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Разработка урока на тему: Table setting

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Lesson 13.

Grade or class name 7.

Date 12.10.15

The theme – Table setting

The equipment-student’s book, chalk ,blackboard, cards, hand outs.

Objectives-recall the theme Health

Org. moment- Good morning, dear students! I am glad to see you. How are you today? Who is absent today? Who is on duty today?

Procedure of the lesson

1.Warming-up activity

«Help your mother».

Help your mother lay the table,

Put the plates, and forks, and spoons.

Help your mother lay the table 

Every afternoon.

  1. English always used to say: “We eat to live, but do not live to eat”. What does it mean? Explain it in your own words:

  2. Eating is essential for people. Many people say that we do not live to eat. I think it’s false. Why do we work? To earn money. Why do we earn money? To buy food. We depend on food. Though some people do not understand it and they try to lose weight, they do not eat and sometimes it can lead even to death. Here is another problem, people eat junk food more and more. It can cause some diseases. If you ask me, we need to eat balanced food

  3. So, food is necessary for living. At the same time we should get pleasure of eating. One day I saw some boy (girl) to have dinner in the restaurant. He (she) was so strange! Look how he (she) behaved:

    Waiter: - May I help you?

    Boy: - Yes, please. Do you have a sandwich?

    W: - Yes. Here you are.

    B: - Thank you. 

  4. Step 1: Space plates around table
    Space dinner plates around your table, leaving enough room in between to accommodate cutlery.
    Step 2: Place bowls or appetizer plates
    When applicable, place soup bowls or appetizer plates on top of the dinner plates.
    If you plan to plate individual food servings in the kitchen and serve them to the table fully assembled, start each place setting with an artfully folded napkin where the dinner plate would otherwise go.
    Step 3: Fold napkin
    If you haven't used the napkin in the middle of the place setting, fold it and place it to the left of the plate
    If you have the origami skills to turn the napkin into a tea rose or a Great Blue heron, simply placing the napkin to the left of the plate is a waste of your talents. Put your creation on top of the plate.
    Step 4: Place silverware
    Place the knife to the immediate right of the plate with the blade facing in, the dessert spoon to the right of the knife, and the soup spoon on the outside.
    Step 5: Place dessert silverware
    If you've placed the dessert-spoon above the plate, place the dessert-fork directly under it, with the tines pointing right. If not, place the dessert-fork to the immediate left of the plate. Place the entree fork to the left of the dessert fork, and the appetizer or salad fork on the outside.
    Step 6: Place salad & bread plates
    Place salad plates to the left of the outermost fork, and bread plates above the forks.
    Step 7: Place glasses
    Put water glasses just above the tip of the knife, and wine glasses to the right of the water glasses. If you're serving more than one wine, put wine glasses in order of use with the glass to be used last next to the water glass and the glass to be used first on the outside.

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