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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Разработка урока "Would you like some more tea?"(6 grade)









Would you like some more tea?


To teach students to offer smth. to smb. politely and answer the question;

To develop student’s speaking skills and bring up love to the English culture

Kind of the lesson

New lesson


Entering 7 modules


Kazakh, Russian

Expected sesults

  1. S will be able to use lexis on the unit “Food”

  2. S will develop their speaking skills making and acting out the dialogues

  3. S will be able to use uncountable and countable nouns with a lot of / a little / a few / many / much / some / any

  4. S will be able to work in groups

  5. S will be able to ask someone if they would like to have something and how to answer your friends if they offer smth. to you

The procedure of the lessons

Teacher’s actions

Student’s action


Using of modules

Organization moment

2 minutes

- Good day! How are you?

- I am fine! Thanks.

- What is the date today?

- What day is it today?

Now I’ll divide you into 2 groups, please take the cards you like: there are two groups: foods and drinks

And I want you choose your leaders and I’ll give you assessment list. Leader must write names of members of their group and assess their group during the lesson

Good day! We are fine! And you?

Today is the 16th of October.

Today is Tuesday.

Pupils take cards they like, take their seats

Топқа бөлу




ахуал туғызу

2 minutes

At first let’s sing a song about the food

It’s a very funny song. So be active

  1. I like tasty things to eat and drink
    Bread and butter, cornflakes, porridge, milk,
    Chicken, rice, potato, salad, fish,
    Sandwich, meat
    They're not all I wish.

Breakfast, dinner, supper, lunch
I like all them very much
I like all them very much

  1. I've a sweet tooth
    That's why I like to eat

Chocolate, ice-cream, pudding, biscuits, sweets.
I like yoghurt, cakes and apple-pie
Healthy diet I will say "Goodbye".

Breakfast, dinner, supper, lunch
I like all them very much
I like all them very much


Thank you very much

Students stand up and sing a song with the teacher


you sing very well


New lesson


Жаңа сабақтың тақырыбын ашу және мақсатын қою

- Do you like fruits?

- Do you want to share it with your friends?

- do you know how to offer it to your friends polite?

- So do you want to know how to offer smth. to smb. politely?

- so what are we going to learn today?

- to ask someone if they would like to have something and how to answer your friends if they offer smth. to you

- yes, I do

- yes, we do

- no, I don’t

-Yes, we do

-Well, today we’re going to learn to offer politely,



Диалогтық оқыту

2 min

Open your copybooks, write down the date and the theme “Would you like some more tea?”

S write the date and the theme of the lesson



Жаңа сабақты түсіндіру

Ситуациялық сұрақ

2 min

I’ll give you pictures with short dialogue, you must find difference between them:

How do you think, what’s the difference between them

  • Do you like tea? - Yes, I do


  • Would you like some more tea? - No, thank you.


Yes, you are right. We use Would you like when we want to give smth to another person politely

In the first picture two girls are talking about their likes or dislikes in the whole

In the second picture grandparents are talking about what grandfather wants now, at the moment





Грамматикалық материалды бекіту

2 min

A polite offer is a nice way to give smth to another person.

Please write down the rule in your copy books.

We use would you like + a noun or a noun phrase:

Repeat after me.

For example: Would you like some tea?

Would you like a glass of water?

Would you like a cookie?

Would you like a magazine?

Tere are 2 common answers: Yes, please / No, thank you

Exercise: Form polite questions with “would you like…?

1 Offer Michelle some coffee.

Michelle answers: Yes, please

2 Offer Jeremy a soda.

Jeremy answers: No, thank you

Ok I hope you have understood how to form a polite offer

Оқушылар мұғалімнің түсіндіргенінен кейін өздері жаттығып көреді, яғни берілген тапсырма бойынша сұрақ құрап көреді

  • Would you like some coffee?

  • Would you like a soda?


АКТ қолдану



Жұптық жұмыс

4 min

You must try to make a short dialogue with given words. Work in pair.

a) - I’m thirsty. I want to drink something

- Would you like some …?

- Yes, please. / No, thank you.

b) - I’m hungry. I want to eat something

- Would you like a …?

- Yes, please. / No, thank you.

Оқушылар берілген сөздердің көмегімен қысқаша жұп арасындағы диалог құрып көреді

Әр жұп тұрып қысқа диалогтарын айтып көрсетеді




Топтық жұмыс

15 min

Make a dialogue looking at the picture and act out the dialogue


Суретке қарап диалог құрып оны рөлдерге бөлініп ойнау керек


- What would you like to order?

- I’m thirsty, …

- I’m hungry,…

- I’d like …

- would you like anything to drink?

- yes, please. / no, thank you.

ірек сөздер:


Диалогтық оқыту


Group work


2+5 min

The next task is to make a poem:

Please look at the screen, I’ll explain you what is the cinquain, It means that you must write a poem like this

  1. Noun

  2. Adjective describing the noun

  3. 3 verbs touch on the noun

  4. hello_html_368994f3.gifMake a sentence

  5. Synonym

the first line is a one-word title, the subject of the poem; the second line is a pair of adjectives describing that title; the third line is a three-word phrase that gives more information about the subject (often a list of three gerunds); the fourth line consists of the sentences related to that subject; and the fifth line is a single word synonym or other reference for the subject from line one.

Now look at the example:

Оқушылар берілген үлгіге қарап 5 жолдық тақпақ (Синквейн) жазады


Beautiful, white

Live, grow, water

I like flowers



tasty, delicious

cook, make, prepare

I like healthy food



Cold hot

Drink, make, pour, spoiled

We cannot live without drink



Giving a smile

Дарынды және талантты балаларды анықтау



1 min

“What have you known from this lesson?” sum up everything we did during the lesson

Оқушылар сабақтан не ұққандарын айтады




2 min

I want leaders to assess their group.

Лидер бағалайды


Оқыту үшін және оқуды бағалау


2 minutes

Ok, children, you’ve worked very hard. I appreciate your work. Good for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the lesson. Your home task is to revise the rule of polite offer.


3 min

Now, can you write your feelings about the lesson: have you enjoyed the lesson?

If you enjoyed the lesson please choose the red apple, if you think that you have some questions on the theme please choose the green apple, If you haven’t understood anything and you didn’t like the lesson please choose the yellow apple

The lesson is over. Thank you. Good-Bye.

Оқушылар кері байланыста түсі бойынша алмалар таңдап, ағашқа жабыстырады

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