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Разработка урока на тему "The Royal London"

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The plan of the lesson

Royal London.

The aim of the lesson: 1. To teach children to complete, learning and collect some information about Great Britain and The Royal Family.

2. To love their Motherland, their customs and traditions.

3. To practice speak in English and to make right sentences in oral speech.

The type of the lesson: competition lesson.

Visual aids of the lesson: pictures, cards, interactive board.

The main part of the lesson:

Organization moment:

Good afternoon pupils!

How are you?

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

Are you ready for your home task?




Now you must find the theme of our lesson from it:

1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d, 5-e, 6-f, 7-g, 8-h, 9-I, 10-j, 11-k, 12-l, 13-m, 14-n, 15-o, 16-p, 17-q, 18-r, 19-s, 20-t, 21-u, 22-v, 23-w, 24-x, 25-y, 26-z.

18 15 25 1 12 12 15 14 4 15 14.

Checking homework:

Who are they? I give you some photos of famous people and you must answer the question:


Now answer the questions:

  1. What palaces are connected with the Crown?

  2. Who is the Head of GB?

  3. What is the official residence of Queen Elisabeth II?

  4. How many royal parks are there in London?

  5. Which of the famous queens or kings do you know?

Now let’s revise the London sights:

Buckingham Palace

Albert Hall

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The Houses of Parliament

Big Ben

Tower Bridge

Westminster Abby

Fleet Street

Hyde Park

C:\Users\Пользователь\Pictures\Фото для презентаций\trafalgar-square.jpghello_html_m8e122f8.pngC:\Users\Пользователь\Pictures\Фото для презентаций\royal_albert_hall.jpg


After this I would like to watch a filmstrip about London. You should try to remember all the names of the sightseeing.

  • Well, what have you seen there? You have 3 minutes to write the names of sightseeing from the film.

Some facts about Royal Family:



In the next part of the lesson I’ll see how much you know about London, Royal family and places connected with it. Translate and answer:

  1. Кокой дворец является официальной резиденцией королевы?

  2. Где расположен Лондонский зоопарк?

  3. Кто правил Англией в конце XVI века?

  4. Почему король Генрих VII был одним из выдающихся монархов Британии?

  5. Какой музей связан с именами королевы Виктории и принца Альберта?

  6. Когда Елизавета II взошла на престол?

  7. Какие места в Лондоне напоминают нам о королевской семье?

You have 4minutes to make up sentences:


Good job! Now I see that you know lots about London and Royal family.

Home task: At home you must retell the text “Royal London”.

It’s almost time to stop the lesson. We have 2 minutes over to give you marks and put your things away. That’s all for today, thank you,

good bye!

State organization: “School-gymnasium N1 by M. Gorky

Demonstrative lesson

The theme:

Shamsullina A.M.



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