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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Разработка урока по английскому языку "Health problems"


Theme Health problems

Grade 6

Aims of the lesson to continuing learning (studying), - teaching new vocabulary and use it;

Познавательный аспект:продолжить изученное, формирование целостной системы знаний по теме «Проблемы здоровья»,

 Коммуникативная компетенция:развитие и воспитание способностей работы в группе, толерантного отношения друг к другу;

Educational aims: to teach pupils to use sequences of tenses in the speech, to enrich their knowledge with new facts

teaching reading skills, speaking skills, writing skills;

Developing aims to enlarge pupil’s vocabulary, to pay attention to their pronunciation to develop pupils oral and written communication skills and habits to improve pronunciation and translation skills and abilities to motivate self study and group work 

Bringing - up aimsto bring up pupils' interest by doing exercises to bring up tolerance to group mates, good manners, politeness, ability to listen to other school children’ answers, attention, ecological culture, humanity. учить оценивать результаты своей работы.

The type of the lesson: getting new information

Methods of teaching:;check and working with the book and cards doing some exercises on the black board The kind of the lesson / Вид урока: standard lesson / стандартный урок;

Visual aids: pictures,cards,

I. Org .moment.

T: Today we are going to speak about health, health problems and how to keep fit. We are to revise the vocabulary, listen to the text, work with proverbs, read the texts.

But where is Nikita?

P: He is not well. I think he has the flu.

The doctor told him to stay in bed.

T: Oh, what a pity. I hope he’ll recover soon.

IICheking up home task

III Presentation of the new lesson

a) T: Look at the list of words and word combinations.

1. Try to put them into the correct column:

to catch a cold, a scarlet fever, to suffer from, to sound one’s heart, to examine, tonsillitis, to recover after illness, to be a chain-smoker, to take one’s temperature, a sore throat, to have a running nose, cough, a toothache, to prescribe medicine, to have one’s chest x-rayed.

names of diseases

people can

doctors can




b) Speaking

T: Now let’s nave a minute for proverbs. Look at the blackboard and match the beginning and the ending of the proverbs:

  1. Health is

  2. An apple a day

  3. A remedy is

  4. Early to bed and early to rise

  5. The early bird

  6. Prevention is

  7. A sound mind

  1. worse than disease

  2. better than a cure

  3. the greatest wealth (above wealth)

  4. catches the worm

  5. keeps the doctor away

  6. in a sound body

  7. makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

Key: 1-c, 2-e, 3-a, 4-g, 5-d, 6-b, 7-f.

T: Now let’s work in groups. There are some situations in the cards, act out a conversation:

Card 1. Every year there is an epidemic of flu in our town. You are asked to give some pieces of advice to your schoolmates on your school TV. Your advice can be headlined “Take my tip and keep fit”. What would you say?

P1. If you want to enjoy life, be healthy and fit. You should sleep 8 or 9 hours a day.

P2. You should get up early.

P3. You should have regular meals, cut out snacks and desserts, and cut out on fart.

P4. You should keep a healthy diet, avoid junk food. What is tasty is not always healthy.

P2. You should go in for sports, take regular exercises.

P3. You should spend a lot of time in the open air.

P1. You should attend you P.E. classes at school regularly.

Card 2. You felt bad last week, you went to policlinic and consulted a doctor. Now you should follow his recommendations. Your classmates try to find out what the doctor did to determine your illness.

Card 3 You feel bad. You have a headache, a sore throat and a running nose. Your cheeks are red. Your classmates try to give you some pieces of advice.

c) Work with cards.individual words.

T: You’ll get cards with grammar task. Complete each sentence with adverbs by adding the suffix-ly. Mind the changes in spelling.

  1. Eating___________ every day helps people keep fit.

  2. Training___________ will not help an athlete.

  3. Jogging can strengthen___________ legs.

  4. If athletes practice___________, they will perform poorly.

  5. Athletes should not begin weight training__________ .

  6. They must warm up__________ .

  7. Athletes in good shape can do exercises___________ .

  8. It is not necessary to exercise___________ .

  9. Gymnasts can move__________ on the parallel bars.

  10. Sportsmen should accept both victory and defeat____________ .


1 - healthily

2 - lazily

3 - wobbly

4 - sloppily

5 - hastily

6 - sensibly

7 - easily

8 - daily

9 - nimbly

10 - nobly

Home work.

T: Let’s finish our lesson with doing a crossword connected with parts of body and health.



4. You use your__________ to listen to music.
5. Lifting weights makes you____________.
6. Good food and exercise help you stay___________.
9. You use your__________ to watch a game.
10. Candy, potatoes, chips and hamburgers are called________foods.
12. The dentist extracted a bad_________ .
14. Exercising in water____________ .


1. What makes your body parts move?
2. Doing something by yourself.
3. Use your_________ to kick a ball.
6. Running and swimming are good for your .
7. In winter we spend much time__________the skating rink.
8. It is a sport with rackets_______.
11. You use your________ to throw a ball.
13. What are you complaining__________?




4. ear

1. muscles

5. strong

2. alone

6. healthy

3. leg

9. eye

6. heart

10. junk

7. at

12. tooth

8. tennis

14. swimming

11. arm

13. of

Write down your home task, please. It is on the blackboard. Text’s book, ex. B, page 221-222. Read and translate the dialogue. Is everything clear? If yes, good-bye, see you on Thursday.

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