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Разработка урока на тему "Computers in our life"

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Английский язык

10 класс

Тема урока: Компьютеры: друзья или враги?

Цель урока: развитие речевого умения

Задачи урока:

- развивать умение слушать собеседника;

- развивать умение оценивать чужую точку зрения,

высказывать своё мнение

Оборудование урока: презентация Power Point, анкеты, письма

Ход урока.

1.Речевая разминка

2.Объяснение целей и задач урока.

Today we’ll talk about computers. Some people say that computers are of great help, others insist they do harm to their users’ health. We’ll try to decide for ourselves if computers are our friend or foes.

3.Упражнение на проверку сформированности лексических навыков по теме.

Speaking about computers, we can't but mention how they work. So, let’s see if you know the computer parts well. Label the pictures. (слайды 2-7)

4.Вопросо-ответное упражнение (проверка знания компьютерных терминов)

Computers are not only some boxes or devices, it's much more interesting what is inside them/ I'll ask you the questions and you'll choose words from this slide.(слайд 8)


1. What computer system makes it possible to send letters very quickly?

2. What system allows computer users around the world to send and to obtain information?

3. What programs provide colourful pictures and sound?

4. What is the name of a computer-created world, which seems almost completely real?

5. What is a special term, which means “to obtain stored information from a computer’s memory?

6. What do we call a disk on which a large quantity of information can be stored?

7. What do you call a sudden, unexpected computer failure?

8. What is the term for the electrical or electronic components of a computer?

9. What do we call a large collection of data that is stored in a computer system?

10. What kind of computer can you use on the plane?

5.Упражнение на развитие умения слушать (один ученик рассказывает стихотворение, остальные ученики в процессе слушания выписывают слова, ставшие компьютерными терминами, один ученик выполняет задание на доске)

Words often change their meaning to suit the new realities of life. The use of computers has started an intensive process of change, which is still going on. Much of Russian computer language seems quite strange to a Russian speaker. It’s much the same with English-speakers. Nastya will recite a poem and you, please, write down the words which have become computer terms.

(учащиеся выполняют задание, затем проверяют по слайду 9).


6.Упражнение » мозговой штурм» (высказывание учащихся об использовании компьютеров) (слайд 10)

Today computers help people do many things and they are used in many spheres of life. Can you feel this mind map?

Computers are used for….

7.Работа с анкетой (как учащиеся используют компьютер). Задание одной ученице - обобщить результаты.(слайд 11)

And how you use a computer and what you think of them. I’ve brought a questionnaire and you have got 3 minutes to answer these questions. I’ll ask Lana to sum up the results to the end of our lesson.


8.Выступление экспертов по проблеме данного урока.(4 учащимся заранее были даны роли- программиста, заботливой мамы, врача и психолога)

Now we are ready for our discussion. We’ve known much about computers but the questions still remains: Are computers our friends or foes? I’ll introduce you our guests, listen to their points of view attentively, make notes and then you’ll have an opportunity to add something, agree or disagree and express your own opinion.

9.Высказывание остальных учащихся по проблеме

You’ve heard different points of view. Now you can say whose opinion you share or express your own point of view.

10.Подведение итогов анкетирования (упражнение-трансформация) выполняет одна ученица.

11.Подведение итога беседы.

So, the situation in our group is not bad. You have a strong will to control the amount of time you spend in front of the computer. For you, computers are rather friends than foes.

12.Работа с письмом. Упражнение на поиск информации в тексте.

For some people computer addiction has become a real problem. Psychologists receive a lot of letters with asking for help. Here is one of them. Read the letter and find the symptoms of computer addiction. (слайды 16-17)


13.Подведение итога урока. Объяснение дом. задания

Thank you for your work. We‘ve succeeded in making our decisions. And I can express my point of view: It’s up to you to decide how to spend your free time but don’t forget about the symptoms of computer addiction.

Дом задание: написать письмо, в котором дать совет мальчику, используя информацию урока.

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