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Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "Teenage problem"

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Theme: “Teenage problems”

The Aim: to develop pupil's speaking ability, to increase their vocabulary skills, to give new information about today's teenage problems, to fix grammar, to develop speaking in oral and to discuss, to enlarge scope about world problems, to check up pupil's knowledge in English and abilities, to analyze the information, to develop their critical thinking.

Bringing up: to bring up pupils to be very kind,gentle, to develop good feeling each other, to be helpful, polite person of Kazakhstan, to give up bad habits, run away bad things etc...

Visual aids: active board, slides, cards, pictures or posters.

Procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment.

a) Greeting.

b) Every year the problem of teenage is becoming more important and complicated. We understand the importance of teenage problems for the future of Kazakhstan and of other countries in the world. That's why we must find the way to save our growing generation.

Today's lesson we must show how to try to find the way to save , to keep teenager from bad problems in the world. Because we should discuss about teenages problems thet you know, and that you think, and its inportance.

II. Warm up.

1.You should give me word association to the word combination “Teenage problems”or draw a poster.

2.What teenager problems worry you?

Many kinds of violence alcohol drug addiction

hello_html_39603dd2.pngWhat teenage problems worry you?



commit suicide

drop out of school

killing fight

get pregnant

to be in adult jails

III. All look at the screen. There you can see tasks belong to our today's lesson.

Task 1. Pre-reading task. Read the text and put the right words in the gap.

Using words: teenage, admit, poverty, youngsters, teenage problems,poor, problems.


Today it is fashionable to speak or to discuss ---------------------------. Do you know what ------------------- are they? Now as official reports ----------------- violence, AIDS,drugs and alcohol are more and more associated with ----------------------. For many children from ----------------- families violence, drinking problems and all this associated with ------------------- becomes more real than reality. The government survey show that every fifth ----------------- has teenage problems.

Task 2.While -reading task. What problems worry you and your friends in your country? Discuss about the choosing problems.

Additional material

It is an information about the life of American teenagers. One day in America 2,795 teenagers get pregnant, 1,106 teenagers have abortions, 27 children die from poverty, 10 children die from gun, 6 teenagers commit suicide, 135,000 chidren for drug addiction, 437 teenagers drop out of school, 3,288 children run away from home, 1,629 chidren are in adult jails.

a) personal problems

b) family problems

c) school problems

d) cruelty

e) aggressiveness

f) violence

g) drug addiction

h) drinking problems

I) poverty

( If you choose problems I'll divide you into three groups)

I group: The teachers

II group: The Parents

III group:The pupils

( Each group should write or discuss at first in pairs, then with groups about the text, each group (as choosen group's name ) should give own point of view about the text and additional material, then you should explain what you have written , you can add more oppinions in it)

Task 3. Post -reading task.

( You can discuss and tell each other your agreement or disagreement about solving problems. You can explain and give examples)

1. How do your friends feel about teen's problems?

2.What are the reasons of teen's problems?

3.Who can help teenagers?

4. How do they help?

5. What are the teeneger's life ambition?

Task 4. Conclusion Task.

I want to put you questions. Are you teenegers? How do you think, is it easy to be a teenagers?

That's why I'll give you situation , you can write a list of problems that Marat has. And discuss it with you partner in group.


My name is Marat. I like to watch Tv and sit up late. I use the phone for a long time talking to me friends, because I like to chat with my friends. But my parents aren't allowed to me to do that I like. I'm good at pupil in my class. I get better mark every day. But my parents are not satisfied. I'm not allowed to wear jeans to school. You know …............ It is not to be a teenegers.

IV. Conclusion.

Every year in the world many teenagers have such problems. How you discuss these problems depend on each person, each human, and the society that we live. We must do something to save our future growing generation from awful , terrible problems. Ypu should organize more,and more youth organizations for growing generation. And you must be a intelligent person of our country.

V. Giving hometask. At home you must write composition or essay about “Teenage problems”.


Vhello_html_58f44198.pnghello_html_m58e20fe7.pngI.To value . You can write on the sheet your reflection.

Thello_html_m135dd89c.pnghello_html_m598e3f49.pnghello_html_2fc1f83f.pnghank you for active participation today's lesson. You get exellent/ good marks. The lesson is over.



Karaul Gumnasium


Thello_html_m130caaa9.pnghello_html_m130caaa9.pngheme: Teenager problems



hello_html_m130caaa9.pnghello_html_m130caaa9.pngTussipova Gaukhar

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