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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиДругие методич. материалыРазработка урока по английскому языку "Sights of Donetsk"

Разработка урока по английскому языку "Sights of Donetsk"

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83060, г. Донецк, ул. Свидерского, д. 48, тел.: 2534733, E-mail: shc-68@yandex.ru


Ткаченко И.А.

Учитель английского языка

Донецк - 2016

Sights of Donetsk

Цель урока: углубить знания о достопримечательностях и культурных местах Донецка.

Развивать: навыки говорения, работу с компьютером на уроке. Речемыслительную деятельность, поисковую деятельность.

Воспитывать: интерес к предмету, любовь к своему городу.

Оборудование: интерактивная доска, презентация «Sights of Donetsk», фотографии Донецка, интерактивный тест.

Ход урока.

  1. Сообщение темы и цели урока.


Hello! Today we are speaking about sights of Donetsk, about cultural places of our amazing city. Today on our lesson we have a guest. This is a person who interested in our culture and sights of our city and its famous places. Let me introduce her. This is Ann.

Ann: Hello! My name is Ann. I study the culture and sights of your beautiful city. I make articles about the most beautiful cities in the world in modern magazines. I am a reporter. I like this city very much and I’d like to know more about your city. Can you tell me about your sights? But before you start I’d like to play with you. I will throw you a ball with words Donetsk is… and your task is to continue this sentence. Let’s start.

Well you fellows. And now can you tell me a little bit about Donetsk.

  1. Pupils tell about sights. (presentation)

Pupil1: The circus “Kosmos”

On the centenary of the city in 1969 in Donetsk the circus “Kosmos” was opened. This building was one of the main decorations of the city, and a spacious area decorated with fountains in front of it. It is favourite place for our citizens to walk and spend their free time.

Pupil2: The Planetarium

The first Planetarium was opened in Donetsk in 1962. But this building became old and outdate. The new Planetarium was built near the Donetsk Regional Palace of children and teenager’s art. In Summer 2008, the Planetarium revived and received its first guest.

Pupil3: The Mersalova Palm

This unusual, steel plant of Donbas was created by Donetsk blacksmiths from the piece of track in the 19th century, but still the palm is shown on the arms of Donbas. Awarded the Grand Prix at the Exhibition in 1900 in Paris.

Pupil4: The Tsar Cannon

The Tsar Cannon is situated in Donetsk. This is an exact copy of Moscow original created from bronze in the 15th century. Russian masters cast Tsar Cannon and presented it to Donetsk. This gift is the key to friendship between cities.

Pupil5: The Forged Figure Park

The Forged figure Park was opened in August, 2001. This Park is recognized as unique in Europe. It appeared for the annual international festival of blacksmith’s art, which is held in this park. It has an alley of forged arches, benches for lovers, alley of Zodiac signs, and alley of fairy characters.

  1. Ann: Ok. It was very interesting. I see that you know your city very well. And now I have some photos of Donetsk and I give these photos to you, your task is to answer questions What? Where? When? Why? Please take photos.

Pupil’s answers

Pupil1: The Railway Museum

This is the museum of Donetsk railway history. (What) It is situated directly at the train station. (Where) The Railway Museum was opened in 2000 in honor of the 130th anniversary of the Donetsk highway (When). The museum was built to show us how the railroad changed. (Why)

Pupil2: The Donbas Arena

It is a Donbas Arena a football stadium in Donetsk. (What) Donbas Arena is situated in the park named of Lenin Komsomol.(Where) Donbas Arena was built in 2009 for various football matches. (When and why).

Pupil3: The Bell Memory

It is a Bell Memory. (What) It is situated in Artema street. (Where) The Bell Memory was opened on the 9th of May 2010 in honor of Victory in the Second World War. (When and Why)

Pupil4: The Sherbakova Park

This is the Sherbakova Park. (What) The Sherbakova Park is situated in the city center. (Where) It was opened in 1932. (When) It was created for entertainment and for the rest of all people. (Why)

  1. Ann: Thank you, it was so informative and excellent. Now I want to know your opinion about our today’s conversation. I have ties of different colours. Red it is emotions, green it is optimistic colour and blue it is pessimistic. Your task is to show me your opinion concerning the colour. Please

Аrtem – red Oh! It was cool, marvelous, ideal, amazing and I love my city.

Nikita – green everything was good. And everything will be perfect despite the war. I believe in the best times for our city.

Alice - blue It was good, but I think the difficult times for our city will be long, and not as rosy as somebody thinks.

  1. Ann: thank you very much for your emotions, it was interesting. I noticed that there were a lot of dates and historical facts in your stories. At the end of our meeting I want to offer you to take a little test for consolidation your knowledge about your beloved city Donetsk. Please go to the computers.

Проведение интерактивного теста с целью закрепления знаний учащихся.

  1. Ann: now it’s time to say goodbye. It was nice to meet you and it was interesting to know about such amazing places in you city. I will write an ideal article about the most beautiful city in the world. Goodbye! See you!

Teacher: let’s sum up. Artem what did you like most of all? I liked our guest. She is so unusual and very beautiful girl. Varya I liked our game with a ball.

Nastya what did you remember most? I remember the task with the questions. It was informative.

Alice what didn’t you like? I didn’t like to be a pessimist

Teacher: Thank you very much for your work. You may be free goodbye!

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