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Разработка внеклассного мероприятия на иностранном языке "Lermontov's party"

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The literary party of Lermontov

(Интегрированное внеклассное мероприятие для учащихся 5-11 классов на английском и немецком языках)


Party presenter 1:

Party presenter 2:

Two dancers:

6 reciters:

  1. - The 15th of October, it is the 196th anniversary of Lermontov's birthday.

  2. -Our literary party is devoted to it.

(music, polonez)

  1. - Lermontov was born in Moscow, in 1814. (slide 1- portrait of the artist)

He spent his childhood and youth in Torchany at his grandmother's place in Penza's government. He lost his mother when he was …years old and was brought up by his granny. (slide 2-Torchany)

2) - Do you know that Lermontov’s ancestors were from Scotland?

1) - Yes, Lermontov's generation comes to the Middle Ages. It was very famous in Scotland. Its establisher was a very talented poet Thomas Lermont. He was also an extraordinary person.

Thomas Lermont was born in Ersildown on the river Lider in Scotland.

2) - There is an ancient mystic legend about him. When Thomas was young he was abducted by a queen of one magic country to Elflyandia (Elfcountry) where he got his knowledge and could predict the fate. That made him very famous.

Seven years later he was sat free to his country to educate the Scottish people (the Scots). But he was sat free under the condition that he would come back to his sovereign when she wants it.

1) -Once when Thomas was feasted with her friends, one frightened man ran into the castle and said that two deer had come from the forest and have been walking calm through the village. The predictor stood up, left his house and followed the animals. Ever since nobody has seen him. (slide 3)

  1. - The Lermonts appeared in Dersey (Scotland) in the 15th century. They have been chiefs of Sent-Endryus for a long time. 15 miles from their castle there was a castle Balcony which belonged to another branch of the Lermonts. In the 16th century here lived an ancestor of J.N.G.Byron whose wife was Margaret Lermont. So the Lermonts were tied with Byron’s generation as their relatives. (slide 4 – the portrait of Byron)

Unfortunately Lermontov didn’t know that he was a relative of his idol Byron.

  1. - Yes, he was a Byron’s idol but he had never identified himself with Byron.

Reciter 1. A poem “No, I’m not Byron”

No, I’m not Byron; I am, yet,

Another choice for the sacred dole,

Like him- a persecuted soul,

But only of the Russian set.

I early start and end the whole,

And will not win the future days;

Like in an ocean, in my soul,

A cargo of lost hopes stays.

Who, oh, my ocean severe,

Could read all secrets in your scroll?

Who’ll tell the people my idea?

I will or God or none at all!

  1. -One of the Lermonts George Lermont was a war hireling and fighted against the Russian army. He was captured and left in Russia. After some years he began to serve in Russian army and got a land area in Kostroma governy.

He became an ancestor of Russian Lermontovs. (slide 5-the portrait of George Lermont)

1) - Lermontov spoke some foreign languages.

2) -Ja, er konnte frei Deutsch und Franzoesisch sprechen und uebersetzte selbst die Gedichte beruehmter auslaendischen Dichter. Fast alle Menschen in der ganzen Welt kennen solche Gedichte wie “Wanderers Nachtlied” von Goethe oder “Ein Fichtenbaum” von Heine und nur wenige koennen erraten, dass sie keine eigenen Werke von Lermontov sondern nur seine Uebersetzungen sind.

1) - Let’s listen to these poems!

Reciter2. “Wanderers Nachtlied”

Ueber allen Gipfeln

Ist ruh,

In allen Wipfeln

Spuerest du

Kaum einen Hauch;

Die Voegelein schweigen im Walde.

Warte nur, balde

Ruhest du auch.

Reciter 3. “Ein Fichtenbaum” ( Heinrig Heine)

Ein Fichtenbaum steht einsam

Im Norden auf kahler Hoeh

Ihn schlaefert; mit weisser Decke

Umhuellen ihn Eis und Schnee.

Er trauemt von einer Palme,

Die fern im Morgenland

Einsam und schweigend trauert

Auf brennender Felsenwand.

(slide 7 – one of the Lermontov’s picture)

1) -What a wonderful picture! Whose is the author of it?

2) - You don’t know?! This masterpiece belongs to Lermontov. He was good as a poet and as an artist. He made pictures to his rhymes. You see here just one of them.

  1. - There are many places which are connected with Lermontov’s life. Moscow - he was born there. Torchany - he lived there; Petersburg-he studied there. But there is Pyatigorsk, which is also tied with the name of Lermontov. Caucasus entered in poet’s heart already in his childhood and left in it forever.

(slide 8 – the sight of Pyatigorsk)

  1. - He loved this town but unfortunately found here his death. (slide 9 –duel)

1) -The first duel was with the son of the French delegate. Eventually they made peace and parted company. The second time Lermontov dueled with Martynov and was killed by him.

2) - He spent his last days in his house in Pyatigorsk. And the 15th of July 1841 was the last day in poet’s life. Firstly he was buried in Pyatigorsk. But his granny wept for him very much and finally removed his ash to the native place Torchany. And now his ash is in his family crypt in Torchany.

(slide10-the sight of Lermontov’s grave)

  1. -Now you listen one of the last Lermontov’s poems of those days.

Reciters 4, 5, 6.

I’m alone on the path just taken;

Glittering, it stretches through the fog;

Quiet night. All harkens to the Maker,

And two stars begin a dialogue.

It is grand and solemn in the heavens!

In the azure radiance Earth rests…

Why then does my heart seem so heavy?

Do I hope? Or do I have regrets?

No, for I hope no longer,

And do not regret the past at all;

I seek freedom and repose, while longing

To obtain them in a sleep withal!

  1. -Today we learn the poet’s lines. We can hardly forget his contribution into the Russian poetry. We light the candles for our favourite poet. And their light will always keep the memory about him in our hearts forever.

(All participants go to the stage with the lighted candles).

(slide 11-portrait of the poet of his last life’s days)

It sounds the romance to Lermontov’s poem.

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