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Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "Houses and flats" (6 класс)

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The theme: Houses and flats.

The educational aim: to teach pupils’ to talk about the houses and flats. To train

speaking through doing different tasks. To teach to work

creatively in groups.

The developing aim: To develop memory, logical thinking and creative abilities with

the help of new technologies. To promote interest in the subject.

The aim of up-bringing: To stimulate students to keep the furniture and their houses


The type of the lesson: mixed.

The method of the lesson: an interactive.

The equipment: pictures, cards, a computer, a multi projector, magnet board,

text book.

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. The beginning of the lesson

    1. Greeting pupils.

  • Good afternoon, children!

  • Good afternoon!

    1. Psychological preparing of pupils for the lesson:

You are as happy and clever as this child, you are as beautiful as the

Sun, and you will fly high as these birds.

    1. Talking with the pupil on duty about the day, date, weather and

season and marking absentees.

    1. To revise the new words:

The game “Spider’s net”.

Можно ли узнать ПЕСНЮ ПАУКА , играя на его--- ПАУТИНЕ

    1. To learn by heart the dialogue:

Susan: What’s London like?

Jennifer: It’s big and interesting but there are too many people.

Susan: What’s the food like?

Jennifer: It’s fantastic. You can buy food from every part of the world. There are

Greek, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian restaurants too, but they’re all very


Susan: What are the buildings like?

Jennifer: There are all kinds. Some are very very old, like the Tower of London. Some

are very modern.

Susan: What are the shops like?

Jennifer: They’re open all the time. You can buy anything you need.

Susan: What’s the weather like?

Jennifer: Well, English people always complain about the weather but when I was

there it didn’t rain at all.


    1. To retell about Astana:

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. It’s in the central part of Kazakhstan, on the river Esil. It has a population of over 700 000 people. Astana is famous for its modern buildings. The popular buildings are the monument of Baiterek, the Circus and the entertainment centre of Duman. Astana also has a problem with traffic. There are many cars on the streets. That’s why the city is noisy and crowded.

Astana is not a centre for tourism but it’s a cultural and business centre. It has a lot of cinemas, theatres and museums. Most of wide streets are in the centre.


To complete the last lesson.

At our last lesson we have learnt to describe the places and to retell about them. We learnt to retell about our Motherland. We must love and protect our Motherland.

  1. The main part of the lesson.

The new lesson: Houses and flats.

  1. To explain the new words:









бир кишили



икки кишили




  1. To make up sentences

English is an international language.

There is a hostel in my village.

This hostel is big.

Our school has 3 floors.

  1. Physical minute

Penguin dance.

  1. To read and translate the text “Buckley house”.

Buckley House is a hostel for international students. The hostel has a view of the sea. It is only five minutes from the train station and ten minutes from the bus station.

There are twenty-five single rooms and eight double rooms, on three floors. Each floor has its own kitchen, shower room and toilets. There are four double rooms with en-suite bathrooms.

On the ground floor there is a very large hall with TV. There is a small coffee bar and a games room (with a billiard table and two tennis tables).

There are also two pay telephones on the ground floor.

It is far from the train station.

Buckley House is a hostel for tourists.

To do an oral exercise. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F) according the text?

There is a games room.

There are 33 rooms on three floors.


There is a small coffee bar.

There is a very large hall with TV on the 2nd floor.

There are two pay telephones on the first floor.

  1. To group the words


washing machine





shower room








vacuum cleaner

living room





  1. Which room is it?


There is no TV set in this room. But we can sleep. There are two beds in it.



In this room we can cook. There is a fridge and a cooker.



We can take a shower there.



  1. We can watch TV, relax there.


My father works there. There are a lot of books there.




There are a lot of trees and flowers there.


  1. To write the exercise 7. To answer the questions.

  • What is Buckley House?

  • Buckley House is a hostel for international students.

  • How many kitchens are there?

  • There are three kitchens.

  • How many double rooms are there?

  • There are eight double rooms.

  • How many pay telephones are there?

  • There are two pay telephones.

  1. Which room do you like best? To draw room



  1. The end of the lesson

  1. To finish the new lesson.

To use the proverb: “My home is my castle”.

There is the proverb “My home is my castle”. We must keep our houses tidy and furniture in it.

  1. Marking pupils and comment on marks.

  2. Giving homework: to write about your house.

Краткое описание документа:

В данном уроке ученики пересказывают текст о нашей столице, выучить диалог о Лондоне наизусть в парах, познакомятся с новой лексикой, читают текст и переводит его, научиться говорить о своих квартирах (домах). работают в группах, выполняют разные задачи, выполняют письменную упражнению с учебника, нарисуют комнату и описывают её на английском языке..

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