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Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "Irregular verbs"

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hello_html_7f2f4311.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_1c4b130b.gifTheme: Irregular verbs

Aims of the lesson: - to introduce students with some new notions and new vocabulary

  • to encourage the students to speak on this theme using new vocabulary

  • to introduce the past simple question form

  • to introduce some irregular past simple forms (bought, came, found, got, gave, had, ran, sold)

  • to involve the students in discussion, sharing opinions

  • to bring up my students in good culture

Visual aids: slides, pictures, cards, CDs, CD player, videos

Procedure of the lesson.

  1. Warming-up:

Sing a song “The money song”

We’ve got money in our pockets,

Money in our hand.

But who invented money?

We want to understand.

We didn’t have a question,

We didn’t know where to go.

We tossed the coin up in the air,

And then we asked compo

We didn’t know the answer,

Compo didn’t tell us then

He said, “Put on your power packs.

Go back in time again.”

We didn’t know the country,

We didn’t know the places.

We watched the people buying things,

They didn’t see our faces

  1. Organization moment

(Greeting, checking the absentees, checking the preparation)

P: Today I am on duty. Today is the 20th of November. It is Wednesday. The weather is fine, the sun is shining. It’s autumn now and it’s cold outside. All the pupils are present today.

  1. Checking up the home task:


What was your home task for today?

T: On our last lesson we learned about the Past Simple with regular verbs. Let’s revise.

Test work

  1. Presentation (the main part)

T: Excellent!!!

Well, today we’ll learn The Past Simple Irregular Verbs. So look at the blackboard.

Find – found Buy – bought

Go – went Come – came

Get – got Give – gave

Have – had Run – ran

Sell – sold

(Explaining with examples)

Doing exercises:

Working on the active board

  1. I ……my mother to do the housework yesterday. (help)

  2. They ….. football at school last week. (play)

  3. We ……the film last night.(watch)

  4. Ann and Jim ….the tale for their little brother yesterday evening. (read)

  5. Our teacher …..the story last Friday.(tell)

  6. She …a letter to his friend last month. (write)

Exercise 4 on page 19 Pupil’s Book

Look at the pictures. What did you do last week? Ask and answer.


I bought a … at the market yesterday.

In chain pupils say:

P1: I bought a pen at the market yesterday.

P2: I bought a pen and a book at the market yesterday.

P3: I bought a pen, a book and a bag at the market yesterday….

Let’s do some exercises. Open your Activity books on page 20 and look at the exercise 2. Match the questions and the answers.

1 c 2 e 3 b 4 f 5 a 6 d














Краткое описание документа:

В данной разработке обобщена программа для участников 3 класса. главной целью является знакомство студентов с некоторыми новыми словами и новой лексикой, поощрение разговорной речи учащихся по данной теме, используя новый словарный запас, ознакомить детей вопросительной формой простого прошедшего времени, привлечь внимание учащихся к обсуждению и умению разделять мнение.

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