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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по англ языку "Путешествие по городам Казахстана"

Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по англ языку "Путешествие по городам Казахстана"

Международный конкурс по математике «Поверь в себя»

для учеников 1-11 классов и дошкольников с ЛЮБЫМ уровнем знаний

Задания конкурса по математике «Поверь в себя» разработаны таким образом, чтобы каждый ученик вне зависимости от уровня подготовки смог проявить себя.


Конкурс проходит полностью дистанционно. Это значит, что ребенок сам решает задания, сидя за своим домашним компьютером (по желанию учителя дети могут решать задания и организованно в компьютерном классе).

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«әл-Фараби» мектеп-лицейі


қалаларына саяхат»

Сыныптан тыс іс-шара


2015-2016 оқу жылы

Theme: “A trip to Kazakhstan”

Grade: 4A-4Ә


  • To enrich pupils’ knowledge by giving them more information about Kazakhstan.

  • To develop pupils’ oral speech, help them to express their opinions and thoughts.

  • To bring up pupils to be patriots of their Motherland, to love their country .

Visual aids: an interactive board, slides, a map of the country.

The procedure:

  1. Greeting.

  • Good afternoon, dear friends! I’m very glad to see you here today. You are welcome to the travel agency “al-Farabi”. Yes, as you understood, we are going to have a trip to some interesting country. But before let’s greet each other in an unusual way with the help of our body. (hands, shoulders, hips, heads, noses)

  1. Warming up.

  • As I’ve already said we a going to travel. Look! This is a basket of ideas. What ideas do you have? Why do people travel?

  • To see new places, to speak many languages, to learn new things, etc.

  • Do you want to know where we are going to? Let’s guess.

K – Which letter stands after J?

A – What fruit can be red, green and yellow?

Z – Which animal is white and black?

A – Where is Medey?

K – Which snake can fly?

H – What do we wear on our heads?

S – Which animal lives in the desert?

T – Where is the computer?

A – Where is Baiterek?

N – What is on your middle of your face?

  • So, as you understood we are going to travel around Kazakhstan. Listen to this sound? What is it?

  • Very well. It’s a train but we don’t have tickets. Let’s go to the travel agent and buy it.

  1. At the travel agency.

  • Good morning!

  • Hello! Can I help you?

  • Yes, we want to have a trip to Kazakhstan.

  • Oh, you are lucky. This train will move very soon. Buy these tickets and there are some travel guides in it who can be helped for you.

  • Thank you. Good bye!

  • Good luck!

  • So, let’s take our places and sing a song to have a little fun.

Song “The train is coming”

  1. The first station.

  • Friends, look! What is it? Yes, we are in Kokshetay.

  • Hello, dear friends. Welcome to Kokshetay! We are guides here and can tell you about our town.

  • Kokshetau is well known for its nature and tourist sites.The main site is the Natural Park “Burabay”. There are 14 wonderful lakes among the mountain chains and green forests.The most beautiful and attractive lake for tourists is The lake “Burabay”.

  • There are many cottages and places to have arrest on its cost. Mild mountain climate, fresh air and medical sand make your holiday not only enjoyable but also helpful for your health.

  • There is another nature park “Kokshetay” which was found in 1996. There are mountain – forest and natural valley districts, water world of the following lakes such as Zerendy, Shalkar, Imantay and Saumalkol. You can take a yurt to have a rest in one of the village near this place.

  • Have you ever seen one of theKokshetay statues? There are many of them for the famous people and artists. There are Shokan Yalihanov’s, Talgat Begildinov and Lenin’s monuments in the honor avenue. You can also visit wonderful history museum of Akmola region.

  • There are urban light industries such as food production. The region produces low grades of wheat and other cultures. There is a gold mining operation north of the city.

  • Kokshetau Mineral Waters company produces drinks such as still, sparkling water of the high-quality. It also produces alcohol beverages. The most known brands are: still and sparkling water "Свежесть", sparkling water "Кулагер" and still water "Туран".

  • Very nice friends. You did a lot of work. As you see Kokshetay is the place of the most beautiful nature and some people call it as the second Sweden. Do you know any song about the nature? Let’s sing one of them. (“The sun wakes up”)

  1. The second station.

  • Oh, how beautiful! Where are we?

  • You are in Astana.

  • My native land with steppes and highlands,

The river Esil flows through.

I love your fields with crops in lowlands,

Your wealth and prosperity will be true.

  • So, what our guides can tell about it?

  • Today Astana is not only the capital of Kazakhstan but also one of the most beautiful Asian cities. It was a small town known as Akmola. The location for the town was chosen as a strategic point and a caravans’ route. For a long time the town was famous for its fairs and trade connections. People from all corners of Central Asia travelled there to buy and sell the goods. Being situated on the banks of Ishim River, Astana attracts thousands of visitors each year. Today it is a rapidly growing modern city. It is full of magnificent attractions, educational institutions, hotels, office buildings and other commercial structures.

It boasts well-developed transport infrastructure and rather favorable environment. The population of the city is a bit over 800, 000 people. The sights of the city are especially attractive. Among them, the Bayterek Tower, the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, the Nur Astana Mosque and many other picturesque attractions.

  • The Bayterek Tower is especially important for local residents. It’s the symbol of happiness and prosperity. In fact, it accommodates the art gallery, the restaurant and the aquarium. Generally speaking, the inhabitants of Astana are considered to be very friendly and magnanimous. That’s another reason to visit this welcoming south capital. Its present name the city got in 1998, when the President of the country decided to rename it. The summers in the city are hot and dry, while the winters are frosty and long.

  • It goes without saying that all governmental organizations and large business centers of Kazakhstan are now placed there. Each year the city hosts numerous diplomatic and industrial meetings.

  • Friends, look! There is a bus shop. Let’s take a bus and go to Almaty. (“The wheels on the bus go round and round”)

  1. The third station.

  • How nice there are! Where are we?

  • You are in Almaty.

  • Almaty is one of the most beautiful cities of Kazakhstan. It is a former capital of the country and one of the nicest cities in whole Central Asia. It’s situated at the foot of the emerald Tien-Shan ridges and many people call it “a garden city”. Almaty is a sunny and green city with wide streets, numerous parks, gardens, fountains, and beautiful architecture.

  • The city is full of interesting places and millions of tourists visit it every year. One of the most famous sights is the Republic Square, which is the central square of the city. It contains magnificent ensembles of modern architecture. The City Hall, the President’s Southern Residence and the television center are also situated near here.

  • East of the square one can find the Central State Museum. This museum is quite popular among the city visitors. Originally found in Orenburg the museum has moved to Almaty in 1930. Nearly 120,000 exhibits present the history and culture of Kazakhstan in four exhibition halls.

  • Another attractive museum is the Museum of Kazakh Folk Instruments. It houses over 1,000 exhibits and 60 types of Kazakh folk instruments, including some that belonged to famous singers, poets and composers. The most popular musical instruments included the dombra and the kobyz.

  • Central Bazaar is another Almaty sight. It is also known as the Green Bazaar. Here tourists can experience a true taste of the East. This is not just a market. It’s a place where numerous Asian cultures meet. The President’s Palace is another famous landmark. It was erected in 1980 and still contains some of the Soviet-era style architecture. The city is also full of beautiful mosques, cathedrals, theatres, parks and gardens.

  • So, we finished our travelling and it’s high time to come back to our Petropavlovsk. But we are at the costume and they have questions to us. Let’s answer them and we will choose the best traveler. The game “The best traveler”

  • Where are you from?

  • What big cities of Kazakhstan can you name?

  • What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

  • What bird is on our flag?

  • What colour is the Kazakh ornament on our flag?

  • Who is the author of the Kazakhstan anthem?

  • What city is the second capital of our country?

  • What town is called as a little Sweden?

  • What monuments can you see in Kokshetay?

  • What is the most beautiful lake in Kokshetay?

  • Can you name one of the Almaty parks?

  • Where can you play winter games in Almaty?

  • What musical group’s monument is in Koktobe?

  • Where can you see the whole Almaty?

  • Where can you think of a wish?

  • Where does our president sit?

  • Where can you learn about different fish?

  • What is the biggest entertainment center in Astana?

  • What is the national Kazakh instrument?

  • What is the national Kazakh dance?

  • I’d like to finish our today’s wonderful meeting with such a song.

  • This land is your land,
    This land is my land.
    From Petropavlovsk to Almaty,
    From the white sand deserts
    To the big green valley.
    This land is made for you and me.

  • This land is your land,
    This land is my land.
    From the Southern mountains
    To the Central steppe lands.
    From the Caspian Sea
    To the Lake Balkhash
    This land was made for you and me.
    - Our party is over and let’s close it with the song “I’d like to travel the world”.

  1. The End of the party.

Song “I’d like to travel the world”

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