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Разработка вечера английского языка "Be my Valentine!"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

English teacher: Мухамбеткалиева А.Б.

English party ”Be my Valentine!”

P1: Good day ladies and gentlemen! We are glad to greet you at our party. In the world people speak in different languages. But every language has its own aim – it is to help to understand each other. English is the world communication language.

P2: Today is a closing day of our English week. And we want to connect our party with very popular English holiday – “Saint Valentine’s Day”.

P1: Let me tell about this holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day celebrated on the fourteenth of February. People send cards to the person they love that day. It is a holiday of love.

P2: Good, that’s enough. Better let’s begin our party. And now we invite our first guest ___________________________ from class ______ with song__________________________

P1: How do you think ‘’What is love?’’

P2: Love is the most brilliant feeling in the world. And we mean not only relations between men and women. But between children and parents, teachers and pupils.

P1: Pupils and English language? Now I understand what you meant. That’s why our party will be devoted to love and English.

P2: We want to introduce our next participants with lovely poems _________________ from class ___ with poem __________________

_________________ from class ___ with poem __________________

_________________ from class ___ with poem __________________

P1: We want to call our best singers _____________ from class ___ with song ____________________________________________

P2: What kind of British holidays do you know?

P1: Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, New Year, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and so on.

P2: Well done! Our next pupils from class ___ want to show _______________________(holiday)

P1: ‘’Listen to your heart

When he’s calling for you

Listen to your heart

There’s nothing else you can do

I don’t know where you’re going

And I don’t know why

But listen to your heart

Before you tell him good-bye’’

P2: What happens with you?

Are you all right?

P1: Yes, of course. Just atmosphere of our party inspires me.

P2: Wait. Let’s sing who can do it better than you. So cheer-up ________________________ from class ____ with wonderful song ____________________________

P1: Dear guests we would like to show you one of the most popular holidays in Great Britain. Class ___ prepared _________________________(holiday).

P2: We go on our party. I hope you are not tired? Then let’s greet ______________ with amazing song ________________________

P1: What a pity? All good things end. Our party is going over. We hope you enjoyed our English party.

P2: We thank all participants and guests for pleasure of our communication.

P1: Thank you for your active work and we wish you: “Good luck!”

We hope we will have such English party next year and it will be our good tradition. Thank you very much.

P2: Our jury will announce the results of the party.

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