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Разработка урока Seasons and the weather

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Seasons and the weather

(с применением структур кооперативного обучения)

Дисциплина «Иностранный язык»

Преподаватель Валеева Г.З.

Тема: Seasons and the weather

Тип урока: комбинированный

Цель: контроль усвоения и активизация пройденного лексико-грамматического материала



- активизировать употребление в речи лексико-грамматического материала по теме «Seasons and the weather»


- воспитывать у обучающихся познавательный интерес к окружающему миру


- развивать навыки говорения, аудирования;

- развивать интеллектуальные и творческие способности обучающихся.

Оборудование: компьютер, экран, проектор.

На уроке применяются структуры кооперативного обучения. Студенты работают в команде по 4 человека, также они делятся на партнеров А и В.

Ход урока

  1. Организационный момент

Good morning, students! I am glad to see you! Sit down, please!

Who is on duty today? What date is it today? Who is absent today? Thank you.

Look at the window, please! What season is it? Do you like spring? Is it warm or cold? Does it rain or snow in spring?

Today we speak about weather. We use new structures to review the words.

2. Фонетическая зарядка

Read the words on your cards. Pay attention to the sounds. Discuss in your team how to divide the following words into three groups. Every partner One from each table goes to the blackboard and put down the words.

summer, foggy, spring, windy, hot, frosty, dull, winter, sunny

Read the words loudly. Thank you. Take your places.

3. Лексическая зарядка

Now we’ll do “Inside-Outside Circle”

Structure “Inside-Outside Circle”

  1. Look at your face partner and remember her.

  2. Students A stand up and form outside circle. Students B stand up, find your face partner and form inside circle.

  3. I want you to answer my questions. Use the structure Timed Pair Share. Student A shares, student B listens. B responds and praises. Then B shares, A listens. A responds and praises. Each student has 30 seconds. The student A begins.

  4. My question is “What season do you like and why?” Think. Start.

  5. Time is over. Now say “Good bye” to your partner, turn left and count 4 people loudly. Give five to each other. One, two, three, four. Stop.

  6. Say “Hello” to your face partner. Answer my next question. Use the structure RallyRobin. Partners repeatedly take turns. The student whose hair is longer begins.

  7. My question is “What do you usually wear when it is rainy and cold?” Think. Start.

  8. Time is over. Now say “Good bye” to your partner, turn left and count 6 people loudly. Give five to each other. One, two, three, four, five, six. Stop.

  9. Say “Hello” to your face partner. Answer my next question. Use the structure RallyRobin. Partners repeatedly take turns. The student B begins.

  10. My question is “What do you usually wear when it is sunny and hot?” Think. Start.

  11. Time is over. Now say “Good bye” to your partner and take your place.

4. Организация тренировки используемой на уроке лексики

1) Read the words on the cards. Make up as many word combinations as you can. Let’s do All Write Round Robin. Each student responds orally. If teammates agree, all students record the answer on their own paper. Think. Student One starts.

Cold day snow month windy snowball bright sledge sunny ground white lovely night rainy grass fine children warm street frosty long short weather forecast garden green park nasty dull nice

Now, please, Stand-N-Share.

Partner Two table One, please, read the word combinations. If you have such word combinations, mark them. If you haven’t, write them down.

2) Работа над диалогом «Ali and the magic carpet» (http:// learnenglishkids. britishcouncil. org/ru/ short-stories/ ali-and-the-magic-carpert).

Просмотр видео.

Отработка незнакомых слов: booming – гулкий, громкий; jungle – джунгли, desert – пустыня, the South Pole – Южный полюс, island – остров, thunder – гром, lightning – молния, adventure – приключение.

Повторный просмотр видео.

One very hot day Ali finds a carpet in his uncle's shop.

Ali: What's this?

Suddenly the carpet jumps! It moves and flies off into the air.

Ali: Hey! What's happening?

A loud booming voice comes from the carpet:

The carpet: Welcome, o Master. I am a magic carpet.

First they fly high up into the sky and then they land in a jungle. It is hot and wet and it's raining. Then they fly to the desert. It is very, very hot and dry. After that they fly to the South Pole. There is lots of ice and snow. It's freezing.

Ali: Where are we now? I can't see!

Lion: In the mountains, can you see me?

Ali: It's very foggy.

Then they fly to a forest. It's very windy there. Then they fly to an island in the sea. There is a thunder and lightning.

Ali: Aagh! Let's go home!

Finally they fly back home. The carpet lands in the shop and Ali gets off.

Ali: Wow! What an adventure!

Structure “Fan-N-Pick”.

Student One fans cards. Student Two picks a card, reads it aloud, gives Think time. Student Three answers the question. Student Four praises and tutors. Then students rotate roles.

1. Where does Ali find the magic carpet?

2. Where does he fly to?

3. What animals does he meet?

4. Describe the weather.

5. Работа над проектом

Now, girls, we’ll work with the projects. You have some magazines. Make a poster “The best season”. Use your word combinations in the project.

Перед студентами был поставлен вопрос: What is the best season? И каждая группа пытается найти ответ на свой вопрос: Is spring (summer, autumn, winter) the best season?

Каждой команде выданы опоры:

1) What are … months?

2) What is the weather like in …?

3) Why do you like …? (We can …)

4) Why don’t you like…? (We can’t …)

5) When is your birthday? (My birthday is …)

When are your … holidays? (Our … holidays are in …)

We think … is (is not) the best season.

Договоритесь, кто занимается оформлением проекта, кто выступает на защите, кто задает вопросы другим группам.

Structure “World Café”. Students One stay at their tables. Other students stand up and move to another table. Table One to table Two, table Two to table Three, table Three to table One. Student One tells the guests why their season is the best.

6. Домашнее задание

There are a lot of proverbs and sayings about seasons, weather and nature. I’ve found some. Write them down in your copybooks. At home try to find Russian equivalents to these English proverbs and sayings:

1. Everything is good in its season.
2. It never rains but it pours.
3. April showers bring May flowers.
4. After rain comes fair weather.
5. Every cloud has a silver lining.
6. It is an ill wind that blows nobody good.
7. One cloud is enough to eclipse the sun.
8. One swallow does not make a spring.
9. A snowy year is a rich year.
10. Make hay while the sun shines.

11. Rain at seven, fine at eleven.

12. To lay by for a rainy day.

7. Итоги урока

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