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Разработка урока на тему "Sights of Almaty" 10 класс

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Theme : Sights of Almaty

Aims of the lesson : 1) To enlarge students’ scope for the sights of Almaty.
2) To establish students’ habits and skills in speaking,
reading, writing and checking their understanding.
3) To increase their outlook , to bring up intelligent citizens
of our country.
Type of the lesson: Learning of the new theme.
Visual aids: Interactive board, pictures, posters.
Connection with other subjects: Geography, History.
Procedure of the lesson.
I. Organization moment.
II. Checking up the home task. Pupils tell about wild animals and plants of Kazakhstan.
III. Explaining the new theme.
1) Brainstorming.
A) Have you ever been to Almaty?

What do you know about Almaty?
C) What is the symbol of this city?
D) Where is Almaty located ?
E) What kind of climate in Almaty?
2) Vocabulary.
алғашқы, бірінші
гүлзар, клумба
елді мекен
ізі, орны
қонақжайлық көрсету
сол қалпында қалу

IV. Outstripping task.
There are some pictures of Almaty sights on interactive board. Students should speak about Republi
с Square, Koktuybe, The 28 Panfilov’s Guardsmen Park, Medeu etc.
V. Working in group. Students divided into two groups. Task for the 1st group.
True or false.
1) The word “Almaty” means “with apple”.
2) Traces of ancient town are not in the centre of Almaty.
3) Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan until December 1997.
4) The meaning of the city’s name has always connected with apple.
Task for the2nd group. Complete sentences with the verb below in correct form.
Become, walk, decorate, remain
1) The city is ---------- with numerous parks and gardens, fountains and flower-beds.
2) With the new status the city ----------- a small state in a state.
3) It seemed to me I was ------------ through a forest.
4) It ---------- the premier scientific and cultural centre of Kazakhstan.
VI. Speaking. Students speak on different problems using prepared posters.
The 1st group’s theme is “ Ecological problems of big cities”.
The 2nd group’s theme is “Preserve historical places of our country”.
VII. Mini test.

1.The population of Kazakhstan is more than …………
a)16 million b) 15 million c) 18 million
2. Kazakhstan was established as the Republic in ……….
a) December 1991 b) October 1992 c0 November 1990
3. Kazakhstan is the ……….largest country of the former Soviet Union.
a) first b) second c) third
4. The population is expected to ……….
a) establish b) include c) increase
5. The climate of Kazakhstan is ……….
a) continental b0 mild c) tropical
6. Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan untill…………
a) October 1999 b) February 1998 c) November 1997
7. The wildlife of Kazakhstan includes 158 species of ………..
a) birds b) mammals c) fish
Check yourself ! Correct answers Give your mark! 7 answers- “5”
1.a 2.a 3.b 4.c 5-6 answers-“4”
5.a 6.c 7.b 3-4 answers-“3”
VIII. Conclusion. Students listen to the song “Almaty tuni” and one of them reads
this passage.
“ Almaty is a sunny, immersed in the green city with wide streets, beautiful buildings, numerous parks, gardens and fountains. Magnificient city at the foot of the emerald ridges of the Tien Shan is called “garden city”. In spring, when the southern suburbs full of blossoming apple, apricot and cherry orchards, the city becomes like a fairy tale. Luxurious green grass and magnificent mountains make Almaty unlike other cities. Gardens, groves, parks, boulevards, flower-beds occupy more than eight thousand hectares of urban area. There are plenty of attracting sights for visitors and guests in Almaty.
VIII. Evaluation. Liders of two groups give marks for each student.
Home task is to write an essay on theme “The history of Almaty”.
Our lesson is over, good bye !

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