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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Разработка урока по английскому языку в 8 классе (Spotlight 8) на тему: "Памятники мира в опасности" (World monuments in Danger), (на основе технологии критического мышления).

Разработка урока по английскому языку в 8 классе (Spotlight 8) на тему: "Памятники мира в опасности" (World monuments in Danger), (на основе технологии критического мышления).

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Разработка урока английского языка «Мировые памятники в опасности»

Учитель: Михель В.А., МБОУ «СОШ №5», г.Нефтеюганск, ХМАО-Югра
Класс: 8

Spotlight 8

World monuments in danger

Lesson plan

Warming up:
Good morning, everyone. I’m glad to see you. Take your seat. How are you today?...

Evocation (стадия вызова):
slide 1) T: I want you to look at the pictures and tell me what we are going to talk about today. (Ps: e.g.these are world historical monuments.). Could you name the monuments? (Ps: The Leshan Giant Buddha,…). What do they have in common? (Ps: They are in danger today because of some environmental problems such as ..). Right you are. You were to read the text about them and about the environmental effect on the sights. There are some more problems the monuments come across with… (slide 2,3) Can you name these monuments and the problems? (1) Bamiyan Buddha Statue in Afghanistan which was destroyed by Taliban in 2001. Scientists have tried to restore it with the help of modern technologies, 2) Kumamoto Castle, Japan, 400 years old. April, 16th 2016 destroyed by the earthquake 3) Palmyra's Temple of Bel destroyed by ISIS, September, 15, 2015 4) ISIS destroys The Arch of Triumph in Syria's Palmyra ruins). All of them suffer from the human activity in this or that way. Today we are going to discuss how to preserve the monuments from some of them.

Realization of the meaning

(slide 4) Let’s check up how you understood the text. Is it True or false?

(slide 5) Moreover, you should understand some new words to discuss our topic, so match the words with their meaning to check.

(slide 6) I invite you to the International UNESCO conference to discuss the problems of The World heritage (наследие), how to save the monuments in danger. What is UNESCO? (Ps:….)
Let’s divide into 3 groups: guides, experts (they are scientists, archeologists and ecologists) and journalists. Choose a role and take your place. You’ll have 7 minutes to get prepared for the conference. The task is on the blackboard.

(slide 6) Guides: tell us about the monuments according to the plan

Experts: tell us about the problems these monuments come across and fill in the “problem-solution” table.

Journalists: good readers ask questions – you are to ask 5 “thin” and 5 “thick” questions to experts and guides to preserve the monuments. Use the text and fill in the columns.

Now, your time is over.

Guides, you are welcome to tell us about the monuments in danger. Journalists, have you got any questions to the guides? (…)

Experts, what problems do we have and how can we solve them? Journalists, have you got any questions? (…)

To sum up, let’s make a cinquain!

Feedback. Cinquain/proverb

1st line: theme (noun)

2nd line: 2 adjectives

3rd line: 3 verbs

4th line: phrase (4-5 words)

5th line: noun

Now evaluate your answers according to the activities (on the sheets of paper).

5-6 “+” - Very good

4”+” – Good

3-2 “+” – Satisfactory

Home task:

  1. 4-5”Collect the information about the monuments/ historic buildings in Russia which are in danger. You can visit this website http://whc.unesco.org. (Report 15-20 sentences)

  2. 3” paraphrase the proverb:

Green Wisdom: We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. (Native American Proverb)

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