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Разработка урока по английскому языку по теме "Все о школе"

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Открытый урок по английскому языку по теме: «Всё о школе» (5 класс) в рамках семинара «Опыт реализации современных образовательных технологий на уроках английского языка»

Учитель английского языка : Пушкина Марина Анатольевна

Тип урока: Урок обучения умениям и навыкам

Цель (планируемые результаты):

Формировать УУД:


- научиться оценивать усваиваемый учебный материал.


- умение ставить учебные задачи на основе того, что известно и того, что еще неизвестно

– высказывать своё предположение;


- умение формулировать познавательную цель

- использовать полученные знания для решения поставленной задачи;


- умение организовывать совместную деятельность с учителем и одноклассниками.

- умение работать в группе

- умение использовать речевые средства (диалог).

- умение работать в парах, взаимопомощь, оценка действий партнера.

Ход урока.

The beginning of the lesson.

T: Good morning, dear pupils and our guests!

We are glad to see you here. We hope you are well.

Look at the photos and pictures! Guess:

What are we going to speak about?

P1: «My School»

T: So, we know the names of school subjects, we can talk about our timetable and today we speak about our school .

What do you think about our school?

What is your favourite school subject? ( Pupils answer)

1. Listening and reading

Т: First of all, open your books page 26

Look at the picture and guess:

What is the interview with Severin about? (Pupils answer)

To check your ideas, please, read the text. I’ll give you 2 minutes to look through it

Teaching Tip: Reading skills- text overview

Encourage students to first read through a text which contains new words without stopping so that they grasp the general meaning. It is necessary to give a time limit as otherwise students stop reading when they first meet new words.

Т: As you see there are new words.

Listen to the text and try to understand the meaning of the new words.

You should focus on the whole sentence to guess the meaning of the new words.

Tapescript CD 29

T: Look at the blackboard! Can you guess or know these words and phrases?

(on the board: my school is called/ in the east of Switzerland/ I am in year 5)

Find the sentences with these words and read them aloud.

Now , let’s read the text

T: What is this text about?

P: …

2. The second task is Exercise 2.

T: Let’s complete the following sentences .

P1-Steinegg Primary School

P2 -5


P4- Music, Sport, English, Art, Maths

3. T: And now it’s time to speak about our school. How can you describe your class?

T: Let’s work in pairs. Answer the questions of Exercise1 and make sentences about our school.

P1-P2, P3-P4

4 Extra activity

Т: Compare Severin’s School with our school.

T : For example 1) There are 19 students in his class and there are 32 students in our class.

Р 2) He has got 12 subjects and we have got 9.

Р 3) His school has name and our school has number.

Р 4)…..

T: Now speak about our school.

The beginning is in Exercise 3

I study at school .My school is number 45. It is in Arkhangelsk.

5. Listening

Preparing for Listening

1) T: Look at the picture of exercise 4 page 26.

This school is in Cameroon in Africa. What is unusual about the classroom?

P: There aren’ t any windows or doors

T: What is the reason for that? (hot climate)

T: Where are the girls? In this school girls and boys sit separately in different parts of the room

Teaching Tip : Preparing for Listening

Before you play the CD, help students by reading the questions aloud. Make sure that everyone understands each question. Encourage students to get answers from pictures to ease comprehension

T: Before listening read the questions about Sandrine (Pupils read and translate)

T: Listen for the answers. Don’t worry if you do not understand everything.

(Teacher explains)

Teaching Tip:Listening for specific information

When students need to find specific information they often try very hard to understand the whole text. It may be helpful to compare the text to the announcements we listen to when we are waiting for our train at the railway station. What we are interested in is which platform

our train arrives at and we ignore other information like the greeting of the speaker etc

Tapescript CD 30 (1)

T: Take your pencils. Listen again and take notes

Tapescript CD 30 (2)

Т: Compare your answers in pairs


Т: Read out your answers


P2-year 6


P4-English and History


P6-The maps and the clock

Extra activity

T: Speak about Sandrine in full sentences from memory

6. Photocopiable activity

Charlotte’s School

Type of activity: Information Gap Organization: Pair work Time: 15 minutes Preparation: Copy one worksheet per pair of students and cu t into A and B


Divide the class into pairs. Give a copy of Worksheet A to Student A and Worksheet B to Student B in each pair. They should not look at each other’s worksheet.

Ask students to read their texts and the questions below. Then ask them to decide which questions they need to ask to complete the sentences in the text. They should write the number of the gap next to the correct question as in the example. Check they have done this correctly.

(Student A: a6 b4 c3 d1 e5 f2;

Student B: g10 h12 i9 j7 k11; l8)

Next students take it in turns to ask and answer the questions in pairs. They should write down the answers in the correct gaps in their text. When they have finished, they should check their answers by comparing their worksheet with their classmate’s.

7. Homework suggestions

Workbook page 18 Exercise1, 2, 3

8. Conclusions

I can

I know

Т:The lesson is over. Thank you very much for your work. You all have worked hard and tried to do your best.

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