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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Разработка урока для второго класса по теме "Julia Has a House"

Разработка урока для второго класса по теме "Julia Has a House"

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Crucovscaia M.V.

Theoretical Lyceum A.S. Pushkin


Subject: English

Form: 2nd

Date: 27.11.2008

Teacher: Crucovscaia M.V.

Unit 3 Lesson 5 Topic: Julia Has a House

Specific Competences:

Communicative and Pragmatic Competence - Producing oral messages and interactions (Spoken Interaction)

Communicative Competence - Receiving oral messages (Listening)

Communicative and Pragmatic Competence — Producing written letters and words (Writing)

Sub - Competences:

1.2.Distinguishing in speech words and simple, short sentences containing sounds, patterns of intonation and other specific phenomena. The words and sentences are pronounced slowly and clearly, and repeated several times.

1.3.Understanding the meaning of words in simple sentences.

2.4.Reproducing simple answers and questions referred to the students’ familiar world – their homes.

3.3.Understanding the meaning of words, phrases and simple short sentences which identify certain objects of the students’ familiar immediate environment.

Operational Objectives:

  1. Knowledge - Students will be able to recognize sounds and groups of sounds, pronounced in isolation and in words.

  2. Skills - Students will be able to reproduce simple sentences and the formulas of politeness used to establish social contact.

  3. Attitudes - Students will form positive attitudes toward productive communication.

Stages of the lesson

(Learning Activities)

Teacher’s activity

Pupils’ activity

Strategies (methods, techniques, forms of activities)




  • Warm up activity

Working with the homework

Motivation to the new lesson

Greet the pupils.- hello boys and girls.

- How are you?

Have the pupils to ask friends

-How old are you?

-Do you know that Vova and Liuba are 8 too? Their birthdays are today. Let’s sing for them “ Happy Birthday”

-Thank you. Here are the presents for them. ( give cards)

-Where do you celebrate your birthdays?

Have the pupils to Build a house and describe it.

Ask questions:

-What color is your house/ window….

-Great! Your houses are very nice. Here is a funny god for you.

Greet the teacher.

Answer the question.

Ask each other.

Sing the song “ Happy Birthday”

-At home.

Build the hose using puzzles and describe their houses.

-This is my house. My house is new. This is a window \ door… It is green.



Group work


The completed tasks for homework

Expressing themselves on the topic the ability to speak about a house..

10 min.

Realization of meaning


Physical minute




Group work


Introducing new vocabulary

-Last lesson we visited Petty Mouse and Tommy Cat. Now we have an invitation from them (show it). Let’s read it.

-Julia is my friend . She is from England. She has a big house.

-Do you want to visit Julia?

-Close your eyes. Мы летим через моря и океан в дождливую Англию. Be attentive. Try to remember all the words. Open your eyes.

Show the doll. Ask the pupils.

-Who is this?

-This is Julia’s house. We are going to speak about the rooms in this house.

Hold up pictures and say:

-It’s a living room.

-It’s a bedroom…

Ask the pupils.

-What’s this?

Ask question:

Where is the bathtub?

Ask the pupils to write new words in their vocabularies.

Show the movements.

One, one, one,

Danny Rabbit, run.

Two, two, two

Dogs see you.

Three, three, three

Cats in the tree.

Four, four, four

Ducks on the floor.


-Do you have a TV set in the living room?

-Julia has a TV set in the living-room.

Обратите внимание слово Julia поменяло глагол have. Имена в английском языке очень капризные. Посмотрите, в глаголе have оно съело 2 буквы добавило свою букву s.

We have a house.

Julia has a house.

Look, we have table in your books.

Are you tired?

Let’s play a game.

Look at the picture and say what you see.

Ex 4 p 35

Have the pupils to work in teams.

Give the card for each sentence.

Вы хорошо поработали, но Джулия загрустила. На дне рождении поют песни. Мы тоже споем, но вот беда, слова в песне поссорились. Надо их померить.

Check the task.

Look, Julia is happy. She says: “Thank you, there are nice cards for you.”

Ask question:

-Do you like Julia’s house?

-Do you have a living room \ kitchen \ bedroom…?

Julia has a TV set in the living room.

Почему мы говорим Julia has

-Give your examples.



-Yes, I do.

She is Julia.

Listen and repeat chorally and individually.


It is a living room.


The bathtub is in the bathroom. Read the words. Make up sentences using structures: This is… It is in the …

Write down the words in their vocabularies

Repeat after teacher.


-Yes , I do. I have a TV set I the living –room.

Read the table and make conclusion.

I see a ball, a tie.

I see a doll, a car.

Team 1 say what Tim has in his room.

Team 2 say what Andy has in his room.

Put the letters in order.

Sing song “The ABC”


Yes, I do. I have a house.

Yes, I have a living-room…


Use structure: Tim has …


Communicative Method

Whole Class Work

Pair work

Understanding the meaning of words in simple sentences

understanding of the meaning of the vocabulary and information

ability to speak

and read

Ability to read and make conclusion

Reproducing simple answers

Reproducing simple answers referred to the students’ familiar world




Julia: -You are bright pupils. I like your answers very much.

Do you remember my house? (show the cards)

-Good bye, my dear. Hope to see you soon.

Ex 4 p39 (write), words by heart.

Name the rooms.

This is …. Julia has…

Application of what was learnt

Critical thinking




Put marks

Count the dogs.


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