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Разработка урока на тему Health

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Этап урока



Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся




Организационный момент

1. Good morning, students!  My name is Natalia Sergeevna. I’m glad to see you. Are you OK? I hope, that our lesson will be very interesting for you. And I have a present for you – it is a video. Let`s watch it. (video)


Can you tell me about what we are going to speak today? We are going to speak about healthy lifestyle (Слайд 1 – тема занятия).

 English people say: Health is better than wealth, we can`t buy it for money. Nowadays everybody wants to be rich and successful. Do you agree with me? DO YOU WANT TO BE HEALTHY?

So if you want to be healthy, imagine that you are great specialists and you are to present your own opinion about health. I think you have noticed computers, pictures and posters on your desks. What should you do with all of them?  Each group will make projects; and you can use whatever you like.



Good morning, teacher!

We are glad to see you.




(Смотрят видеоролик, отвечают на вопрос, определяют тему занятия –Healthy lifestyle.)

(Отвечают  на вопросы, ставят перед собой цель и задачи на время занятия.)

(Отвечают на вопросы: примерные варианты ответов: получить необходимую информацию, повторить лексику, выполнить упражнения.)




Фонетическая разминка

Развитие произносительных навыков

By the way, do you know any proverbs about health? No? Then, look at the blackboard, please. We`ll talk about healthy lifestyle today and you will choose one of these proverbs as your slogan. Now repeat after me (the announcer), please.

A sound mind in a sound body.

Health is not valued till sickness comes.

Health is better than wealth.

An apple a day keeps a doctor away. (slide 2)

Your English sounds very well. Do you know the translation of these proverbs? No? So you have just 30 seconds to match the definitions. Do it together in your group. Pair work

Time is up. What group is ready? Who wants to be the first?

Well done. I give you a smile.

And who will choose this proverb as a slogan?(каждая группа выбирает себе пословицу)








-         (повторяют за диктором пословицы.)



-         (Выполняют упражнение)



(выходят к доске, соединяя стрелками перевод пословиц)

(выбирают пословицу в качестве слогана к защите проектов)




Активизация употребления ЛЕ

Do you agree that An apple a day keeps a doctor away? (scheme)

What should we do to be healthy? Is it difficult to be healthy? Of course not.

What can you see? Read it a louder one by one. Easier to say (next scheme) health is healthy food, weight and you should be active. Begin your reading with: I agree that I should… (altogether) and finish …to be healthy.(slide 3-)



(индивидуальная работа, читают слова с экрана по образцу I agree that I shouldto be healthy)

(на слайде с фразой smoke попадают в ловушку, решение отриц форма shouldn`t)






Динамическая пауза

Oh, I am getting ill. I have a stress. And I can`t be healthy. Will you help me to get rid of my illness?  I like to dance. Will you dance with me? Clap your hands, step your feet, put your hands up, let`s dance. No depressing, no stress.

Thank you very much, it was amazing. I give you a smile.































Развитие навыков диалогической речи

And don`t you have any stress or illness? Are you healthy? British students have some interesting questions for you. What group wants to answer their questions? (video)( Hello, We are students of British school and we have some questions for you to know: Are you healthy?

 The 1st question is: Do you often eat vegetables and fruit?

2nd: Do you do morning exercise regularly?

3rd: Do you watch TV or play the computer all day long?

4th: Do you eat chocolate, sweets, chips and biscuits every day?

5th: Do you sleep well?

Our advice is: Forget about sweets and chips. Do more exercises and eat healthy food. Be healthy! Bye!

I suggest you doing this exercise in groups. Will you read the task of exercise 17, page 104? The first task for you is to name purposes and ways to keep fit. You will have three  minutes to do this task. 

Развитие навыков монологической речи

And do you want to make a video-message for British students? Let`s give them a piece of advice, too. What should or shouldn`t you do to stay healthy?

You see two baskets should/shouldn’t, put into the basket your advice for British students.

Работа с фразами

Before presenting your projects, let`s learn these phrases: I think, to my mind, no doubt, besides.

Создание мини-проектов

Now it`s time to make your projects, it`s time to be real specialists (ТБ по использованию компьютера). Tell us your slogan and one sentence per each member of your group. You will have only 5 minutes for them and 2 min. for presenting your opinions. Ready, steady, go!

Your time is up. Present your own opinion about health.




(отвечают на вопросы студентов)








(Работают за компьютером, оформляют монологическое высказывание, создают презентацию своего высказывания)



(дают свои советы британским школьникам, складывая в корзинки фразы)




(знакомятся с новыми фразами)


(работают в группах, составляют монологическое высказывание – свое мнение на тему healthy lifestyle)


(защищают свои проекты)




Подведение итогов


Thank you for your good work and attention.

If you have questions, you can ask me.

Unfortunately, our lesson is over. It was very interesting for me to know your own opinion about health. And do you like our lesson? You have two pictures on your desks thumbs up and down. What picture would you choose to put under this photo from our lesson?

Thank you very much. Eat well, live well. Be healthy. Good bye!




(Отвечают на вопросы, анализируют выполнение поставленных цели и задач).





Good- bye, Natalia Sergeevna!




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