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Разработка урока "Let's speak English"



The theme: Let’s speak English grade: 9a

The aim: SWBAT get information about the usage of English around the world and speak on it.

The aids: Active board, cards, tables.


Org. moment Hello, Boys and girls! I am very glad to see you. I see that all are present today. I am fine and you? Let’s start our lesson.

Warming- up

  1. What language is easily understood in any part of the world? (English)

  2. What language is often spoken at the international conferences and seminars? (English)

  3. What language is often used in the Internet communication? (English) Crossword -time: If we tell about English language I think we may do the crossword, if we do it right we will see key-word of our lesson.






















































  1. These signs you must know when you are studying to read

  2. You must possess one of these language skills to write a letter or a composition

  3. If you want to speak without any mistakes you will learn it very hard

  4. If you read the word in English you must know Russian variant

  5. That mean of the language helps to enrich your speech.

  6. It helps to provide a verbal communication

  7. This branch of the linguistic comprises the study of the sounds of human speech

Today we are going to speak about English language, about the role of English language in our life. And I want you to write associations with this language.



International modern

I want you to look at the board. There are some quotations, which are devoted to the English language. They are written by well- known poets. Students read them.

How many countries is English spoken in?

Students name the countries. Australia, Canada,etc

P2 Reading

Look at the different parts of the text and put them in the right order.

A Now English is changing not only in America but in other countries too. Although different varieties of English will continue to develop around the world, standard English will remain for international communication

B At present, 80 per cent of all information in computers is in English, 60 per cent of  all international telephone calls are made in English, 60 per cent of the world’s radio stations broadcast in English, and over two-thirds of the world’s scientists wtite in English. English is also the main language of international conferences. Airports and air traffic control, medicine, diplomacy, and international competitions. Some people think that English is going to become even more important as the lingua franca, while most other languages will just die out.

C Have you ever thought how many people speak English? The exact number is difficult to tell, but it is more than one thousand million people, that is 20 per cent of the world’s population. English is the most widespread language on earth; it is second only to Chinese in the number of people who speak it. The English language is now the native language of about 400 million people, and the official language in over 60 countries. If you add to this the enormous number of people who study English as a foreign language, you will understand that English is a major world language.

D People have long been interested in having one language that could be spoken all over the world. English has better chances to become a global language. First, English is easier to learn than any other language. Second, it easily borrows local words from the countries into which it expands.

Comprehension task.

Prove that English is an international language

Use key words:

20% of the world’s population

60 countries

400 million people

80% of information in computers

60% of the world’s radio stations


two-thirds of all scientists



official language of the Olympics

three quarters of the world’s mail

borrow from English

Listen to the text. Каmila, a student, tells about reasons of learning foreign languages. What reasons has he mentioned?

As a languages student I value very highly the learning of languages but many people nowadays don’t agree. When I hear the phrase “But…everyone speaks English” I want to scream! 4 out of 5 people do not speak English and only 7 percent of the world’s population speaks English as the first language. The world WE’RE in may be full of people who speak English but learning languages open up a new world. Recently I was asked what I think the importance of languages is and I thought about it. I have made three points of the reasons because I, personally, think, learning languages is very useful.

1. Languages are a passport to another world.
Passports and planes can take you to anywhere in the world but can you really know a country without knowing the language? With a language you can get to know and get involved with the culture. You can meet people from that country and talk to anyone you may meet on the street. You can ask for directions and know what you’re ordering in a restaurant. You can discover the true secrets about a country and how its people live.

2. It can give you respect, and helps to make friends.
Even if someone speaks your language, it’s pleasant for him to hear you speak his native language. Even attempting a few words when in a shop or asking for directions shows that you have had enough respect. I have found that speaking someone’s mother tongue to them creates instant friendships as well because they feel more comfortable around you when they can be themselves.

3. A lot of things are “lost in translation”.
If you have ever read a translation in your native language that has been translated from another language, and the original, you will agree with me. Some of the translations are very embarrassing! There are a lot of idiomatic phrases that cannot be translated because they only make sense in that language. Things like humour and play of words can also be appreciated only in the original language.

P3 Work in groups . Discussion Can you add any more reasons to Kamila's list? Why do you think it's important to learn foreign languages

How can English help you?

Use key words:


search the Internet

play computer games

make friends

get education

prestigious work


international summer camps



Dear students you have to fill in the table. What did you know about language, what have you known, what do you want to know about English?

What did you know about English?

What have you known about English?

What do you want to know about English?

Your marks for the lesson …. Thanks a lot. See you later.

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Тема внеклассного мероприятия: Давайте говорить по-английски. Английский язык – язык международного общения

Цель урока: актуализация знаний по теме «Английский язык – язык

международного общения»

Задачи урока:  

ознакомить с некоторыми фактами английского языка

развить умения монологической речи, направленное на то, чтобы учащиеся могли рассказать о роли иностранного языка в их жизни

развить общекультурные умения при систематизации и обобщении материала

Мероприятие началось с кроссворда, ребята активно участвовали в разгадке, основной целью задания было выяснить ключевое слово, опираясь на него ребята должны догадаться, чему посвящен урок. После того, как им понятна тема урока, ребята работают с кластером, пишут ассоциации с английским языком. Следующее задание - работа с волшебной коробкой из которой они узнают много интересного и нового о языке и опираясь на эту информацию, ребята доказывают, что английский язык – язык международного общения. (Задание направлено на развитие устной речи у учащихся)

Затем ребята просмотрели видео о студентах с разных стран и о девочке с нашего лицея. Они ознакомили учащихся со своими целями в будущем и для чего им нужен английский язык будущем. Рефлексией урока была таблица, в которой учащиеся отразили свои усвоенные знания с занятия.

Ребята на начальном этапе урока пытались активно работать , но когда дело дошло до заданий , показывающих их навыки и умения устной речи, они не особо проявили себя .

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