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Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку для начальной школы "Travelling to Magic Country"

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Школа-лицей № 60


внеклассного мероприятия

по английскому языку

для начальной школы

в исполнении учащихся 9-х классов

«Travelling to Magic Country»

Учитель: Телегенова А.А.


Астана 2013

Travelling to Magic Country”

Boys and girls sing the song “Wabash Cannonball”

Miss Dot: “Hello, boys and girls! I’m a Dot. I always stand at the end of the sentence. And this is the king of all verbs. He is very proud of himself.”

One boy (points): Look! The king is half-dressed! He has only his infinitive!

The King: “I must give an audience! Where is my dress and crown? I must introduce myself. Here I am. I’m ready now. How do you do my guests?”

Boys and girls: “How do you do the King To Be!”

The King: “Where are you from?”

Boys and girls: “We are from Kazakhstan. It’s far away from you.”

The King: “How do you happen to be in our magic country?”

Boys and girls: “We are pupils and study at school. We have learnt about your magic country and decided to follow the saying “seeing is believing”. We like going places. ”

The King: “Well, show me what you are able to do and then I’ll show you my country. Agree?”

Boys and girls: “Yes, we agree with you.”

The King: “I have a lot of servants; they work on me from morning till night. Can you work? What subjects do you study at school? ”

Boys and girls: “We study English, Math, Kazakh, Russian, Drawing, and Music.”

The King: “Show me your skills in English.”

One boy: “You are sly irregular king! You think we don’t know that your majesty have a lot of dresses.”

One girl: “Yes, yes. You have different tense forms! Behind them all is the same verb. It is you the King!”

Boys and girls: “We have learnt it from our English lessons.”

The King (to his Dot): “Quickly invite Miss Grammar here to help me in testing these clever children.”

Miss Grammar: “Hello, boys and girls. I’ve heard that you know a lot about our King and our country. Let’s see if you can make up sentences in English.”

Miss Grammar: “As for affirmative sentences everything is clear, isn’t it, Miss Dot?”

Miss Dot: “Yes, I quite agree with you but Mr. Question has just come. He wants to change the given sentences into questions. ”

Mr. Question: “I’ll help you. Remember that our King wants to be the first in any sentence and he wants me to stand at the end. He envies me because I’m tall and handsome.”

Miss Dot: “Try to make up a question. It will be a general question - question to the whole sentence. To answer it you should say yes or no.”

Mr. Question: “Oh, I can hear a familiar name. Our King has a daughter. Her name is No- Not. She is very naughty.”

Princess No-Not: “I’m naughty. I’m not kind. I hate the word ‘yes’ and don’t like to smile.”

The King: “Maybe you make my daughter smile?”

Boys and girls: “Sure, we’ll tell her a joke.”


Princess No-Not begins to laugh.

The King: “Dear guests, I thought that out country is the best in the world but now I see that your country is magic, too. Because it has such clever children!”

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