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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Разработка урока – соревнования ""Grammar – Lexical Competition"
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  • Иностранные языки

Разработка урока – соревнования ""Grammar – Lexical Competition"


Қазақстан Республикасының білім Министерство образования и науки

Және ғылым министрлігі. Республики Казахстан.

Мемлекеттік оқу білім басқармасы Государственное учреждение образования

«А. С. Пушкин атындағы 41 көпсалалы «Многопрофильная гимназия № 41

гимназия» имени А. С. Пушкина»

Grammar – Lexical Competition.

Разработка урока – соревнования.

Подготовил: учитель английского языка Аманкулова Н.Т.

Тараз 2015


(Интерактивный урок английского языка)

Аманкулова Н.Т.,

учитель английского языка первой категории

многопрофильной гимназии №41, г.Тараз

Level: Upper-Intermediate

Theme: Grammar-Lexical Competition.

Lesson type: Revision Lesson.

Method: Interactive


  • Educational - to test students’ grammar and lexical knowledge;

  • Developing – to develop students’ memory and the ability to identify and practice using homonyms, antonyms, countable and uncountable nouns, plural form of nouns, define English sounds;

  • Teaching - to work in groups, to carry out labor upbringing.

Equipment: grammar tables, a computer, puzzles, felt – tip pens, emblems, sheets of paper with quotations (“Learning a foreign language is very useful”, “English takes you around the world”, “Grammar doesn’t have to be boring”, “English spelling isn’t easy”, “Teaching grammar is necessary”) are on the walls.


-T: Good morning, dear students. I am glad to see you at our competition. It is devoted to English Vocabulary and Grammar. I’m sure you’ve learnt English Lexics and Grammar very well, you’ve got useful information from Grammar References.

Two teams will take part in this competition: the first team is «ABC» (Active Brilliant Command) and the second team «Knows - All».

Let’s greet the members of our teams. This competition will show your achievement and knowledge of the matter. I wish you success. Good luck!

  1. «Way of pronouncing “OU” »

The letter - combination “OU” is pronounced in many different ways.

Underline the word with the different pronunciation.

A your court neighbour pour

B would should shoulder could

C accountant country count fountain

D drought ought bought thought

E enough cough rough tough

F anonymous mouse enormous furious

G trouble double doubt country

H through group soup though

  1. The second task is «Sounds and spellings».

a) Put the circle around the symbols that matches the vowels underlined in the words. All the words begin with the letter W.

Team 1 Team 2

A won’t / ou / / ai / / oi / want / o: / / o / / ou /

B walk / o / / ai / / o: / work / ә: / / o / / o: /

C wonder / ^ / / ou / / u / wander / ai / / ^ / / o /

D woman / u / / i / / u: / women / i / / i: / / u /

E warm / o / / o: / / ^ / worm / o / / o: / / ^ /

F word / o: / / ә: / / ә / ward / o: / / a: / / ei /

G wear / eә/ / ai / / ei / weary / eә / / ei / / ai /

H weight / eә/ / ei / / ai / weird / ai / / eә / / ei /

b) In the following groups of words, three words rhyme. Underline the odd one out.

A done phone won son

B would should good blood

C move love prove groove

D though through throw sew

E weak break ache shake

F flower power tower lower

G worth birth north earth

H hate wait weight height

I fear near pear clear

J share prayer mayor layer

3) Read the poem «Sounds and letters don’t agree». Write the number next to the correct sound.

When the English tongue we speak,

Whello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhy does (1) break not rhyme with (2) weak? /i:/ /ei/

Won’t you tell me why it’s true

Whello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gife say (3) sew, but also (4) few? /u:/ /әu/

And the maker of a verse

Chello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifannot rhyme his (5) horse with (6) worse? /o:/ /з:/

(hello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gif7) Beard is not the same as (8) heard. /з:/ /i/

(hello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gif9) Cord is different from (10) word, /з:/ /o:/

(11) Cow is cow, but (12) low is low, /au/ /әu/

(hello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gif13) Shoe is never rhymed with (14) foe. /u:/ /әu/

Thello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhink of (15) hose and (16) dose and (17) lose, /u:z/ /әuz/ /әus/

Ahello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifnd think of (18) loose and yet of (19) choose, /u:z/ /u:s/

Think of (20) comb and (21) tomb and (22) bomb /om/ /u:m/ /әum/

(hello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gif23) Doll and (24) roll and (25) home and (26) some. /ol/ /ul/ /^m/ /әum/

Ahello_html_m6bd3db12.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifnd since (27) pay is rhymed with (28) say /ei/ /ei/

Whello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhy not (29) paid with (30) said I pray? /ei/ /e/

Thello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_mc51ec74.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhink of (31) blood and (32) food and (33) good; /u/ /u:/ /^/

(hello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_mc51ec74.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gif34) Mould is not pronounced like (35) could. /ud/ /әuld/

Whello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhello_html_m5b71efb7.gifhy is it (36) done, but (37) gone and (38) lone / әu / /^/ /o/

Is there any reason known?

To sum up, it seems to me

That sounds and letters don’t agree.

4) «Correct stress»

Take the cards with words, read them paying attention on the stress and translate them. Where is the stress when the word is used as a noun and as a verb?

1) protest

2) expert

3) import

4) decrease

5) increase

6) progress

7) record

8) refund

9) produce

10) permit

11) transport

12) insult

13) survey

14) contract

15) content

5) «Homonyms»

a)These words have different meanings according to the stress. Write the transcription and translate into Russian.

1) invalid (adj)

invalid (n)

2) refuse (n)

refuse (v)

3) object (n)

object (v)

4) present (n)

present (v)

5) minute (n)

minute (adj)

6) content (adj)

content (n)

7) contract (n)

contract (v)

b) These words have different meaning according to the pronunciation. Write down the transcription and translate into Russian.

1) row


2) tear


3) used


4) house


5) live


6) wind


7) lead


8) excuse


6) «Countable and uncountable nouns»

Take the card with a noun and stick it on the correct place. (Uncountable / Countable)

Team 1 Team 2

























7) «Singular and plural»

Write the plural forms of the following nouns.

Team 1 Team 2

Elf – … (elves) Belief -… ( beliefs)

Mouse –… (mice) Ox -… (oxen)

Sheep – … (sheep) Deer - … (deer)

Datum –… (data) Louse -… (lice)

Tooth – … (teeth) Goose - … (geese)

Child –… (children) Woman - … (women)

Phenomenon – … (phenomena) Formula - … (formulas)

Wolf –… (wolves) Wife - …(wives)

Analysis – … (analyses) Church -… (churches)

Baby –… (babies) Photo - … (photos)

Hero – … (heroes) Puppy -… (puppies)

Brush – … (brushes) Passer-by – … (passers-by)

Forget-me-not – … (forgets-me-not) Commander in chief –

(commanders in chief)

Mother-in-law –… (mothers-in-law) Donkey - …(donkeys)

Kilo – … (kilos) Oasis - … (oases)

Postman – … (postmen) Handkerchief - … (handkerchiefs)

Monkey – … (monkeys) Brother-in-law – … (brothers-in-law)

8) «Antonyms»

Stick prefixes (un-,in-,dis-, ir-, im-, ab-) and read the opposite meaning of the words.

Team 2

Team 1

kind – … (unkind)

correct – … (incorrect)

employed –… (unemployed)

modest –… (immodest)

trust – …(distrust)

pleased – …(displeased)

professional –… (unprofessional)

religious –…( irreligious)

safe –… (unsafe)

conscious – … (unconscious)

measurable –… (immeasurable)

happy – … (unhappy)

attractive – … (unattractive)

sensitive –… (insensitive)

probable –… (improbable)

polite – …(impolite)

mature – …(immature)

fair –… (unfair)

important – …(unimportant)

honest –… (dishonest)

friendly – …(unfriendly)

loyal – …(disloyal)

expensive – … (inexpensive)

interesting –… (uninteresting)

formal –…( informal)

helpful – … (unhelpful)

responsible – … (irresponsible)

credible – … (incredible)

popular – …(unpopular)

appear – …(disappear)

-T: Today we have revised your Vocabulary and Grammar knowledge. Thank you for taking an active part in the games. You are really bright and industrious students. You can do different kinds of work.

We have all worked hard and your marks are….

I hope you’ve enjoyed our lesson-competition.

And I’m sure that your good knowledge of English will help you in your future life.

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