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Разработка внеклассного мероприятия к празднику "St.Valentine's Day"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Сценарий мероприятия на недели иностранных языков, приурочено ко дню празднования St.Valentines Day под названием “Love show”.

Цель: повышать интерес учащихся к культуре изучаемого языка, ознакомить с традициями празднования Дня Святого Валентина.

Праздник проходит в форме соревнования. Конкурсную программу ведут ученики старших классов.

(слайд 1)

Звучит музыка (Вальс) и танцуют ученики младших классов. Выходят ведущие.

Ведущий 1:

When I say I love you,
It comes from my heart.
You hear it in your ear,
And it sounds very smart.
I love it when you are proud of me,
You say it all day long.
And when I hear you say it,
My heart sings a merry song. (
слайд 2)

Hello, dear boys and girls! Hello, dear guests and teachers! We are very glad to see you all!

Ведущий 2: We get together to celebrate The Day of Love, St. Valentine's Day! Today we will know more about this holiday, we’ll see our actors on the stage that will show you love scenes from very famous novels and we’ll play and just have fun!

Ведущий 1: But before let’s think and say WHAT LOVE IS… (гости дают самые разнообразные ответы, за интересные и необычные ответы даются сердечки, которые в конце праздника будут подсчитываться с выявлением «Знатока в амурных делах»).

Ведущий 2: St. Valentine’s Day as a lovers` festival dates at least from the 14th century. Generations of young (and not very young) people have regarded St. Valentine as the friend and patron of those who are in love. However, St. Valentine is rather a mysterious figure.

Ведущий 1: There are many legends about it’s history. Let’s return to the past and see one of the legends which sends us to events of III century of our era – the time of the Roman emperor Klavdy II. (На сцене учащиеся 8 классов со сценкой)

St.Valentine’s Day (a drama)

Действие 1.(Дворец Римского императора Клавдия.)

Автор: Давным-давно Римом правил император Клавдий.

Claudius: I want to have a big army. But the men do not want to fight in wars.They do not want to leave their wives and families....I have an idea! From now men cannot marry at all!

Автор: Молодые люди решили, что новый закон жесток и несправедлив.

Действие 2. ( Темная комната. Горят свечи. В комнате священник и двое молодых людей.)

Автор: В то время жил священник по имени Валентин. Он был против закона Клавдия, и тайно венчал молодых.

Valentine: ...and now you are man and wife.I congratulate you on the happiest day of your life! (Слышны звуки приближающихся солдат)

Soldiers: I know where they are! We’ll catch them!

Valentine: I can hear some noise. Soldiers! They are going to catch us! Run away! (Солдаты хватают Валентина, молодые убегают).

Действие 3.(В тюрьме).

Автор: Итак, император Клавдий посадил Валентина в тюрьму. Он решил казнить его.

Valentine: I’m not afraid of death.I think I did the right thing!

Автор: В тюрьме Валентина часто навещала одна девушка. Она была дочерью тюремщика.

Daughter: I bring you flowers.Many young people asked me to give them to you.They have also written you these notes. (Валентин читает записки).

Valentine: They write that they believe in love too.

Daughter: They think you did the right thing. (Девушка уходит, входят солдаты и палач).

Valentine: Wait! Here’s my dying wish. (Валентин пишет записку и отдает ее солдатам) Give this note to my friend (Солдаты уводят Валентина).

Действие 4. ( Темно. Дочь тюремщика со свечой в руках читает послание).

Daughter: ...you helped me to hold my head up in prison. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me!...Love from your Valentine.

Ведущий 2: It was about 1800 years ago but even now we have the examples of true and pure love. And now we’ll see how good you are at Literature and Art. You should match the famous couples. (слайд 3)

Ведущий 1: Love can be different…mutual –взаимная!

Ведущий 2: mad – безумная и сумасшедшая!

Ведущий 1: or bitter and shy - горькая и робкая.

Ведущий 2: Now we will see a wonderful couple. Their love was incredible, mutual, but sad and didn’t last long…

“There is no story sadder than a story about ….Romeo and Juliet.” Who wrote this tragedy? (William Shakespeare)

The 9th B grade, you are welcome to the scene.

Ведущий 1: Let’s play a little! You get a card with a word. But you shouldn’t tell it, you need to show it with gestures.

  1. a heart

  2. a guitar

  3. a kiss

  4. a flower

  5. a letter

  6. love

  7. pigeon

  8. a cupid

Ведущий 2: Now - another love couple. He loved her and was mad about her. But he didn’t trust her and always asked if she had prayed by night. What are they? (Othello and Desdemona)

And _________is going to show us a scene from this very famous tragedy.

Ведущий 1: We organised a competition named “The best love-translator “and from your translations we chose the best, the most colorful and special. Look at the screen. Here are our winners! the 1st place - _______, the 2nd -________and the 3d- _________. Are you here? Come here and read your translations aloud, please and take your prizes!

( на экране стихи на английском, которые были розданы ученикам для перевода, а победители выходят и зачитывают свои переводы).

Ведущий 2: Do you know such a wonderful love story? She was a dreamy girl and believed that once her true love, her lover will appear on a ship with scarlet sails. What are their names? (Assol and Captain Grey).

Ведущий 1: And now, dear guests, let’s revise the proverbs and sayings about love. Look at the screen. But you need to put in the missing words LOVE and LIFE.

1. LOVE is friendship set to music. (E.Joseph Cossman)

2. LOVE is LIFE, if you miss LOVE, you miss LIFE. (Leo Buscaglia)

3. LIFE is the flower for which LOVE is the honey. (Victor Hugo)

4. Where there is LOVE there is LIFE. (Mahatma Ganhi)

5. All is fair in LOVE in war.

6. Like the measles, LOVE is the most dangerous when it comes late in LIFE. (G. Byron)

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