Инфоурок Другое КонспектыРазработка урока для 5 класса по английскому языку, модуль 10, урок 10b "Summer fun"(Spotlight)

Разработка урока для 5 класса по английскому языку, модуль 10, урок 10b "Summer fun"(Spotlight)

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Lesson Plan

Date:                    14.03.16

Topic:                  “Summer Fun”

Level:                  Pre-Intermediate

Grade:                 5th

Time duration:    45 minutes

Goals:                  -    introduce new words and practice them

-         explain new grammar topic Future Simple and practice it


Objectives:          -    vocabulary expansion about summer activities

-         increase of communicative activity of students


Skills development:

-         practicing words connected with the topic of the lesson

-         expressing preferences








1.     Organising moment (approximately 1 minute)

-Good afternoon, dear students! I am very glad to see you here at the lesson. Before we can start, I would like to know who is absent?

Possible answer: Andrew is absent.

-Do you know you know the reason of his absence?

Possible answer: He is ill.

-So who is on duty today?

Possible answer: Maria is on duty today.

- Masha, I will ask you to tell us what day is it today and what is the date?

Possible answer: Today is Monday, the third of March.

-Thank you, Masha. We can continue.


2. Checking home assignment. (5 minutes)

-You home task was to make holidays adverts for places in your country. So let’s check it. Who wants to start? Please, Alex. Thank you. It was very interesting. Do you want to visit it? (For all students) What do you think about this deatination?   

Possible answer: I want to visit Moscow too. There are a lot of historic places that can attract me.


3. Warming-up  (30 minutes)

- The topic of today’s lesson is “summer fun”. Do you like summer?

Possible answer: Yes, I like it a lot.

-What do you like to do in summer?

Possible answer: walking with my friends, swimming, fishing.

-That’s very interesting, thank you. Open your books on page 118, and let’s read the names of other summer activities. (First read teacher, then children repeat)

-Well done. Now you will listen a song about summer fun.  (recording)

-Where can you play in the summer?

Possible answer: We can play in the park, in the sea , on the beach.

-What can you do in the sea?

Possible answer: Swimming.

-That’s good job. Now pay attention on the adjectives in your book on p.118.

Let’s read and translate them together!

-Now tell each other some sentences using them about your favorite summer activities.

Possible answer:

A: I think hiking is tiring.

B: Really? I find it enjoyable.

A: I think sailing is relaxing.

B: Really? I find it tiring.


-Now we are going to read a dialogue in ex.2. Who wants to be Alex and Lucy?

Ok, Mike , you will read for Bill, and you Masha for Lucy Please, read the first two line. Where are they? What they are talking about?

Possible answer: Bill and Lucy are probably on holiday in a hotel. They are planning what to do for the day. Maybe they will decide to go windsurfing or scuba diving.


-Today we will study the new tense Future Simple. In Russian its Будущее простое время. Open your books on p. 144. Here we have the information about it in Russian language.

(учитывая возрастные особенности учитель объясняет материал на русском языке)

Для того, чтобы поставить глагол во временную форму Future Simple, нужно использовать его начальную форму и вспомогательный will. Please ,Den, read affirmative sentences (утвердительные предложения). В разговорной речи используется сокращенная форма.

В вопросительном предложении  will ставятся перед подлежащим. Значимый глагол остается после подлежащего в своей начальной форме.

В отрицательных предложениях за вспомогательным глаголом следует отрицательная частица not. 

Mary, read please when we use the Future simple.

Do you have any questions?

That’s good. Now. Please, open your book again on p.119. And pay attention on the table. (Teacher and students read and translate the sentences and points of usage)

4. Time to relax.(2 minutes)

-Now, it’s time to relax. (video)

-It’s nice, I see now you are ready to do exercises. Let’s do an ex.5 near the blackboard.. Read and say according to the table why we use Future Simple.

Possible answers:

2 I’ll make you a sandwich.

3 I’ll give you some.

4 I’ll make some tea.

 5 I’ll close it.

-Let’s make up your own examples in pairs.

Possible answers: I haven’t got a pen — I’ll lend you one, I’ve got a

headache — I’ll give you an aspirin.

-Well done.


-Thank you for your job! I am very pleased with all of you. What did you learn new?

Possible answer: we learnt to speak about summer activities, learn Future simple.

-Do you have any questions? Everything is clear? That’s magnificent.


6.Setting homework. (approximately 30 seconds)

I ask you to write down your home assignment. Your  homework is to learn the new words and expressions on the topic “Summer activities”, to look up again the material about the Future Simple, and to the ex.6 on p.119.


7.Grading. (approximately 30 seconds)

You do your best at this lesson. So, Masha and Kate have 5. Den and Alex have 5 with a minus. And, unfortunately, Ann 4. Please, pay attention to your grammar.



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