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Разработка урока "Какое самое лучшее время года для поездки в Англию"

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What is the best time to come on а visit to England?

Roma: Hello!

Misha: Hi!

Roma: How are you?

Misha: Fine, thanks. And you?

Roma: I’m fine. You know, a friend of mine Peter, an English student, asked me to come on a visit to England. What do you think is the best time for such a visit?

Misha: Well, I think the best time for a visit to England is winter. Winter in England is not very cold. There is little snow and much rain. But there are many fine days in winter, when the sun shines.

Roma: As for me, I don’t like winter at all. I wouldn’t like to go to England in winter.

Misha: It goes without saying, autumn is a nice season. It is the season of the harvest, the season of apples.

Roma: But autumn as well as winter is a cool season . The sky is grey, the cold wind blows. I prefer warm seasons to cold ones.

Misha: Don’t you like early autumn when the leaves on the trees change their colour from green to yellow, brown and red?

Roma: Thank you for your advice. I’ll think about it.

Misha: Keep in mind that English people talk about the weather every day. They like to speak about it very much. They do it because the weather in England is very changeable. Englishmen say, “We have no climate in England , only weather”. They also say, “There’s no bad weather, there are bad clothes”.

Roma: I know about it. But I don’t know what to do. I can’t choose the best time to come on a visit to England. It’s so difficult to make a final decision.

Misha: To my mind, spring is the best time. It is a very nice season. If

a friend of mine invited me to come on a visit to England or any other country I would go there in spring.

Roma: In my opinion, the best season is summer. In England summer is not always hot, though there are many sunny days in summer. Well... I’ve made up my mind to come on a visit to England in summer

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