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Разработка урока на тему: Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Иностранные языки

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Lesson 1.

Grade or class name 8.

Date 02.09.15

The theme –Republic of Kazakhstan

The equipment-student’s book, chalk ,blackboard, cards, hand outs.


-read the text

-learn new words

-do grammar and lexical exercises

Org. moment- Good morning, dear students! I am glad to see you. How are you today? Who is absent today? Who is on duty today?

Procedure of the lesson

  1. Warming-up activity

Look through the list of the words and underline international ones: 
State, republic, independent, ideal, sovereign, capital, flag, emblem, important, center, anthem, sun, eagle, ornament, hope, president, symbol, shanyrak, custom, tradition, history, nationality, folk, system, control, star. 

  1. Practice reading the following words: 
    Constitution, the Constitutional Council, Parliament, the Majilis, the Senate, a senator, the Supreme Court, the judicial system, president, Prime Minister, referendum. 

  2. Match the word and the definition. 
    1.Constitution a). is a group of people who are elected to govern a country or a city. 
    2.Council b). is the main law of the country. 
    3.President c). is the lower House of Kazakhstan Parliament. 
    4.Senate d). is the leader of the republic. 
    5.Majilis e). is the upper House of Kazakhstan Parliament. 
    6.A senator f). is a member of the law-making senate. 
    7.The Supreme Court g). is an occasion when all the people of the country can vote on an important issue (question). 
    8.Referendum h). is the place where legal trials take place and where crimes are judged. 
    The keys: 1b; 2a; 3 d; 4 e; 5 c; 6 f; 7 h; 8 g. 

  3. Presentation of the words. Here are some new words for you to remember. Listen and read after me: 
    an anthem - гимн 
    a coat of arms - герб 
    a flag-staff - древко 
    a nomad - кочевник 
    a law - закон 
    a loadstar – путеводная звезда 
    intention – намерение, цель 
    to crown - короновать 
    to elect - избирать 
    to appoint - назначать 
    to implement - выполнять 
    voting – голосование 

  4. Consolidation of the words. 
    Read the sentences and finish them using the words above. 
    1. A song which has a special importance for a country and is sung on occasions is an _________. 2. A star that is used by a country or people to go ahead is a __________. 3. System of rules that everyone in a country must obey is the _______. 4. What you plan to do is your __________. 5.To choose somebody to do a special job by voting is __________. 6. To choose somebody for a job or position of responsibility is ____________. 
    The keys: 1anthem; 2a loadstar; 3the low; 4 intention; 5 to elect; 6 to appoint

  5. read the text

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