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Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "Молодёжные субкультуры" (10 класс)

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Разработка урока английского языка

для учащихся 10-х классов

Заключительный урок

«Молодёжные субкультуры» с представлением проектной работы учащихся.

(с использованием групповой и проектной технологии)

Тема урока «A subculture I d like to Create».


1. Развивать лексические навыки говорения.

2. Практиковать учащихся в работе в группах.

3. Развивать творческие способности учащихся.

4. Закрепить материал цикла и проконтролировать уровень его усвоения.


I . Организационный момент. Установка учителя. Brainstorm.

T: - Good morning, children. Nice to meet you!

T: - Today we are going to speak about the things which are very familiar and interesting for you.

T: - We shall

  • discuss how teens express their individuality, why do teens choose a subculture;

  • determine positive and negative characteristics of subculture;

  • design an ideal subculture.

II. Фонетическая зарядка.

T: - Let s pronounce correctly the words you need to discuss.




















III. Речевая зарядка.

T: - Give me the meaning of the following English words:

T: A young person from 13 up to 19.

P: This is a teenager.

T: A group of young people having the same style.

P: This is a subculture.

T: An aggressive company of teens.

P: This is a gang.

T: Drawing on walls.

P: This is graffiti.

T: Act of destroying something.

P: This is vandalism.

T: Act against the society.

P: This is rebellion.

T: Something cruel, not friendly.

P: Aggressive, violent.

T: To say «No».

P: To reject.

IV. Выполнение упражнения на знание лексики по теме. Task «Word power»

T: Find the word which is different.

a) to protest, to reject, to rebel, to conform

b) violent, liberal, aggressive, shocking

c) helpful, voluntary, rebellious, kind

d) classical, reggae, techno, punk

e) pioneer, punk, scout, Komsomol member

V. Систематизация знаний учащихся по теме.

T: - At first let^ s try to explain the definition subculture.

P: Subculture is a group of people with the same interests, the same style and they like the same music.

P: Subculture is a group of young people having same lifestyle.

T: - What are the main features of any subculture?

  • image

  • values

  • music

T: - What are values?

P: Values are ideas that a person or group has about what things are good, right, and important in life.

T: - You know that a lot of people belong to different subcultures.

T: - What cultural grouping do you know?

P: Punk, Rocker, Hippie, Hacker, Skinhead, Goth, Environmentalists, Graffiti, Mod, Volunteers, Gangs.

T: - Let s determine why teens choose a subculture. (the causes).

P: Teens choose a subculture because they want

  • to express yourself;

  • to develop lifestyle;

  • to show off;

  • to change the world to the best;

  • to rebel against the society;

  • to be in a collective;

  • to develop own style distinct from others;

  • to protest against the parents;

  • not to conform to society s standards;

  • to differ from social norms.

VI. Работа в группах.

T: - You know that every subculture has positive and negative characteristics.

T: - You are divided into two groups; each group will get a task.

The first group will choose positive characteristics of subculture.

The second group will choose negative characteristics of subculture.

Positive and negative characteristics of subculture

Russian teens:

Like beautiful melodies of various singes and groups.

Read books about life and love.

They are sporty, friendly.

Consider friendship very important.

Think about health.

Help people around them.

Help nature.

Skinheads are rather aggressive.

They don’t conform to society standards.

They reject everything.

They are uninterested in politics.

Volunteers do voluntary work in the community, help needy people.

Hippie take drugs.

Their behaviour differs from social norm.

They don’t conform to society standards.

Mod has college – style hair, a neat white shirt, a short jacket and narrow trousers. They like soul music.

Bikers are very aggressive.

They bring trouble to the city.

Punks dress in shocking way.

They listen to aggressive music.

They reject everything.

Hacker with a deep understanding of how their computers work,

Еhey can do «magical» things with computers.

They are the «wizards» of the computer community.

Ravers take drugs.

They are thought to be violent.

Graffiti draw everywhere on walls, houses.

Environmentalists try to help nature, to protect nature.

They protest against organization that pollute nature.

Gang is an aggressive company of teens.

They take drugs, drink alcohol, smoke.

Hippie always want to change the world to the best.

T: -The representative from the first group will determine positive characteristics of different subculture. (выступление группы учащихся №1 )

T: -The representative from the first group will determine negative characteristics of different subculture. (выступление группы учащихся № 2 )

VII. Чтение с полным пониманием.

T: - There are a lot of different attitudes towards the members of some subculture. Some people like or dislike them. - Some people write letters to newspapers to express their opinion.

- Let s read two letters about subculture and try to guess - What subculture is it?

Dear, Sirs,

I am writing to protest against teenagers

who bring trouble to the city by choosing

for their motor rides populated streets

at most inappropriate time.

These motorcyclists scare the late

passer – by racing wildly through the city.

According to statistics, the number

of road accidents caused by night – time

motorcyclists has been steadily rising.

I request that the matter to be investigated


Yours faithfully, V. Smith.

Dear, Sirs,

I am writing to protest against ______

who I think are violent. They don’t conform

to society standards, their behaviour

differs from social norms.

According to my observation these

_____ are drug users.

I request that the matter to be investigated


Yours faithfully, V. Sidorov.

T: - Who wants to answer?- What subculture is it?

P: I think this letter is about Bikers.

P: I am sure the second letter is about hippie.

T: You are right.

VIII. Представление проекта учащимися.

T: - The group of students of our collective combined all positive characteristics (appearance, music and values) and designed an ideal subculture.

- Let s watch the project.

A successful person.


The members of this subculture wear

  • a college-style hair,

  • trendy and neat clothes,

  • have no piercing,

  • have moderate make-up.


They listen to classical, pop, rock, disco music and they are good in all kinds of dancing.


These young people should have

  • correct lifestyle

  • high intellect

  • strong will

These young people must be

  • an educated person

  • kind, polite, honest and noble

  • sporty

  • friendly

  • patient

  • modesty

  • good in computer

  • good in English

  • very interested in politics

They like

  • traveling

  • reading books, newspapers, magazines

  • take part in competitions

  • be in collective

  • going to museum, concerts

They have not bad habits

  • not smoking

  • not taking drugs

  • not drinking alcohol

They take care about

  • health

  • nature

  • parents

They have not problems with

  • studies

  • parents

  • friends

T: - I like this project very much. Students, what do you think about the subculture «A successful person»?

P: -I think that the image of successful person is quite right.

P: To my mind the member of this subculture will have respect among young and old people.

P: In my opinion the representative of this subculture will be successful in life.

P: As for me the representative of this subculture will be very useful for our society.

P: In conclusion the representative of this subculture may be an example for us.

T: - To sum up I think that everybody should try to look like such person.

T: -Let s read and translate the quotations of famous people.

«Noble fathers have noble children» (Euripides)

«The best way to make children good, is to make them happy» (Oscar Wilde)

IX. Подведение итогов урока.

T: I am quite satisfied with your work at the lesson today. Vasiliy your project about an ideal subculture was great. We like it very much. Thank you for today^s lesson. I shall be glad to see you again. Good bye!

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