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Разработка урока на тему "Holidays" для 6 класса

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Form: 6
Theme: Holidays
Aim: To develop pupils writing, reading and listening abilities.
To introduce pupil with new words and to teach them to use it in their own speech. To teach pupil to respect each other and say own opinions.

I. Organization moment:
I.1. Greeting
- Good afternoon pupils
- Good afternoon teacher
- Sit down please
- Who is on duty today?
- I’m on duty today
- Who is absent?
- …..
- What date is it today?
- Today is the 24th of January
- What day is it today?
- Today is Tuesday
I.2. Checking home work
I.3. Warm up
Spring is green
Summer is bright
Autumn is yellow
Winter is white
II. Main part:
1.Match the holidays with date of celebrating and make a sentences.

… is celebrated on the … of …
2. Read the text and find what holiday is it
a) People in many countries decorate Christmas trees and give each other presents. Children leave a long sock or stocking at the end of the bed on December 24. They hope that Santa Claus will come down the chimney during the night and bring them presents. The special food is a big turkey and Christmas pudding (Christmas)
b) In the English speaking countries on this day many people send cards to people they love. They usually do not sign these cards. They also send gifts, sweets, flowers. (St. Valentine’s Day)
c) On this day families gather together usually in a home for a traditional dinner. They have a roast turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. All give thanks together for the good things that they have. (Thanksgiving Day)
d) People in Britain begin celebrating this holiday on December 31. Sometimes they have parties where guests dress up in costumers and cover their faces with masks. Next day people visit friends, relatives, neighbors. There is a lot to eat and drink. Many families watch television. (New Year)
e) It’s an Irish holiday. It’s a day when people wear green shirts, ties and hats because green is one of the national colors of Ireland and also one of the signs of spring. (St. Patrick's Day)
F) It’s a holiday for children in Britain . Children dressed in costumes knock on their neighbors doors and ask if he/she would like “trick” or “threat” and you must give them money or sweets then they go away. If you don’t give they will play a trick on you. (Halloween)
3. New words
• Decorate –
украшать, наряжать
• Chimney -
• Celebrate -
• Neighbor -
• Costume –
костюм маскарадный
• Guest -
• Knock -
• Trick -
• Threat –
опасность, угроза
• Roast -
• Turkey –
• Sign –
• Pie -
• Sock –
• Stocking -
III. Doing exercise
1. Add the word to the word map


Hello, Nikita
There are a lot of holidays in every country. For example, New Year’s Day
is always connected with our hopes & dreams. It’s pleasant to get ?
on New Year’s Eve. I usually get many nice & useful things from my
parents, such as?,   ?    ,     ?  , etc. I prepare?  for them too.
I like to decorate     ?       with     ?     ,    ?      ,      ?     & a big     ?     on the top.
My mother makes a tasty      ?       for supper. I help her to lay the table.
We are waiting for        ?       with a big       ?        of surprises.
Write me about your favorite holiday.
Best wishes, Dan
Present, gift, a book, a cake, Christmas tree, balloons, a star, chocolate, light, toys, Santa Claus, bear.
3. Make up word combinations
St. Valentine’s Day                             Song
Halloween                                      Costume
Christmas                                       Present
New Year                                         Tree
4. What holidays do you associate with these pictures
Christmas tree                         Heart    Pumpkin

5. Let’s read a Fairy tale
In the dark, dark wood. In a dark, dark wood
there is a dark, dark house. And in the dark, dark house
there is a dark, dark room. And in the dark, dark room
there is a dark, dark cupboard. And in the dark, dark cupboard there is a dark, dark box.
And in the dark, dark box
there is a ghost.
IV. The conclusion of the lesson
1. Giving homework
- Your homework is ex.4 p.110
- The lesson is over good bye
- Good bye teacher
- See you soon!

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