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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Разработка внеклассного мероприятия на тему "What’s the traffic lights says?"
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  • Иностранные языки

Разработка внеклассного мероприятия на тему "What’s the traffic lights says?"


Мустанова Марал Булатовна

Учитель І категории


Theme: “What’s the traffic lights says?”

Aims: To revise the knowledge of the theme, practice pupil’s expressions according to the theme;

To develop pupil’s abilities in oral speech and teach to read the poems expressively;

Visual aids: pictures and slides

The procedure:

Leader: Dear teachers and students welcome to our party which is called “What’s the traffic lights says?” According to the plan of talented pupil’s week, our today’s party is devoted to the traffic rules and signs.

The motto of our party: Good –better-best

May you never rest

Until your good is better

And your better best!

We hope you will enjoy it and hope that all of you are fond of poetry, that you are read a lot and can write poems. Let`s listen to our students

Pupil1 Not to lose your hands or feet

Don’t play games in the street

When you cross a thoroughfare

Be attentive, walk with care

Look, my friends, with all you might

To your left, then to your right

Pupil2 If your walk or you ride

By the traffic rules abide

Driver, walker, learn by rote

Traffic signs and the highway code

Pupil 3 When a light of green you see

Traffic’s open to you and me

When the traffic light is red

Stop! You mustn’t go ahead

Pupil 4 Clinging onto a moving car

Two reckless lads had travelled far

How brave I am!” one boy began

This is not bravely, my man,

It is the feat of hooligan!

Pupil 5 I always Think when I play

I have no arms to give away.

I have no legs that I can spare

To keep them all, I must take care.

Pupil 6 Stop, look and listen

Before you cross the street

Use your eyes,

Use your ears,

Use your head

Then use your feet Song “Playing Ball”

Pupil 7 Jolly schooldays have begun

Time for work and time for fun

Traffic lights we must obey

When we cross the streets each day

Pupil 8 At the kerb, before I cross

I stop my walking feet

And look both ways: to left and right

Before I cross the street

Pupil 9 And in case cars running quietly

Might come as a surprise,

I don’t just listen with my ears

But look with both my eyes.

Pupil 10 First find a safe spot to cross, then stop

Stand on the pavement near the kerb

Look all round for traffic and listen

If traffic is coming, let it pass

Look around again

When there is no traffic near, Walk

Use the Zebra-crossing if there is one

Questions and Answers about Some Signs and Traffic Rules

1 Where must pedestrians walk in the street?

-Pedestrians must walk on the pavement

2 What side of the pavement must pedestrians walk on ?

-On the right side of the pavement

3 Where must pedestrians cross the street?

-At the “Crossing” or “Zebra-crossing”

4 Who is allowed to ride a bicycle in the street?

-No person under 14

5 How should a line of children walk along the street?

-Should go in pairs and should be accompanied by grown-up people

Song “My Bonnie”

Leader: Our next stage is competition. I’ll give you some questions try to answer

The first stage is “Who is Clever?”

1 What colour are the crocodile?

2 What is the biggest animal?

3 What is the capital of Canada?

5 Wha works at school?

6 How old are you?

7 Who is the Prime minister of Great Britain at present?

8 How many oceans are there in our planet?

9 Where is Kazakhstan situated?

10 The most popular sport in England?

11 Who wrote the novel “ Abai Zholy”?

12 At what age do people vote in Kazakhstan?

13 What kind of buses are in London?

14 The longest river in England?

15 “Romeo and Juliet” was written by …

Leader: The second stage “Imagination” act the next sentences

1 I am sleeping

2 I am swimming

3 I am reading

4 I am dancing

5 I am listening to music

6 I am running

7 I am writing

Leader: And the last stage “Who is the Best”? In this stage I will read 10 questions and all answer will start with letter A or B . Is everything clear for you? Now let’s begin.

Letter A

1 The name of the fruit- Apple

2The name of the month – April

3 The capital of Kazakhstan – Astana

4 The name of the school subject – Algebra

5 The first letter of the Alphabet – A

6 What cannot we live without – Air

7 One of the oceans – Atlantic

8 A story in the newspaper – Article

9 The famous Kazakh writer – Abai

10 It is harmful for our health – Alcohol

Letter B

1 A little child – Baby

2 The name of the fruit – Banana

3 The antonym to the word “good”- Bad

4 An object in the classroom – Blackboard

5 The capital of Germany – Berlin

6 The name of the school subject - Biology

7 A lake in Kazakhstan – Balhash

8 The room where we sleep – Bedroom

9 An important day for all of us which happens once every year – Birhday

10 A colour – Black

Leader: Dear pupils, thank you for your work. The competition is over. Dear guests, our party has come to the end. A lot of thanks for your attention. We thank all students for participation. Let’s end our party with song.

Song “If you Happy”

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