?

  6. When are the lunches served?

  7. Who organizes different activities for the student?

  8. What does ”practice in real life” mean?

Match the English and Russian equivalents.

  1. Enjoyable A. среднего размера

  2. Experience B. развлечение

  3. Magnificent C. соседний

  4. Bath D. доставляющий удовольствие

  5. Entertainment E. младший

  6. Junior F. благоприятная возможность

  7. Medium-sized G. ванна

  8. Nearby H . плата

  9. Opportunity I. великолепный

  10. Fee J. опыт

Исправляют ошибки


Высказывают мнение о школьной жизни

(письменно и устно)

Выполняют задания по


(соотносят английский и русский эквиваленты,

читают текст (просмотровое

чтение ), отвечают на

вопросы )

№ п-п

Этапы урока

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся







Итоги, домашнее задание, оценки

Are you tired? Let’s have fun. I offer you a new joke.

Do you argue with your teachers?

Complete the sentence if I were a teacher…

Do you think teens abroad have the same problems at school. Some

pupils want to share some information. Listen to them and write down

good and bad points of school life in GB and the USA.

What would you like to change in our school system?

Im pleased with you today. You were active, creative. I think you are

ready to do your home task (to write an essay “If I were Minister of education” ). Thank you for your work.

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