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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Разработка урока по английскому языку(8 класс)" Fillings"


I. Theme: Filings

II. Aims: a) educational: presentation of the grammar material

b) developing: to develop the knowledge of the pupils, reading & speaking skills

c) upbringing : teaching to control their feelings & to fill happy themselves

III. Visual equipments: pictures, interactive board

IV. Interaction: Kazakh, grammar.

V. Procedure of the lesson:

a) Org. moment: Good morning pupils.

Who’s on duty today?

Who’s absent today?

What’s the weather like today?

What day & date is it today?

b) Checking up the homework: now pupils tell me please what was your homework? It was ex1 p 62. Before look at the blackboard and repeat the vocabulary. There’re some words from last lesson please fill in the missing letters then say the translation.

A_n_o_e_, d_s_p_o_n_e_, e_b_r_a_s_e_,

_e_ u_, l_n_l_ n_r_o_s, p_e_s_d,

R_l_x_d, r_l_e_v_d, S_r_r_s_d, u_s_t, w_r_e_d

Thank you very much now please open your workbook & let’s read homework must complete the sentences with the adjectives which describe filling

e.g.1. I should go. My mother will be annoyed if I’m late for dinner

2. nervous, 3.embarrassed, 4. Upset, 5. Fed up, 6. Lonely,

7. worried, 8. Relieved, 9. Pleased, 10. Disappointed,

11. relaxed, 12.surprised.

Thank you very for your answers now look at the board . I’ve some of your photos what can you say about it.

c)Presentation: 1 Grammar presentation

Today pupils we’ve new grammar Past perfect. What’s pest perfect ? when we use past perfect?

We use past perfect to show that one action in the past happened before another action in the past.

We form past perfect using had(‘d) + past participle :

had destroyed, had left, had played…

We form negative sentences with ‘not’(hadn’t)

There hadn’t been a tornado in their town before.


What had Shelly’s dad told his family ?

Where had you gone?

Practice : ex2p62 work book

Use verbs from A in the past perfect & words from box B

1 Robbie was pleased because he’d scored a goal

2Mary was upset because she had an argument with her friend

3 Mrs. Davis was annoyed because she had broken her favorite bowl

4 Mr. Davis was wet because he had walked home in the rain.

5 Simon was tired because he had got up very early

6 the dog was happy because it had found a bone.

ex 4 a) Put the words in the right order & make sentences in the past perfect

  1. dad/ gone/ where/Shelley’s / had?

  2. Tornado/ hundreds/destroyed/ of/the /trees/had

  3. hadn’t /Shelley/ that/ friends/ seen/ her/ day

  4. spent/the/Shelley/ day/ had/home/at

  5. happened/their/what/house/had/to?

b) Complete the sentences with verbs in the past perfect

1Nadia was angry because someone had broken her CD case

2 had gone, 3 had not told, 4 had done, 5 had left, 6 hadn’t contacted, 7 had seen

2 Speaking : What about you? How would you feel in these situations? Choose at

least one adjective each time.

e.g. You arrive at school & your teacher says “we aren’t going to have any lessons today. We’re going to have a party.”—I’ll be surprised

Try this!

Match the to halves of each word & make six past participles, give all the forms & translation



VI Conclusion : what can you say about our lesson today? What do you feel?

e.g. I was surprised to know that we have an open lesson.

I was nervous because we have many guests today.

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