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Разработка уроков по английскому на тему hobbies 6класс

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Grade: 6

Theme: Hobbies

Aims: To educate pupils to know the types of hobbies and to be able to use them in their life.

To develop pupils` critical thinking through the tasks made by Blum taxonomy method.

Success criteria : Pupils will be able to speak about their hobbies and do different tasks.

Type of the lesson: Combined lesson

Visual aids: interactive board


  1. Organization moment

Good afternoon pupils! How are you? Who is on duty today? Who is absent today? What was your homework?

  1. Checking up the homework. Ex 5 reading and translating the text.

  2. Doing the task BRIDGE. Answer for the questions

  1. What is hobby?

  2. Do you have a hobby?

  3. What kind of hobbies do you know?

  4. What kind of hobbies do you like?

  5. Is hobby useful for you?

2ndstage. (1st stage - Knowing) Group work. Reading the text and answer for the questions.

1. Who likes to listen to music? Sue

2. What does not Sue like? She does not like people who leaves their chewing gum under the table.

3. What is her favorite subject? All subjects

4. Does she have brothers or sisters? No, she doesn`t


5. Why does Sue like listening to music? Because it is her hobby

6. Why doesn`t she have favorite subject? Because she likes all of them

7. Why does she speak French well? Because her mother is French

(3rd stage-analysis)

  1. Compare. What are the hobbies of Sue, Terry, Kate, Steve?

Sue likes listening to music

Kate likes climbing the mountains and playing chess

Terry likes listening to music and reading books

Steve likes playing football and basketball

  1. Differences and similarities

-reads books;

-Plays tennis, volleyball;

-Doesn`t like smoking;

-Hair is brown and short

-having hobbies;

-know 2 languages;

-Listens to music;

-Likes all subjects;

-Doesn`t like chewing gums;

-Hair is black and long

Sue similarities Terry

  1. What is the main idea of the theme?

-Similarities of pupils` hobbies

-Different types of hobbies

-Usefulness of hobby

(4th stage-synthesize). Writing about four pupils` hobbies with one sentence

Sue-Listening to music

Terry-Listening to music, reading books, playing volleyball

Kate- climbing mountains, playing chess

Steve-playing football and basketball

(5th stage-using).Write an essay or composition about pupils` hobbies

Sue likes listening to music. She does not have favorite subject, because she likes all of them. Her mother is French, that is why she speaks French well. Etc

(6th stage-assessment )

  1. How do you think what hobby is useful for our health? Football, tennis, basketball etc.

  2. What hobby is useful for improving our knowledge? Reading books

  3. Which hobby helps you to improve your mood? Listening to music

  4. What is Steve`s favorite subject? Physical Education

  5. What is Sue`s favorite subject? All subjects

  6. What is Kate`s favorite subject? Biology

  7. What is Terry`s favorite subject? English literature

3rd stage. Level tasks. Doing these tasks pupils will score points

(1st stage)

  1. What does Sue like? Sue likes listening to ___________.

  2. Who likes playing chess? ___________

  3. Translate into English ``сүйікті``_________________

  4. What does Steve like doing? She doesn`t like __________________

Key words - Answers:

  1. Music

  2. Kate

  3. Favorite

  4. Doing homework

(2nd stage)

  1. What people doesn`t Terry like ? Terry doesn`t like people who________

  2. Translate into English ``Физкультура``_____________________

Key words - Answers:

  1. Smoke

  2. Physical training

(3rd stage)

  1. What is the influence of being her mother French? She knows ________well.

  2. Name the hobbies_________________________

  3. What does hobby teach you? It teaches you to __________________

  4. Can we like subjects as a hobby?_______

Key words - Answers:

  1. French

  2. Reading books, listening to music, climbing mountains, collecting stamps, playing musical instruments, etc.

  3. Open new things

  4. Yes, we can.

Homework. Write an essay about your hobby.

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