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Разработка урока на тему "Music in my life"

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Music in our life


- Систематизировать знания учащихся по теме "Music".

- Совершенствовать знания, умения, навыки учащихся в области устной речи, чтения и аудирования по данной теме.

Задачи урока:


  • развитие лексических навыков говорения;

  • совершенствование навыков чтения

  • активизация употребления изученной лексики по теме.


  • развитие внимания, воображения, памяти;

  • развитие способности к догадке

  • расширение кругозора.


  • формирование уважения к культуре других народов и культуре своей страны;

  • воспитание этики взаимоотношений

Ход урока

  1. Организационный момент.

Приветствие, постановка цели, определение задач урока.

Teacher: Good afternoon, boys and girls! I am glad to see you. Sit down, please. I see you are in good mood. I am sure you are full of energy and ready to work hard. Now, let’s begin our lesson.

The word “music” originates from the Greek word ‘muse’.


(Слайд 1) hello_html_m481b9cc1.png

Music is the art combining sounds of voice or sounds of musical instruments.

Each man’s life begins with mother’s lullaby. Since that first introduction man’s life surrounded by musical sounds and melodies. And today we will have a talk about music in our life.

  1. Основная часть урока.

(Обсуждение высказываний великих людей о музыке).

Look at the blackboard, read and translate quotations about music. And then give me your own definition of the word ‘music’.

  • Music is the universal language of the world/ (Longfello), слайд 3.

  • Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent (V.Hugo), слайд 4.

  • Now, children, give me your own definition of the word “music”. What is music for you?

Pupil 1: It is a reflection of our lives.

Pupil 2: It is the mirror of our lives and life problems.

Pupil 3: Music is the world of wonderful sounds.

Pupil 4: Music is the main part of people’s life.

Teacher: When do you usually listen to music?

Pupils: When I am tired, happy, unhappy, lonely, sad.

We Listen to music it everywhere: in the streets and at home, over the radio and on TV, in the shops and in the parks.

When I do my homework, clean the rooms or do nothing

  1. Vocabulary Practice

Teacher: What styles of music do you know?

Pupils: Pop music

Dance music

Chamber music



Martial военная

Classical music камерная


Teacher: Listen to the piece of music and guess what styles of music is it?

(Ученики слушают отрывки музыки и определяют жанр)

  • Folk song (звучит русская народная песня)

  • Jazz (Miles Davis - Cool Jazz)

  • Rap (Eminem - "Rap God" )

  • Rock (Bon Jovi - It's My Life)

  • Classical (Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi)

Teacher: What kind of music do you like?

Pupil 1: I prefer listening to Jazz. Jazz became more and more popular. Today, people all over the world play jazz. People who like jazz always remember American jazzman Louis Armstrong.

Pupil 2: I am going to tell you about rock. It is my music! As for me I prefer rock all the year round, because it can express all kinds of my mood. I can find a firm support in rock. Within this music I feel strength and stability. Rock music, or, rather rock-n-roll, appeared in the 1950-s. The first rock music is connected with the names of Elvis Presly, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Doors and some others.

Pupil 3: I am fond of folk music. This music lives on for centuries. Every nation has its own national music and dance ensembles and choirs. The British are very fond of their folk music. They held special Folk Festivals, where the young can learn about their national culture and folk music. It is a pity we don’t know much about Russian folk music.

Pupil 4: I love pop music. The dictionary defines pop music as “modern popular music of a simple kind with a strong beat and not usually of lasting interest, liked especially by younger people”. I think it is not difficult for understanding. It’s unusual and exciting and it’s the way of sharing all our hopes and fears. I like to know more and more about popular talented groups and singers I like.

Pupil 5: I want to tell you about classical music. As for me I have found classical music the closest to my soul. Most of the people of my age would think I’m a bit mad to love Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven . But I find classical music relaxing. This music has been living for centuries. It is heard in every corner of our land. Some people simply don’t understand classical music, but it has a deep intellectual appeal and it creates a special spiritual world for the listener that enriches his inner life and makes him happy.

  1. Физкультминутка

Teacher: Some people say it is difficult to understand classical music. Classical music is our treasure and every country can be proud of its composers and musicians. Different composers from different countries have conquered the hearts of people all over the world. What names come to your mind when you hear the word "composer"?

  • Wolfgan Mozart (слайд 5)

  • Ludvig van Bethoven (слайд 8

  • Sergey Rahmaninov ( слайд 9)

  • P. Chaikovskiy (слайд 10)

  • Johann Sebastian Bach ( cлайд 7)

  1. Работа с текстом

Fill in the gaps in the text with appropriate words:






To take

The author









Wolfgang Mozart

Wolfgang Mozart is a famous Austrian _______. He was born in 1756. His father, a violinist and a composer, noticed the wonderful ________ of his son and taught him how to play musical _________ and to compose.

When four years old Mozart played the clavier. When he was five or six he started _______ music. At the age of 8-9 Mozart composed his first symphonies and at the age of ten - his first creations for musical theatre.

When he was six years old his father decided to ____ him and his sister to the big cities of Europe. The two children gave _____ in Germany, Austria, France, England, and Switzerland. The _____ were delighted to see such a small boy playing the _____.

When he was 14, he was invited to Italy. He could not imagine his life without_________. By the age of 19, Mozart was the _____ often major musical works.

At the _____ of 26 he moved from his native town to Vienna. Though he didn't have a great ______ as a composer in Vienna, Mozart wrote many songs and symphonies.

The burdens of his life, poverty and disease broke down his ______. He died at the age of 35.

Real fame ____ to Mozart only after his death. Many people now know and like his___________.

  1. Рефлексия. Подведение итогов. Домашнее задание.

There is a wonderful world of music around us. Is this world large or small? It often depends on how much you know: the more you know, the larger the world is.

It's time we finish our lesson. You've worked hard. I am satisfied with your work.

Your home task is to write an essay “ Music in My life” or “ My favorite singer”

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