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Разработка урока на тему: Who are we waiting for?

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Lesson 2

The theme: Who are we waiting for?

The Aims: 1.to introduce grammar material Verbs+ prepositions Wh- questions

2.To present grammar material Present Continuous

3.To develop students dialogical speech.

The visual aids:

.I Org.moment:Who is on duty today?

What date is it today?

What season is it now?

What is the weather like today?

II Phonetic drill:

III Pre-task: Vocabulary work


Think about (v)-ideas or problems, you make a mental effort to consider

Look for(v)- something that you have lost, you try to find it

Talk about (v)- telling people what you know or think about it

Waiting for (v)- is a period of time in which you do very little, before you can do something.

Argue for (v)-something, you say why you agree with it, in order to persuade people that it is right.

Ex-1aComplete the sentences with the prepositions in the box






1.I'm often late in the morning because I have to look …for…. my things.

2. I like looking ……….. my friends' photos.

3.I don't often think ……….. the future.

4. I don't come ………. this country. I was born abroad.

5.When I'm with my friends, we often talk ………….. films and music.

6.I don't like waiting ……… people when they're late.

7.In class, I usually talk ……….. my English teacher in English.

8.My father and I argue ………. football

IV Presentation:

Listen to the conversation.

DANNY: What's the time, Nadia?

NADIA: It's nearly half past seven.

DANNY: So who are we waiting for?

NADIA: Clare and Luke. Luke's always late.

DANNY: No, he isn't!

NADIA: Yes, he is! I'll phone him. ... Luke, where are yoWe're waiting for you.

DANNY: Here's Clare! Hi, Clare.

CLARE: Hi! Sorry I'm late. Who's Nadia talking to?

DANNY: Luke. He's late too. And he's got the tickets.

CLARE: No, he hasn't! I've got them. They're in my bag. NADIA: Hi, Clare. We must go. It's half past seven.

DANNY: What about Luke?

NADIA: He's meeting us outside the cinema in ten minutes.


NADIA: What are you looking for, Clare?

CLARE: The tickets. I can't find them.

DANNY: You're joking!

CLARE: Hang on! No, we're OK. They're here, in my pocket

Ex-2c Are these sentences true or false? .

1.Danny and Nadia are late.

2.Luke's waiting for Danny and Nadia.

3.Danny's talking to Nadia on the phone.

4.Luke has got the tickets.

5.The tickets aren't in Clare's bag.

Danny and his friends are meeting Luke at twenty to eight

Grammar: Present Continuous(SCAT), Verbs+ prepositions


Who + V(ing) + preposition?

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Practice Make questions for these answers.

  1. What are Luke and Clare talking about?

1.They're talking about the film. (What/Luke and Clare ?)

2.He's looking at a poster. (What/Danny ?)

3.She's listening to the radio. (What/Clare ?)

4.He's looking for his mobile. (What/Luke ?)

5.She's talking to her boyfriend. (Who/Nadia ?)

6.I'm waiting for Clare. (Who /you ?)

They're arguing about music. (What/Nadia and Danny ?)



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Giving marks:

Home task: Ex 5 p9

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