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Разработка урока по английскому языку для 6 класса "Being the Best"

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6 B / Level A1


Being the Best!

Aims and Objectives

  1. To revise adjectives: Comparatives and Superlatives.

  2. To encourage students to work together on a collaborative task.

  3. To develop integrated skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing around the topic of appearance.

  4. To learn and practice vocabulary for describing people’s appearance and personality.

  5. To create a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere in the classroom.


  1. Board, worksheets, presentation.

The course

Organization moment and greetings.

Explaining the main task of the lesson (to make a list of adjectives that help them to describe the perfect man)


To encourage students to concentrate on the lesson.

6 min.

Warming up.

Play a game in 2 teams (a student tries to explain the meaning of the word and gets points for each guessed word by other students)

Whole class. Students work in 2 teams.

  1. To set the tone of the lesson.

  2. To get students to begin thinking and focusing on English.

  3. To provide a transition into the topic.

7 min.

Reading. Students read the description of 4 people and do tasks

  1. Match the photos with the right description.

  2. Find a person:

  1. Hates boring life, loves his job, looks handsome. __________________

  2. Optimistic, outgoing, has a pretty smile. __________________

  3. Athletic, open, sociable __________________

  1. Who among these people would you like to have in your team? Why?

Students work in 2 teams

To practise students in reading and check the comprehension of the text.

To encourage students to speak about the personal qualities they like most of all.

5 min.

Speaking (Describing a person)

Playing a game. Someone has left a box of chocolate on X’ table. She/he doesn’t have any idea of who it was, so she/he is trying to get as much information as possible from her/his classmates who saw the visitor. Students describe the visitor. Then X has to guess who it was based on students’ description.

The whole class

To practise students in speaking and describing a person.

5 min.

Listening. Let’s watch what girls think of their appearance. Task- to discuss in groups the following:

  1. How do you think why girls want to be different of what they are now?(possible answers: want to be beautiful, want other people to love them, etc)

  2. Would their parents or friends love them less if they had dark skin or straight hair for example?

Students work in groups

To practise students in auding.

To encourage students to discuss and speak on the topic using the adjectives describing girl’s appearance.

Add the adjectives describing people’s appearance.

8 min.

Listening/Watching. Students watch one more video and do the following:

  1. Describe the man’s personality

  2. Say: what is the message of this video?

  3. Give the title to this video.

Students work and discuss in groups

To encourage students to discuss and speak on the topic using the adjectives describing personality.

Add the adjectives describing personal qualities into the list.

7 min.

Summing up.

  1. Complete the list of the adjectives that students need to describe the perfect man.

  2. Ask students to write a short essay “the perfect man”

  3. Let students make a circle and say some good words to each other sincerely to make the neighbor a bit happier!

Individual work

The whole class

To complete the list of the adjectives that describe the perfect.

To come to the conclusion what the perfect man is.

4 min.



To assess each student’s work at the lesson.

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