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Разработка урока. 11 класс. City VS country

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Разработка урока по теме “City Versus Country”, УМК Биболетовой , Form 11.

Цель: совершенствование умений практического владения учащимися английским языком по теме.


- обобщить лексический материал по теме

- совершенствовать коммуникативные умения учащихся

- совершенствование умений аудирования с целью извлечения необходимой информации

- развивать умения учащихся составлять монологическое высказывание в соответствии с заданной ситуацией

Развивающая задача: уметь сравнивать, высказывать своё мнение, делать вывод, принимать решение на основе сравнения, делать вывод, основываясь на приведённых аргументах.

Воспитательная – умение работать в коллективе, в группе. Посоветовать, не навязывая своего мнения, приводить убедительные аргументы. Быть вежливым.

The Plan:

1. In the beginning of the lesson the pupils sing the song:

Song № 1

In my country we are happy

In my country we are happier

In my country we’re the happiest of all.

In my country the sky is bluer

In my country the sun is brighter

In my country we are the friendliest of all.

My country, your country,

Travel east or west.

Living in the city,

Living in the country,

Russia is the best.

2. T: We live in a big and beautiful country. Our motherland is Russia. All people of our state live either in the country or in big cities and little provincial towns. But I am sure that nowadays it is not so important where you live. People may be happy both in a little village and in a huge modern city as well. and today we are to find out whether there is really much difference between the city lifestyle and the life of those living in the country.

T: Where would you rather live?

P1: I would rather live in the city.

P2: And I would prefer living in the country

P3: For me there is nothing like city life (and etc.)

  1. Now look through the list of activities and express your attitude to the mentioned kinds of pastimes.

P1: I am fond of working on the computer and I am absolutely indifferent to going to discos.

P2: And as for me I prefer hanging on with my friends rather than shopping.


  1. Working on the computer

  2. Playing musical instruments

  3. Roller-skating and skateboarding

  4. Hanging out with friends

  5. going to a disco

  6. going to the cinema, theatre, to picture galleries

  7. eating out in cafes and restaurants

  8. shopping

  9. gardening and growing fruits, flowers and veggies

  10. cooking

  11. fishing and hunting

  12. travelling to different cities, countries and continents.

  13. reading books, newspapers and magazines.

  14. going to the library

  15. camping out in a tent

  16. practicing sports

  17. doing crosswords and puzzles

  18. taking photographs

  19. watching various films

  20. writing poems

  21. having promenades in the fields and in the forest

  22. swimming in the river

  23. watching TV

  24. collecting things

  25. keeping pets

  26. drawing and painting

  27. listening to music

  28. Visiting museums

  29. playing computer

  30. surfing on the Internet

  31. painting

And can you tell me what activities are available only in the city, in the country and what activities are quite possible both in the city and in the country?

4: And what do you really think about

city dwellers/country people. What kind of people are they in your opinion?

P1: I think that country people are less communicative.

P2: And I am of another opinion. To my mind they are kinder and friendlier.

  • more/less communicative

  • more/less open-hearted

  • more /less humane

  • more/less cultural

  • more/less educated kinder

  • busier

  • kinder

  • friendlier

5. And what are the advantages and disadvantages of the country life and the pros and cons of the city life?

a. The advantages and disadvantages of the country life:

On the one hand On the other hand country people

in the country people

Enjoy sunlight

Work hard

Enjoy the beauty of nature

have less education opportunities

Enjoy the twitter of birds

don’t have modern conveniences

Enjoy fresh air

Enjoy healthy lifestyle

Drink crystal clear water

Fish and hike

Swim in the river

Gather mushrooms

Pick berries in the forest

Arrange picnics

Farm the land

Grow wheat and vegetables

Produce their own food

Live in big apartments

Have a lot of true friends

Don’t spend money on transport

b. The advantages and disadvantages

of the city life:

From one point of view From another point of view

city dwellers the city dwellers

Have apartments with all modern Bump into traffic jam


Can find a well paid job

Come across the problem of pollution

Can get better education

Have a lot of industrial waste produced by plants and factories

Have a lot of places for entertainment

Face crowds of people

Have excellent roads

Have better medical service

If I had an opportunity I would rather choose the city because…

If I had a chance I would prefer the …life rather than the …as…

I would advise you to live in the … because I think that …

I would recommend you to choose the … because in my opinion If I were you I would move to the … because it seems to me that

To my mind you’d better live in the … as …

  1. Now will you listen to 5 speakers.

6. Listen to 5 people speaking about the countryside they live and match them with the place they are describing.

Speaker 1, Sheila

I think that Exmoor National Park is the most beautiful place in the world. The timeless beauty of the scenery is magical and very unique. Once you are in Exmoor, you will see… no traffic, only wildlife; no superstores, only trees. You will hear… no shouting, only birdsong; no car horns, only streams. You will enjoy its peacefulness and feel glad to be there.

Speaker 2, Mike

I spent my childhood in Edithmead and every morning when I woke up, I could see the mountain. On the many occasions that I climbed to the top, I would imagine that I could see the entire world from its summit. It is a place of wonderment, beauty and mythical proportions, It will always remain the centre of my universe, and I welcome any opportunity to revisit whenever I return to England from Canada.

Speaker 3, John

I like the Mendip Hills very much. It’s truly an area of outstanding natural beauty. Here you have it all. You have an area full of historical mystery in the form of Roman ruins, countless ancient forts and castles. There are plenty of cycling and walking routes to enjoy and there is a mixture of everything: forest, marsh, pasture and fields.

Speaker 4, Sue

I think that Goblin Combe, near Bristol and the airport, is absolutely terrific. It’s such an unusual place, a deeply wooded valley on the northern edge of a hill. It has its own ecology, with some fantastic plants and trees, and its character changes depending on the weather and the time of day. It’s also reasonably easy for everyone to reach.

Speaker 5, Chris

I have travelled the road from Milverton to Wivelscombe many times in the 16 years I’ve lived in the area, but the view as you pass the turn for Croford, over the hill and round the bend is magnificent. No matter what the weather, the season or the time of day, the essence of the whole area remains strong and impressive.

Can you tell me why this or that speaker loves his (her) native place?

Express your opinion.

  1. In the end I ask you to divide into 2 groups. Which group can give more arguments for a young family who are really at a loss what place to choose as a place for permanent living. Give them advices.

  2. Group 1: We would advise you to live in the country because in this case you and your family will be able to…

  3. Group 2: We think that it would be better for you to stay in the city as everybody knows that there are a lot of advantages such as …

  4. While finishing our lesson let’s sing one more song about Russia:

Song № 2 “Moscow Suburb Nights”

Not a rustling leaf, not a bird in flight

In the sleepy grove until dawn.

How I love these nights, Moscow suburb nights,

The caress of the waking sun.

The calm rilling stream seems to ebb and flow

Like a silver web of moonlight,

In my heart I hear singing come and go

On this wonderful summer night.

Why this downcast look? Does the rising day

Bring us near the hour when we part?

It’s as hard to keep as to give away

All that presses upon my heart.

Home task:

Write a short letter to your friend - invite him to visit your village and describe the advantages of spending a part of his holidays in your village.

Use the phrases: If you come to our place we can … (name the activities); describe the people living in your village.

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