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Разработка урока по теме "Sport and games"

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Ministry of Education and Science

Republic of Kazakhstan

Gymnasium “Arman”

The Demonstrative Lesson

Theme: Sports and Games

Supervisor: Ishmurrzina A.E.

Shymkent 2015

Date 24.02.2015

Grade 2 “G”

Quarter III week VII

Theme: Sports and games

Goals : to revise vocabulary on the theme

to develop students’ skills in learning and speaking

to improve auding skills

Materials: crosswords, puzzles, pictures, cards


I Procedure


T: Good morning students.

S: Good morning Miss Aida

T: How are you?

S: We are fine, thank you. And you?

T: I am fine. Thank you. Look at the symbol of Kazakhstan, put your hand over your heart and say the pledge.

II Pledge.

III Phonetic drill.

What date is it today?

What day of the week is it today?

What day of the week was yesterday?

What day of the week will be tomorrow?

What season is it now?

What is the weather like today?

How many month are there in winter?

What are they?

What holidays are there in winter?

What season comes after winter?

IV Auding

Students listen to the text “What is Canada’s Favorite Sport?”

Answer the questions.

What is Canada’s favorite sport?

When were the first rules made?

Who made the first rules?

When did the rules change?

How many players were there on the team?

What is the world’s fastest game?

How often do the players change during the game?

What do players use to play ice hockey?

Why do the players put pucks into the freezer before games?

How many pucks do players use in some games?

What do players wear to protect their bodies and faces?

What does NHL mean?

In what season do millions of people watch the hockey final game of the year on TV?

Who gets the Stanley Cup?

Listen to the sentences .Students rise up True or False cards.

In the beginning , hockey didn’t have rules.

The first rules were made in 1911.

Canada’s favorite sport is baseball.

Ice hockey is the world’s fastest game.

In hockey the players use a bat and a mitt.

There are 11 players on each hockey team.

Today hockey players wear special clothes and helmets to protect their bodies and faces.

A puck is like a ball, but it is flat.

It is better to use a hot puck, because it slides better.

In some games, players use more than fifty pucks.

Players put the puck into the stove before a game.

The new rules had lines on the ice to make special arrears.

The NHL started in 1997.

In spring, millions of people watch the final hockey game of the year on TV.

V Written task.

Name the kinds of sports.

Some students make puzzles and find the missing letters.

Sport Wordsearch

Write the missing letters

Circle the correct word

The main group of students make a crossword on the theme: “Sports and games” (pictures, numbers)

Students take pictures, describe in and full fill the lines of crosswords

Kinds of sports:

basketball hockey tennis

boxing skating

cycling skiing

football swimming

VI. Myme.

Think about one sport and show to your classmates.

Guess what kind of sport is it.

VII. Sing a song. “If you’re happy”

VII. PACE work. Students start working their PACEs.

VIII. Clean Up.

Stop working PACEs. Cross out goals. Set goals on Wednesday.

IX. Dismissal

The lesson is over. Goodbye. See you on Wednesday. Have a good day.

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