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Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "Рождественские традиции"

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Разработка урока по теме « Рождественские традиции»

Тип урока: уроки обобщения, систематизации знаний, умений и навыков.

Структура урока: актуализация прежних знаний.

Цель: коммуникативно-речевое развитие учащихся через обобщение знаний о традициях празднования Рождества в мире.


1. Образовательные:

1.1. Обобщить лексико-грамматический материал по теме «Рождество».

1.2. Совершенствовать речевые навыки и умения монологической и диалогической речи.

1.3. Практиковать использование методики прогнозирования при чтении.

2. Воспитательные:

2.1. Воспитывать уважение к культуре и традициям других народов.

2.2. Воспитывать любовь к родным и близким людям, своей культуре и традициям.

2.3. Прививать любовь и интерес к иностранному языку.

2.4. Воспитывать умение работать в парах, группах, самостоятельно.

3. Развивающие:

3.1. Систематизировать страноведческий материала о Великобритании.

3.2. Расширить лингвистический кругозор учащихся.

3.3. Способствовать развитию творческой деятельности учащихся.

3.4. Развивать умение сравнивать и обобщать.

Учебная группа: учащиеся 7 класса.

Оснащение урока (технические средства обучения): компьютер; компьютерный проектор; компьютерные слайды; раздаточный материал.

Подробное содержание этапов урока:

1. Организационный этап. Звучит музыка из песни "Jingle Вells"

Teacher: Good morning boys and girls! I am glad to see you! Sit down please.

2. Сообщение темы и цели занятия (вводное слово). Ученики сами определяют тему урока по первым фото презентации. Приложение «Презентация» слайд 1,2.

Teacher: Look at the photo! Can you tell the topic of our lesson? The subject of our lesson is "Christmas Traditions". Today we’ll speak about Christmas – a beautiful holiday which is loved by children and adults. All the tasks will be connected with Christmas. We’ll also repeat grammatical constructions, articles and phrasal verbs. Don't forget to use the expressions and words we have learned. I hope you’ll enjoy our English lesson. Please, be active, sociable and friendly to each other. Let’s start!

3. Фонетическая разминка. Приложение «Презентация».

Teacher: I think it would be better to start the game. Your task is to say the Christmas tongue – twister as quickly and as well as you can. Your tongue – twisters:

Santa's sleigh slides on slick snow.

Tiny Timmy trims the tall tree with tinsel.

Bobby brings bright bells.

Chilly chipper children cheerfully chant.

Teacher: Good work! How clever you are!

4. Речевая разминка (монолог и диалог на основе ранее изученного материала)

Teacher: And now we’ll try to sum up our knowledge concerning Christmas. There are some questions:

1. What do you know about Christmas?

2. What traditional Christmas meals do you know?

3. Who decorated the first Christmas tree?

4. Why do people celebrate Christmas?

Teacher: Great! But we all know that Christmas means different things for different people. What different things do you associate with Christmas? Look at the board there are some tips for you.

(The slide with Christmas diagram) Приложение 1

Great! I like your answers.

Teacher: Could you tell me what Christmas means to you.



Thank you very much.

Teacher: And now please your dialogues about things that you like/don't like to do at Christmas. You are welcome to use your own facts to express your viewpoints. Look at the wall. The following questions will help you. There is also vocabulary from your Social Section:

1. How do you celebrate Christmas in your family?

2. How do you like to spend winter holidays with your family?

3. What gifts do you usually prepare for your friends and relatives?

4. Do you make resolutions? Do you think you will keep the resolutions?

5. Do you enjoy making greetings cards to their friends and family?

* * *

In my opinion…

From my point of view

It seems to me

There is no doubt

First of all….

Because I’m fond of ….

It’s important for me


5. Аудирование. Песня "Jingle Вells" (Приложение 3)

Teacher: By the way do you know what song people sing on this holiday. This song brings us the cheerful spirit of holiday. Right you are "Jingle bells" Let’s sing the song.

(Words are on the board. The song sounds. Pupils are singing the song.)

Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh

Over the fields we go, laughing all the way;

Bells on bob-tail ring, making spirits bright

What fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh

Oh, that’s lovely! Thank you.

6. Чтение. Ответы на вопросы предваряющие чтение. Чтение текста и ответы на вопросы

Pre-reading task:

Teacher: Well, now you are going to do a quiz about Christmas traditions. I’ll give one copy of Task A for each pair. Read the questions and write your answers. Look at board there are some words which help you. For this task I give you 5 minutes.

Task A

Work in pairs and try to answer these questions.

1. What is the typical image of Father Christmas?

2. Where can you find gift-wrapped shopping centers?

3. Why are the shopping centers decorated?

4. What is the name of the small plant with white berries that is put above doors in the UK at Christmas?

5. What will happen if you stand under it?

6. What are the initials of the three wise men?

7. What gifts did they bring to the baby Jesus?

8. What special thing do the people of Spain do at Christmas?

9. Why do they do it?

10. What is the name of the Holy Book?

11. Where do some people eat little for a period of time (especially for religious reason)?

Teacher: P, read out the first question please.

Reading task:

Teacher: You have attempted to answer all the question. Thank you. Now I give you the text. You should read and try to find correct answers to the questions. Please raise your hand if you are ready. (Text “Christmas Around the World”) Приложение 3

Well done! Thank you.

Now read please and check the answers.

Oh, that’s was marvelous!

7. Грамматика. Грамматические задания к тексту

Post-reading grammar task

Teacher: Lets repeat our grammar. I give you the quiz questions and ask you to look through the text and find the answers. 5 minute for this. Please exchange papers and mark the correct points while I tell you the answer.Task B

Grammar Quiz

1. Find and underline the examples of definite articles. (Para1, Para 6: unique objects the world, the Bible; Para 2, 3 is clear from the situation the government; the mistletoe, Para 4 the noun describes the adverbial modifier of the place the farmer’s stables; Para 2, Para 4, Para 6 the noun has got a limiting attribute the year to come, the 7th, the best)

2. Find and underline one example of zero article (Para 6 zero article be in church, means activity)

3. Find and underline 2 different modal verbs that mean that something is uncertain / possible. (Para 2 ‘could’, Para 3 line 1 ‘may’)

4. Find and underline 8 passive verb constructions. (Para 1 line 4 ‘is still celebrated’, Para 2 are decorated Para 3 line 5 ‘was still celebrated’, Para 5 line 3 ‘will be protected’, Para 6 is celebrated, is connected, is described, is made of)

5. Give synonyms to the words HUGE – big, and SICKNESS – illness;

6. Find and underline 2 examples of gerund (kissing, putting)

8. Подведение итого занятия. Выставление оценок

Teacher: Well I’d like to say that you were perfect. I like your active work at the lesson. You are really attentive and very curious. We achieved all our aims: we have got to know Christmas traditions all over the world. Repeat vocabulary from unit 3, Repeat some grammar structures.

Your marks are...

9. Домашнее задание

Teacher: So then your homework. Please write a text about how you celebrate Christmas. So the topic: "Christmas traditions in my family".

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