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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Разработка урока по английскому языку "How many stamps have you got?" (5 класс)

Разработка урока по английскому языку "How many stamps have you got?" (5 класс)

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School №46


How many stamps have you got?

Plural form of nouns.

Teacher: Chigireva A.B.

Grade 5

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Uralsk 2015

Theme of the lesson: How many stamps have you got? Plural form of nouns.

Aims of the lesson: to enrich pupils’ speech using verbs have got, has got, to develop their reading, writing, speaking skills, grammar and lexical habits; to bring - up love and interest to the subject, to bring - up pupils to be attentive to write correctly.
Materials for the lesson: an interactive board, cards, fly killer, bean sack.

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment.
А) Greetings.

B) Brainstorming: Answers the questions.

The 1st group: What time is it? Look at the clock

The 2nd group: In what time do our lessons begin every day?

II. Checking the homework:

Look at the clock and say the time


III. Presentation of new theme.

-The theme of our lesson is plural form of nouns.hello_html_72df6bc.gif

IV. Presentation of new words.

Slide4. hello_html_m6b29b899.gif

V. Doing the task.

I’ll give cards to each group. Task: Give the plural form of nouns.

For the1st group: a chair , a city, a pencil, a coin ,a calculator

For the 2nd group: a shell, a badge,a cap , a camera, a lady

VI. Phonetic drill.

I have got a dog
You have got a frog
They have got a fox
We have got a box. Slide 5.

  • Can you translate these sentences? P1, P2…

  • Look at the active board. Slide 6,7,8,9

VII. Reading.

  • Open your student’s books at page 28, ex 2a. Slide 10.


VIII. Doing the task.

I’ll give cards to each group.

For the 1st group: Exercise 1. have got, has got, haven't got or hasn't got.

I _________ long fair hair. My mother _________ big blue eyes. My father ________ short dark hair. I _________ a little mouth. My brother ______ little ears. My friend __________a big nose. My granny __________ a small face. My teacher __________ short hair.

For the 2nd group: Exercise 1. Have or Has.

We _____ got a green parrot. She _____ got seven games. They _____ n’t got a bike. I _____ got a big bag. _____ you got a blue pen? _____it got a funny face? He _____ n’t got a bike. We _________ a bear. They _________ a dolphin. We _________ not sheep. You_________ not sheep.

IX. Conclusion

  • I’ll throw the bean sack and ask questions. Stand in a circle please.


  1. How stamps have you got?

  2. How many English books have you got?

  3. Have you got a dog?

  4. Have you got a computer?

  5. How many lessons have you got today?

  6. How many caps have you got?

  • Well done. So, two groups come up to the blackboard. I’ll read the meanings of words you should find them. (“Fly killer”)

X. Home task.

Ex. 1,2 p. 14-15 WB

XI. Marks for the lesson.

- The lesson is over. Thanks for the lesson. Good-bye children!

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