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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "Would you like to order?"


School № 37, Oskemen

Subject Name

Lesson Plan

hello_html_m1fc9c48f.gifhello_html_m66666c44.gifhello_html_m66666c44.gifhello_html_m66666c44.gifhello_html_m66666c44.gifhello_html_m66666c44.gifTeacher name

Protchenko L.U.

Topic / Unit Title:

Food, Clothes, Shopping (6 hours)

Would you like to order?

(45 min.)



5 А, B, V, G.

Date :

Lesson: 35


Students will be able to give and take orders from a menu.


  1. To know new words;

  2. To repeat previous vocabulary and grammar;

  3. To read the dialogue;

  4. To complete the dialogue.

Teaching Methods to Engage Students

Individual work, class work, work in pairs.

Key Words

I’m full. I’m on a diet. How much…. How many….


Cards, pictures, books.


(Warm up)

  1. Organization moment. Greeting.

  2. Answer the questions.



New words


Reading and translation



Words/ Present Simple.

I (to like)  lemonade very much.

The girls always (to listen)  to pop music.

Janet never (to wear)  jeans.

Mr Smith (to teach)  Spanish and French.

You (to do)  your homework after school.


  1. What is white outside and yellow inside (An egg)

  2. The small green house is full of little people. But there is not any window and door in it. (A cucumber).

  3. You eat t when you are hungry. It’s made of milk. There are many small holes in it. Every mouse likes it. (Cheese).

  4. I am yellow like a moon. I grow on a palm. I’m a favorite desert for monkeys.(A banana)

  5. I like to eat it very much. I think you like it too. All children in the world buy this desert because it’s cold. (An ice-cream).

6. It’s round, red and sweet. It’s fall on Njuton’s head. (An apple)

Would you like to order?

New words (training).

Read new words.

How much…. How many….

Read the text: Diana is a cook. She has got her own restaurant. And she is proud of it. Every day she goes to the market. And buy a lot of vegetables and fruits and tastes for dishes. She buys tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, apples, vegetables and other food and vegetables. She likes her profession very much.

Say true or false:

  1. Diana is a teacher.

  2. She has got her own restaurant.

  3. Every day she goes to the school.

  4. She buys cakes, bread and tomatoes.

  5. She doesn’t like her profession.

Read and role play the dialogue.

Waiter: Hello! What would you like to order?

Customer: I’d like cheeseburger, please.

Waiter: What would you like to drink?

Customer: I’d like a coke, please. What kind of dessert do you have?

Waiter: Ice-Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry.

Customer: Ice-Cream, please.

Complete your own dialogue.

The final phase of the lesson

Evaluation and conclusion.


Learn new words. compose the diagram “I must eat only Healthy Food”.

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