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Разработка урока в 10 классе "Canada"

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Form: 10"B"

Date : 04.03.2016 year


The Aims of the lesson:


: To consolidate and generalize knowledge of students on the theme; to enrich students’ knowledge about cities of Canada.

Practical aim:

To develop pupils’ habits and skills on speaking, writing, reading through giving some tasks.


To develop pupils outlook

Visual aids:

grammar scheme, cards, pictures, slides

interactive board.

Күтілетін нәтиже

Мәтін оқу арқылы оқушылар Канада туралы көп мәліметтерді білед,монолог,диалогтық сөйлеу әрекеттері дамыйды және жаңа сөздер үйренеді.

The Types of the lesson:

The Methods of the Lesson:

Critical thinking, question -answer, reading,listening,work in pairs,groups.

Procedure of the lesson:

I.Organiza-tion moment.

II.Warm-up. Checklist.


IV.Speech Drill.

V. The main Part.

Reading. Work in groups.

VI. Relaxing.

VII.Test work.

VIII . Listening.

IX. Conclusion.

X.Home task. . Evolution of pupils work

Procedure of the lesson:


Teacher's activity

Pupil's activity

Material required


I.Organiza-tion moment.

-Good morning, children! How are you today? Sit down, please. Who is on duty today?What date is it today?Who is absent ?

Good morning teacher! We are fine thanks, and you?

The theme is on the blackboard.

Slide 1



-Are the lights on?

-Yes, they are.


-Is the blackboard clean?

-Yes, it is.

-Is there chalk on the blackboard?

-Yes,there is.

-Are the students here/

-Yes, they are.

-Is the teacher here?

-Yes, she is.

-Is it time to begin?

-Yes, it is.

All rihgt.


III.Hometask.Үй тапсырмасының саналы ,сапалы дұрыс орындалғаның тексеру,байқалған кешіліктерді жою.

What was your homeask?

To prepare about famous people of Canada.


IV.Speech Drill.

Тілге қызушылығын ояту.

Жұмысқа жұмылдыру, сабақтың тақырыбын анықтау.

-  Imagine you have a chance to visit any country you want. Look at the map of the world and choose a country. So, come to the whiteboard, tick any country on the map and say why you would like to visit this or that country.

-  P1: I`d like to visit the USA because it`s the home of Hollywood and Disneyland

-  P2: As for me I`d like to visit Great Britain because it`s the country of the English language. I like English, I like England with its customs and traditions.

-  P3: But I prefer Kazakhstan.. It`s my motherland. It`s the most important and beautiful country in the world. (and etc.)


The map of the world


-  Thank you, pupils. As for me I would visit Canada because I have a pen-friend in Canada and she invites me to come. Besides Canada has an interesting history. So, what do you think what theme of our lesson is?

-  Right you are. Today we are trying to summarize our knowledge about Canada, then do test to check our knowledge of the theme .

-  P1: I think the theme of our lesson is “Canada”

V. The main Part.

Reading. Work in groups.

. Материалды меңгеру сапасын тексеру.

Сөздікпен жұмыс

Мәтінмен жұмыс


Қарлы кесек" ойын ы. "

VI. Relaxing. Сергіту сәті.

For the1st Group: Reading.

For the2nd Gr.: Reading.

For the 3rd Group: Reading.

Р1: Would you like to tell about geographical names?

-  That`s enough. It`s time to relax. Let’s do some exercises. You can see a map of the world on the wall.

-  Well done. Thank you.

1st G.: is situated




maple leaf

headed by


standard of living

2nd G.:the Upper house-

The Lower house-

The Senate-

The Cabinet-

The prime minister-

3rd Gr.:






-  Look up as high as the Arctic Ocean.

-  Look down as low as the Great Lakes.

-  Look left where you can find the Pacific Ocean.

-  Look right where you can see the Atlantic Ocean.


15 min

"Hot chair."

P2:What does the name of the lake Ontario mean?

P3: What other lakes do you know?

P4:How was called the capital of Canada ?

P5: What does the word "Toronto"mean?


Р1: Yes, I'd`d like to. A lot of the names of the cities and lakes came from the language of the aboriginal people. Canada comes from the Iroquoian word Kanata which means “villages”.

P2: The name of the lake Ontario means “beautiful lake”.

P3:Two other great lakes were called Erie and Huron after the tribes used to live in that area.

P4:The capital was called Ottawa after the tribe of Odaawaa.

P5:In 1787 the British founded the city of Toronto the name of which means “place where trees stand in the water”

Тест парақшалары


VII.Test work.

Елтану бойынша тест жұмысын орындау.

Now let`s work with the test. Choose the right answers to complete the sentences.

-(барлық,оқушылар тесты орындайды, P1бір оқушы тақтада грамматикалық жаттығу жасайды)

6 min

Тест жұмысының орындалуын тексеру.

-  Well, let`s check

up the test. Thank you, take your seat.

(Көзге жаттығу жасау)

VIII . Listening.

Ниагара су құламасы туралы видеоны көру,тапсырма орындау.

Тыңдап түсіну қабілеттерін дамыту.

- Now close your eyes and listen to the music. What have you heard? What are your associations?

-  As for me this music makes me think about waterfalls. You know there are a lot of falls in Canada. Which is the most famous?

Water, summer, sea, holiday, blue sky, signing, birds, trees, fresh air, sun, green plants.

P1: The Niagara Falls are the most famous falls in Canada

(Музыка тыңдау)

7 min


Doing the task TRUE/FALSE

Find (T) or (F). Correct the false ones.

  • The Niagara Falls are located on the border of Alberta province Canada New York state USA. False (Ontario province)

  • The name of the southwestern side of the Canadian falls is the Easter American Falls. False (Horseshoe Falls)

  • The territory of the falls is so attractive for tourists because of parks and highways. True

  • There are actually 3 Waterfalls. True

IX. Conclusion.

-  Well, pupils, to my mind the Niagara Falls are worth visiting. But let`s go on our lesson.


-  Well, our lesson is coming to the end. Do you like the lesson? What was interesting for you?

-  P1: I think the lesson was interesting. We`ve learnt a lot of interesting facts about Canada.

-  P2: I liked the Niagara Falls best of all. It was great to watch it.

-  P3: Now I can describe Canada.

-  P4: The Conditional sentence is not difficult at all.

X.Home task.

-  Today we have spoken about Canada a lot. I want you to look at the whiteboard. There are some pictures as you see.What pictures are they? I agree with you. So, your homework is to find information about cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.

-  P1: To my opinion mausoleum


Tamgaly Gorge

(. Write down hometask)

SLIDE: pictures

2 min.

XI. Evolution of pupils work


-  Pupils, I`m pleased with your work today. I give you the following marks:


Сабақтың соңы.

Оқушының өз Отанына деген патриоттық сезімін ояту.


-  I`d like to end our lesson with the proveb "East or west home is best"

-  Who can translate it?


I`d like to end our lesson with the lines from S. Esenin`s poem “Russia” – 

If the heavenly host should beg me:

"Come to live in heaven above!"

I shall say: "Don't give me heaven

But the Russia that I love."

Если крикнет рать святая:

«Кинь ты Русь, живи в раю!»

Я скажу: «Не надо рая, дайте родину мою».

Алыс кетсем, мен сені аңсап жүрем!
Сағыныштан өзіңе ән сап жүрем, туған жер!
Ауылымның түтіні қымбат маған,
Қымбат маған белдері күн қақтаған
Туған жер, өзің дегенде,
Жүремін әркез елендеп.
Бір сезім билеп алады-ау!
Жүрегім дүрсіл қағады-ау!



-  Thank you. I like Kazakhstan very much. The lesson is over. Good-bye

P1: - Thank you for the lesson. Goodbye!

The theme of the lesson

The Aims of the lesson:

Educational: To consolidate and generalize knowledge of students on the theme; to enrich students’ knowledge about cities of Canada.

Practical aim: To develop pupils’ habits and skills on speaking, writing, reading through giving some tasks.

Cultural aim: To increase interest in cities of Canada, to develop and enrich cultural knowledge about Canada.

Visual aids: grammar scheme, posters, pictures, slides.

Procedure ofthe lesson.

Organization moment: 1.Greeting.

                                        2. Conversation with pupils on duty.

Warm –up.

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